Would like a basic v-neck cardigan pattern.

I’m looking for a very simple cardigan pattern I can learn and use over and over for several projects. I have a ton of yarn to use up and I’d like to learn one pattern well to speed things up :slight_smile:
I’m a very beginner knitter, but have done knitting in the round, raglans, and pick up sts.
Here’s what I’d like the pattern to have:
top down
front buttons optional
raglan sleeves
variable length (hip to knees)
ability to make it striped (I have lots of orphans in my stash :wink:
I don’t mind paying for a pattern if it has good instructions!

I SO appreciate any help. It seems like I’ve been all over the internet looking for a pattern.

Take a look at this pattern on Ravelry. You could easily make it with or without buttons, leave stripes in, make them narrower/wider, and length is always easily adjustable when doing top-down. I noted there were also several projects with modification notes.

If you want something really modifiable, take a look at this:

You can use any yarn weight, make it a cardigan or pullover, options for type of neckline, etc. It doesn’t include stripes but that should be easy enough to work in. This site is all about improvising so the sweater works with your yarn, your gadget, etc

Oh, you’re so sweet. This looks perfect. And it looks like the designer is still active on Ravelry in case I have questions.

Thanks so much!