Woodland Shawl KAL- Starts July 6!

I want to join also


I think we’re going to try and start Monday, the more the merrier!

I’ve got my yarn and it is lovely!!!
I have PM’ed Mary (MWhite) and asked her if she could possibly look at the pattern and give some pointers on which row she would finish on to do the best grafting join if doing it in 2 bits and joining.
[B]So, yes I am ready to go.[/B]

I have just had a message from Mary and she suggests doing a provisional cast on and working from the centre out to the ends to get the leaves doing the same thing each side when it is being worn. I have asked her if I can reproduce her full answer for us all, and will write it up if she is OK about it. She does the most amazing lace work.

Thanks for the info! I guess if I decide to go this route I will have to learn a provisional cast on. I’m still undecided though. I think it looks great as written, yet I really like the idea of the leaves going the same way. Think, think!

Here is a pic of the yarn I’m going to use. Sorry about the quality of the photo, they always get grainy when I re size them.

I love the color. It is brown with small flecks of red and golden. I think it will look [I]really[/I] good with the pattern.

Thats beautiful! It looks lovely and soft.

I think we have the same yarn, is it merlot?

Welcome Maniago! I think this is going to be fun. I still don’t have my yarn, though. yikes. I’ve searched two LYS and also Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and Joann. Everything is either the wrong weight, or not enough yardage in the colorway I want, or just shy of the yardage I need, and I don’t want to double my expense just to get another 10 or 15 yards of yarn.

I think I’m going to try to dye some yarn. I have 2 skeins of white fingering weight wool that I was gifted, and one of the LYS in town sell the same yarn, so I can buy one more skein and have plenty.

Of course, I’ve never dyed yarn before, but I’ve been playing with some Kool-Aid. Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with something I like and get it ready before Monday. Any tips or suggestions?

No it’s Autumn Heather. It really does look like the Merlot in my pic though. Here is a pick of the color from, Knit Picks:

On my screen, that sample looks quite red and that’s what I was expecting, but there is not that much red. It is more of orange/brown with the red and golden flecks. I was a bit disappointed at first but the more I looked at it, the more I liked what I got.

I’ve been playing around with Kool Aid also. I haven’t had any overwhelming successes though. I did felt an entire skein, and it turned out a lovely shade of vomit! So If you want to do that, then I can give you some great advice, other wise…:roflhard:

Are you on ravelry? There are some groups over there all about dying. I can link to them for you:

Love to Dye
What a Kool Way to Dye
Dying to Learn Dye

Well, it is the 6th here today, I think I am a day ahead of you all!
I am going to do the pattern as it is, not do centre out. Because the leaves are staggered the centre back will have 2 almost whole leaves butt ends together and 2 pointy ends of leaves joined together. But then again will I be able to handle the leaves going in different directions at the ends???

I’m thinking I’m going to stick with the pattern as written. I still really like it.

I’m going to cast on sometime today, just not too sure when. I have a very busy day today. I have to do a lot of cooking and getting ready for some friends who are coming to visit from out of state tomorrow. But I [B]will[/B] cast on, I’ve been very ready to start!

Well I am committed to do centres out. I cast on a provisional crochet cast on and have done a couple of repeats. I guess if I change my mind I can always pick up the cast on stitches and cast off!! It does not look very wide, more a stole than a shawl.
But a very easy pattern to memorise which is good.

I’ve just finished the third repeat, it is an easy pattern to follow.

Wow! I think you guys are going to kick my behind here! I managed to cast on and I’m on the 7th row of the first repeat!!! I just haven’t been able to work on it. Won’t be able to get much done tomorrow either. Hopefully after that it will pick up a bit for me.

I do think that it is an easy pattern to follow and am looking forward to seeing it as it knits up.

[B]@[B]lulubell[/B][/B]-I chose to go ahead and do it from end to end because I don’t know how to do a provisional cast on. If I had more time I would have learned, but this will be a busy few days and I really wanted to get it started. If I really like this shawl then I may do another one later from the centers out. As for it’s size, I saw that several people on Ravelry mentioned that it was more of a stole. I’ll be honest, I don’t even know what that is! A small shawl, I assume? I also saw that some people added repeats to theirs to make it larger. I do think that it will block a bit larger too.

It says to block to 21" x 40". I think the width will be fine. It’s the length I wonder about. I bought an extra skein of yarn (I hope) and will make mine longer if I need to.

I added to extra width repeats

I really think that I should have. I’ve gotten through 2 pattern repeats and I don’t think that I will get it to 21" no matter how aggressively I block it. So know I think I’m going to have to frog and add two more repeats. I’m worried about yarn though. I did buy an extra skein, but I don’t think I’ll have enough to add the extra.

I just ordered it from Knit Picks a couple of weeks ago. I wonder If I will be able to get the same dye lot.

OK. I just checked and I have 4 skeins, which is 924 yards. Do you all think that is enough to add two extra repeats to the width and still get a decent length, or should I try and get some more yarn? That’s double what it calls for yardage wise, so that should be enough, shouldn’t it? :think:

I have got 180 gr/650 metres (720yds) and I am planning on doing as many repeats as I can lengthways to a max of 60". I wish I had added 2 pattern repeats in width though.

I think you will have plenty for 24 extra stitches in width and still have a good length.

A stole is a length of lace knitting or light silky material that you elegantly drape around your upper body and let hang down the front hooked over your arms. Sort of like a scarf for your mid to upper back.

Aaah. Then I guess this really would be a stole then wouldn’t it? Thanks for the answers. Now to frog or not to frog that is the question. I think It will fall decent enough, but will I be happy?