Woodland Shawl KAL- Starts July 6!

Here is my yarn for my shawl. It looks a bit scrappy because I have unskeined it a couple of times to have a good look at it. It is The Knittery Merino Cashmere from Australia.

:inlove: Your yarn is beautiful! I can’t wait to see how it looks with this shawl.

I decided to frog and restart with 113 stitches. I’m only through 1 repeat right now, but I already like it better. Probably won’t get to work on it today as we are meeting up with some friends for a long over due visit.

Arrrgh! I’m afraid to dye my yarn because I’m not really loving any of my samples - they seem to ‘cotton candy’- ish for this shawl - do you know what I mean? I’ve tried blending some different colors to tone it down a bit, but I’m still not happy with the colors I’m getting. And I’m afraid if I dye some and then decide I need to make the shawl longer, I won’t be able to match my yarn exactly. I wonder how much extra I would need? I currently have 540 yards.

I wish I would have just found something I liked. I may go shopping again. At least I have the benefit of your casting on yesterday and deciding it may need an extra repeat or two width wise, but I really don’t want to get left behind on this. I’m sorry you had to rip and re-start Lieuvena - but it’s probably good that you went ahead and did it now rather than changing your mind a few more repeats into it (that’s what I always do - try to ignore it only to find that my dissatisfaction really just doesn’t go away) Sounds like you did the right thing! :thumbsup:

I have done 7 repeats so far, I will try to do at least one repeat each night so it does not drag on too long. I do 1 repeat of the baby blanket I am doing as well, but have not been getting home from work til about 8.30 each night. Looking good though!

I have completed about 8 inches. The pattern is beautiful and easy to follow. I am very happy with the yarn

I’m in my 5th repeat. I’m hoping to get at least one repeat a day done. I’m off to a bit of a slow start, but I’m loving it so far!

I have been knitting with KP’s Options, Just recieved Harmonies today. All that can be said is WOW!! They make every increase and decrease a hundred times easier

Just finished the first ball of yarn, its about 10" not stretched out. 23" stretched

:happydance: Awesome. I can’t wait to see how it looks!

I haven’t worked on mine in two days. I really want to, but I’ve been feeling rather sick. I found out the first of the month that I’m PREGNANT! This will be #5 for me. I’m very excited, but the nausea has me pretty bad right now, so I’ve had to put the shawl down for a bit. I’ve been working on an easy sock pattern instead.

I can’t wait to pick the shawl up again. I’m not usually sick for very long and don’t tend to have very bad morning sickness, so I’m hopeful that I will be starting again very soon!

:cheering: Congrats!

Congratulations Lieuvena!!! How old are the other babies?

I have DS-7, DS-5, DS-3 and DD-17 months.

My 5 y.o. has a birthday this week and the other two boys have their birthdays in a couple of months.

WOW! And you still have time to knit!!! I am impressed.

I have 3.5 repeats to do and I will be ready to block. We had spinning group on Saturday and we went to a members place for the day as it was so horrible, real middle of winter weather. I knitted all day and on Sunday it was no better so got heaps done that day too. This is probably the fastest I have knit anything.

I don’t have much time to knit, that’s why it takes me so long to get anything done! :teehee: I home school too, so my days stay pretty busy. I usually get to knit a bit while DD is down for her nap and then for a while after the kids are in bed.

lulubell please make sure to post a pic when you are done, I can’t wait to see it! You are definitely a speed knitter! :woot:

I’m feeling a bit better today so I’m going to try to work on mine again tonight after the kids are in bed. I figure if I start a KAL I should probably be knitting, right?

I will definately post a picture. I will take one tonight and put it on tomorrow in its ‘as is’ state and another when it is blocked. (I do not have a computer at home, have to use the work one).

My only baby at home now is Bluebell my beautiful Ragdoll cat. My two legged baby is 36 years old and lives in Wellington!

Here it is. I now have 1.75 repeats to do. My furbaby Bluebell has to be in as many pictures as possible!

:heart: That’s gorgeous! How many repeats are you doing total for length?

I feel like such a slacker! I managed to knit [I]2 whole rows[/I] yesterday. Wow, I’ll get done by next year this way. I’m just sooo tired and nauseous right now.

Congrats on the new baby Lieuvena! Don’t be too hard on yourself for not knitting much. Hopefully the nausea will pass soon.

As for it taking a year, I think I’ll be right there with ya!

Lulubell, your shawl is beautiful! You’re a speedy one! :yay:

How is your shawl coming along, Maniago?

Not really a speedy one, it was just how things turned out this past week. It is 12 repeats each way. Half way is where that bit of yarn is sticking out on the left side.
I will put up a picture when it is finished and blocked showing the middle where I did the provisional cast on. It was not the best pattern to do centres out as the join shows like 2 butt ends of holes tog and 2 butt ends of solid leaf tips together end to end but I would rather have that centre back than the leaves going up one side and down the other. I am funny (or silly) like that.

And Lieuvena, as I have said before, with your little ones and feeling how you do with the new one, I am so amazed that you get any knitting done. And a row here and a row there soon adds up!

I am getting about two repeats a night done. My doggie is sick right now so he is being a needy baby who wants on mommy’s lap. I am adoring all the colour flecks in the yarn