WIP: Progress Photos: Pinnate Cardi

You don’t usually hear from me in Whatcha Knitting until something is an FO…but thought I’d share this cardigan with you since it’s replacing my Agony of Defeat! (the Hey, Teach! cardigan)

This one is called thePINNATE cardigan. Don’t ask me what it means or how it’s pronounced.
I’m doing good to spell it right! lol

Here is a model (front) photo of it. It has the cutest cuffs, too!
Hereis the Back, also very cute!

The cardigan is worked in one piece up to the armhole shaping. I don’t know if I should’ve followed directions. It’s a tricky to block a HUGE piece when they’re knit like this. I’d rather block the 3 body pieces separately. They’re more easily managed.

Oh well. I followed directions.

I feel like it’s taking forever. The yarn is dk weight, the needle is a US6. :eyes: I’m knitting forever and getting hardly anywhere.

[B]Well at least it’s coming out right, and I haven’t had to tink or frog AT ALL![/B] :happydance:

Here’s is my progress…I’ve done the 8 rows of garter border, and almost 5 repeats of the charted area, a total of 53 rows. Doesn’t sound like much? Well, I cast on 280 stitches! Ouch.

Oh, oh. Exquisite sweater alert. That looks lovely and the FO promises to be even better. The detail on the sleeves is just right. This is really something to look forward to.

It is a wonderful design, and so far, so good. I found a few glitches in the language of the CHART KEY, but corrected them to make more sense in my Ravelry notes. The designer ove-rexplained 3 symbols…and over-explained them soooo much it confused me! Doh.

She stated what the symbol means such as: Sl1, k2T, psso and then without pausing, or using parentheses…she ran on to say Slip 1, Knit 2 together, pass the slipped stitch over the knitted 2 together stitch. Duh.

How would you take this sentence:

Sl1, k2t, psso, slip 1 stitch, knit the next two together, pass the slipped stitch over. :wall:

Of course, since I was using stitch markers to define the 13st charted area…I ran out of stitches! So I tinked back to the pesky symbol…and thought OH NO, NOT AGAIN! :eyes: and I tinkered around a bit…then a light bulb went off and I realized that the CHART KEY explanations were over-stated, that is to say, repeated over again in the same breath like we’re DUMMIES! Yeah, I felt like a dummie alright! A dummie after she got done with explaining the symbol twice in the same breath!

Oy vey. :passedout:


Looks like they are saying the same thing just in two different ways. :??

Yeah you can say that again and again and again! But who does that???

Look at these two written-out KEY explanations, and tell me if you’d be stumped for a New York minute, too:

[B][COLOR=black]Sl2 k1, psso, slip 2 sts as for ssk, k1, pass the slipes stitches over the k1[/COLOR][/B]

[B]Sl1, k2tog, psso, slip 1, knit 2 together, pass the sliped sitch over the k2tog[/B]

(PS: the misspellings are courtesy of the pattern writer, too)

They are essentially the[B] S2KP[/B] & [B]SK2TP [/B]maneuvers over 3 stitches each. Anyone knitting this sweater is usually familiar with the technique, but if not…don’t confuse things further by abbreviating it[I] longer,[/I] and then writing it out[I] even longer[/I] [COLOR=Blue]all in the same breath. [/COLOR]

I’d consider myself fairly experienced at reading charts and chart keys…but this one takes the cake. :passedout:

I guess after being licked by [B]Hey, Teach![/B] I’m feeling crabby at pattern writers! :teehee: The designs are genius, but whoever is writing them, or translating them into writing and charts are running off the rails.

I know that [B]designing[/B] a sweater and [B]writing up the pattern[/B] can be two different departments. I was gonna say, two different animals…

ArtLady, Pinnate is going to be stunning when it’s finished! You do such beautiful work…:muah:

Oh, my. It looks so perfect.
I can’t wait until I’m that good. sniff I’ve a long road to travel.
Very, very lovely!!!

Looking good so far! :thumbsup:

very nice!

I can’t wait to see the finished project.

Must confess…this Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool is THE WORST & FILTHIEST yarn I’ve ever had the displeasure of knitting. It’s “chalk” in color. Maybe all colors of SW are just as filthy, but you just don’t see the specks, debris and trash in it.

So as I knit along I have to stop at the appearance of each piece of s@#%, grab my tweezers, pluck it out carefully so as.not to completely ruin the strand. Which I’m willing to do for the sake of Pride-in-Product. (my DH asked , why bother? he doesn’t get it)

Now you wanna hear the worst part??? The surface of the “fabric” looks clean and speck-free…but as I was knitting along outside in the sunshine (up here in the mountains on vacatio)n…lo and behold! hundreds upon hundreds of embedded specks became visible. (kinda like when you ‘candle’ an egg…the light shows the stuff inside the egg)

So I almost TORE OUT MY HAIR, and the knitting, too. But then here I am in an isolated mountain top with only this project to work on, and ballband dishcloths (which were Plan B if I finished the Pinnate before we come home).

I need this white cardigan by July 5…to wear with a black & white skirt.

So I’m continuing on with the Pinnate. If I get at least the body done by the time we come home…I’ll wash/soak/block it using Unicorn Fibers “Power Scour” and see if those embedded specks either dissolve or surface.

Right now, inside our trailer or indoors, the embedded s@#% doesn’t show.

At the same time, I called Knit Picks and ordered 7 balls of “Bare Merino Style Wool” which is cream/off-white/natural. If my Silky Wool Pinnate is a total trainwreck, I’ll toss it in the first campfire I see, and re-knit the Pinnate.

If the Silky Wool Pinnate turns out okay…I’ll use the Knit Picks Bare Merino Style Wool for another white sweater.

Just sayin’…I have my knitting troubles, too!

I have friends that use it and like it, but I think they did say it had ‘vegetable matter’ in it. I don’t remember them saying it was this bad though. :zombie:

ETA: you’re not the only one… look at the comments on Rav.

This run of Silky Wool is [B]the absolute worst[/B] I’ve ever used. Truly. I used this “chalk” (white) color for a pullover about 7 years ago. Never had this problem. Maybe an occasional teeny piece of hay (vegetable matter). Anyone who uses Noro runs into the same thing.

This stuff that’s in this run of Silky Wool is beyond hideous, I kid you not.

I’ll take a look at the Ravelry comments.

Sl1, k2t, psso, slip 1 stitch, knit the next two together, pass the slipped stitch over.
That would have confused me too. A little punctuation would have been in order or a nice space or =sign or something to alert you that she was going into the description.

Your sweater is looking lovely. I remember the word pinnate from science class. It has something to do with a type of leaf formation.

Body washed, washed again, and rinsed, and blocked. It grew quite a bit in length…meh. Ok with me.

Sleeve #1 is almost done.

I think I’ll meet my July 6th deadline! :cheering: Seaming will be quick. The sleeves are knit in the round…so I’ll only need to seam the shoulders, the back neck piece (graft) and seam the sleeves to the body. No buttons or buttonholes. It hangs open/loose.

Beee-U-tiful! Those leaves are something else! I love the details (decreases) that make them look like they have stems and veins.

Sorry you had so much trouble with the yarn, though! Hey, is that a piece of hay on the lower right side–just kidding!! :wink:

Really sorry to read about all the problems encountered with the yarn; however, what I see in the photographs looks spectacular. Might be kinda neat if this turned out to be your favorite of all time. :teehee:

That’s some delicate work right there! Looking forward to seeing the complete piece :slight_smile:

Wow! It looks wonderful!!!
Sounds like your yarn doesn’t like you too much. But, when you wear it, you’ll look spectacular, and everyone will ask you where you bought such an elegant sweater.
Only you (and DH, of course) will know all the trouble you had. Just make sure you cover his mouth when someone says, “You must have soooo much patience to knit a sweater.” :teehee:

It is lovely so far!