Wow These Things Are Small!

The mail just ran and the two 16" circs arrived from KP, a size 8 and a size 10. I ordered them for knitting hats.

I’m not sure what I thought they would look like but all I could say was “Wow these things are small!”

I keep looking at and handling them trying to figure out how in the world someone is supposed to knit anything in the round with these little things. I’m going to give it a try but they sure seem really short for knitting a hat.

I know! I thought the same thing about my 24 inch needles. I got them to knit purses in the round. I looked at the needles and thought that there is no way that a whole purse is going to fit on here.
But, it did.

mason - it’s much easier to cram extra stitches on the needle then it is to knit in the round on needles that are too long. And the shorter needle length means that you can stay on the circs as you decrease.

You’re right and if you’ve got any length or size to your hands it’ll be tough! I’m so used to wrapping my whole hand around the needles… and a throw knitter, too. Using them is kinda like knitting with toothpicks! I just went ahead a learned on the dpns…

Yeah that’s the thing, I have pretty big hands so these probably seem even smaller to me :rofl:

When I use straight’s I always use the extra long ones and I throw my yarn…so when I bought a couple of small circulars for preemie hats it felt really strange at first but I soon got used to them…they did make my fingers ache a bit though…good luck Mason x

I use #6 16 inch circs for my hats, I love them! My cat actually ran away to knit with one set and never gave it back, so I had to replace it. I like them because you don’t have to do a lot of mussing around to stick the hole project in a bag or purse to go with you.

Well, if you decide you like them and want some #6s, I’ve got an 11" and a 16" you’re welcome to, don’t think I’ll be able to use them. (OMG-did I say that???, will find a project next week that HAS to have them…)

Am I nuts or does it sound like we knitters are talking like we’re playing “Go Fish”?


he he it does sound a bit like go fish! But I tend to hoarde needles much the way I hoarde yarn. I might not be using it now or even in the next 10 years, but as soon as I give them away I lose the duplicates or find a pattern I “have” to make that requires them!:yay:

:teehee: I hoard, too. I gave away my copie(s), yes, I had two, of the Fiber Trends Clog patterns…forgot I’d bought one and bought another and then had to buy a third for myself! :wall: What an idjit!

I thought that 16" circs looked a bit small too- way too small to knit a hat that would fit my DBF’s enormous head, but it worked! Hey, if I can use it to knit around his head- and believe me- it’s freakish- anything is possible!

About a year ago I bought Addi Turbo size8 12" circs. :shock: Now those are tiny. I used them to make sleeves for my son’s sweater. They worked great, but it took a lot of getting used to trying to hold the points with only my fingertips rather than my whole hand…which is not very big to begin with. I can’t imagine a man-sized hand on those tiny tips. Good luck, Mason. If you can get past holding the small tips, they will be great for hats, scarves or sleeves. They’re such a space saver in my purse. :aww:

Good luck Mason. I’m using 2 16" size 1’s (2.25) for socks. I went down to 16" 'cause when I used 24" I snapped one (Harmony). It has taken some getting used to (with the shorter needle points), but I think I like it better.

Mason, have you ever tried using 24" for hats? I use a 10-10.5 and CO around 70-80 sts. What I’ve been doing recently is use a larger one for the CO and join by knitting the first round on the smaller one. There’s just a leeetle bit of a stretch the second round, but after you have another one or two, the circumference is large enough that the 24"s are just about right. What happens is the smaller circumference is in the center, but the outer rounds are a bit looser and it fits just fine. Then you have to fiddle with a ML or half a one, when you get less than 60 sts, but it makes knitting most of the hat easy.

Just something to try out if the 16"ers turn out to be too small for your hands.

Thanks, actually the hats I’ve made to this point have all been on 24" but I wanted the 16" to get a bit tighter knit.

I might not be using it now or even in the next 10 years, but as soon as I give them away I lose the duplicates or find a pattern I “have” to make that requires them!

Yeah! Why is that? Personally, I think we just want to have it all.

16"s I understand, but I can’t imagine knitting on 12s. I opened my Denise kit and saw that tiny cable and couldn’t help but think, “oh I sure as heck don’t need that…”

I actually posted about this when I first got mine, too. The needles just seemed incredibly short! I am making the Palindrome hat on them now and not having a problem though. :wink:

Right now I am making the utopia hat on size 8 16" needles. My dh and I went to the spring fair and he bought me a pair of rose wood needles! Not cheap and I love them. Once you get the hang of them they aren’t so bad.:roflhard: