Woodland Shawl KAL- Starts July 6!

I’m going to be knitting this shawl: Woodland Shawl in a couple of weeks (when the yarn I ordered comes in). Is anyone interested in knitting along with me?

I think this is a great shawl for beginning lace knitters. The pattern seems fairly simple and it only takes 460 yds. If you knit it in Knit Picks Palette then it’s very cheap too…bonus :happydance: !!! The yarn runs from $1.59-$2.19, so $4.77-$6.57 to knit this shawl. Each ball is 231 yds., so I figured 3 to be safe.

I’m going to knit mine in Autumn Heather.

Here are some links if you’re interested in checking it out:

Ravelry page, 966 projects

Pattern page


Is anyone interested in learning lace with me!?!:slight_smile:

I followed the Ravelry link and found it is already saved to my favorites. :slight_smile: This is something I’d like to do, but I can’t commit to joining right now.

I’ll probably follow along to get some guidance for when I knit it later! :thumbsup:

I’d do itwith you but I made one earlier this year; great pattern & I can’t wait to see yours!

My yarn came in sooner than I expected so I’m hoping to start this pretty soon. I’m going to try to finish the socks I’m working on first.

How does the yarn feel? The pattern is Lovely

I think it feels fine. Not the softest I’ve ever felt, but I wouldn’t call it rough either, somewhere in the middle I guess. I ordered it in two colors and they are both beautiful, so I hope it knits up nicely.

I have not knit a swatch with it yet to see how it feels while knitting, but I think I will like it just fine. My only concern right now is if it will be splitty, as it looks like two strands twisted together rather loosely.

Hi Lieuvena! Let me know when you’re ready to start and I will try to do this with you! I made a couple of lace bookmarks in May, and I loved doing lace! I’ve never tried anything big but this shawl is so pretty. I’m not sure what yarn I’ll use yet. I may check my LYS tonight… Any idea how long it might take?

:yay: I think I’m going to try to start it next week. If you want to just set a date we can. I have no idea how long it will take, I will look around on Ravelry and try to get an idea. I’m not a super fast knitter though, so it may take me a while.

I’ve never done anything this big either, but I think it looks like a rather simple pattern. I’ve only knit a lace headband and a small doily, so this is an adventure for me!

Thanks again for joining along!

I would like to do it too. But I do have to finish a lovely pair of socks for Vintage Purls sock club, a baby blanket for my neighbours daughter, a sleeveless vest for me, make and decorate a 21st birthday cake for the same daughter, nuno felt the back of a vest we are doing at Spinning and Weaving group and make it etc.

But I have printed it off, and have been looking at yarn, but, what the heck, it does look so nice!

:passedout: Wow, you’re busy!

It seems to be taking most people about 1-2 months. With some taking longer and some taking less than 1. With the way I knit I figure closer to 2 months for me.

Some notes about the actual pattern:

It looks fairly straight forward and “simple”. I think the most difficult thing will be that your stitch count will change through out. It looks like the stitch count after each row will be:

Cast on [COLOR=“Blue”]89[/COLOR]
set up row [COLOR=“Blue”]89[/COLOR]
rows 1 & 2 [COLOR=“Blue”]91[/COLOR]
rows 2 & 4 [COLOR=“Blue”]93[/COLOR]
rows 5 - 8 [COLOR=“Blue”]95[/COLOR]
rows 9 & 10 [COLOR=“Blue”]93[/COLOR]
rows 11 & 12 [COLOR=“Blue”]91[/COLOR]
rows 13 - 16 [COLOR=“Blue”]89[/COLOR]

Each row will start with 5,7,9 ect. stitches then will have a 12 stitch repeat. The repeat happens 7 times in each row.

Some ideas or suggestions I have are to make sure to place a lifeline ( the last one under fixing mistakes) after each 16 row repeat so that if you notice an error you can “easily” frog down to that point. I think I will also use stitch markers to mark out each of the 7 repeats in each row to make keeping track of where I am easier.

Some notes about the chart:

The chart is not made by the designer and has a few differences from the written instructions. I recommend printing both out and going over it line by line before you start.

Take note of the following:

You need to read [B]all[/B] rows from right to left. The pattern repeats are marked with red lines and that is the only way they will work out using the chart. I highlighted the repeat to make it more visible to me.

Rows 7 and 8 on the chart don’t seem to match up to the written words to me. The pattern repeats seem to be marked wrong. On those two rows reading from right to left the pattern repeat begins after the first 2 stitches, then 12 stitch pattern for 7 times, then end with the last 9 stitches.

Finally, the chart shows ssk instead of skp and a s2, k1, psso instead of a s1, k2tog, psso. It’s my understanding that they are interchangeable, but look different. I’m going to use the ones from the designer and not the chart.

You can just use the written instructions, but I like charts and after making the above changes it shouldn’t be a problem.

Gah, that’s a lot, but I hope it helps. I think I will start in a week or two. Anyone interested, just post and we can set a date.

Thanks for all the info, Lieuvena! I’m sure it will be helpful when it’s time to start.

I’m glad you’re going to join us, Lulubell! The more the merrier. I can start whenever you’re ready. I have a couple of things I’m working on, but no looming deadlines.

I still need to decide what yarn to use. I have a couple of stash-y
things, but may decide it’s better to just go buy something. :teehee:
Of course, I’m also joining knittinggymnast’s KAL to knit through your stash, so not buying something would help me feed to birds with one seed. We’ll see…

I’m looking forward to this!

Oh, I work full time too, and 30th June is the busiest time - stats, reports audits etc. but had a good look at the pattern on Sunday, and I will def do it! I have nothing suitable at home so will have to buy.

I have just ordered my yarn, so am definately committed now! I have ordered 2 skeins of The Knittery Cashmere Merino in the Midnight colourway. It is (according to the blurb) a subtle mix of pale pink and purple. 60% merino, 20% cashmere, 20% nylon. I got it from www.joyofyarn.co.nz It cost $NZ56.00 plus postage, but I think it will look lovely. If in stock, I should have it by the end of the week.

Lulubell, I looked at your yarn - I think it’s beautiful! It sounds like it will be yummy to knit, too. I decided I really don’t have the right yarn at home, so I’m going to try to go yarn shopping today. If I don’t find anything, I’ll order online, so hopefully mine will arrive around the same time yours does.

@ lulubell- Your yarn looks beautiful. I think it will look great with this shawl.

@ yarncharmer- I’m sure what ever you pick will be lovely.

:yay: I’m so glad you both are joining! I think this will be a lot of fun.:happydance:

Do you want to plan on starting next Monday, July 6? Do you think that would be enough time to get your yarn? Let me know and then I will change the title and add it to the first post…just in case any one else wants to join us!

I’ve just had an e-mail to say my yarn has been sent 1-3 day delivery track-pack, so hopefully will be here on Friday as we do not have Saturday mail delivery. I also ordered some Knit Picks Options interchangeable needles as I like to use circs for most projects even flat knitting, it is not so hard on the wrists somehow. So I will have lovely new needles and yummmmmy yarn so yes … I am happy to start Monday, it will be very slow going as I have so much on this time of the year!

I am thinking about doing two sections and grafting them together in the middle so the pattern runs correctly up both ends of the kniting. What do you think of that idea?

I think that sound like a great idea. I may have to think about doing that too. Though I do like how it looks as is. Would there be an obvious seam that way?

There is a row 15 or 16 I think from memory that is just knits and purls, That would be the row I would finish on for each section to make it easier to graft. If the grafting was kept at the same tension as the knitting I think it would be fine. There are some lace knitting experts on here, I might PM one of them to check it out.

Awesome. I will really be considering this also!