WIP: HP Dark Mark Illusion Scarf (updated 07/21/07)

So, after my HP PoA scarf knitting marathon, I let my poor hands rest a mere 16 hours and have started my Dark Mark Illusion scarf. I’m on Row 10 of Chart 1, and have learned several things …

  1. I’m a painfully slow purl knitter.
  2. My 1st rows after casting on are horribly fugly. :hair:

I frogged the scarf twice (the first because I hated the first knitted row, the second because I mysteriously had 34 stitches by row 21 - you’re supposed to have only 31 :teehee:), but my third attempt is going well. My first knitted row is still fugly, but I’ll hide it with the fringe :rollseyes: only my KH friends will know my secret :wink: Other than that, I’m enjoying knitting this scarf, the pattern is very easy to read, and it knits up really quickly!

I’m using Caron’s Simply Soft in Black and Caron’s Simply Soft Brites in fluorescent green, and US7 needles. Despite having just 2.5 hours of sleep this morning because of the midnite movie, I can’t wait to get home and knit! :woohoo:

Can’t wait to see it!! [SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver](both the movie and the scarf![/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver]) :teehee:

Where’s the pic!!!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=darkorchid]I finished listening to the book (for the 2nd time) yesterday and am off to see the movie today! Can’t wait!!! I’ve been dreaming HP for two nights now, ever since I started listening to the book!:lol:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

:tap::tap: yeah where’s the pictures?

Hi U. J.:
If your scarf is the one from Storm Moon Knits pattern I can’t wait to see a picture of it (even if it isn’t I still would love to see it). Good luck, don’t forget to give those wrist a rest.

Hmm :?? I’ll have to see what happened to the pictures on Photobucket … if anything I’ll post more photos tonite when I get home from work :slight_smile:

I have actually frogged this scarf [B]four times[/B] already :ick: but think I finally got all my issues squared away :teehee:

Jan - you MUST see the movie, it rocks!!

Gamerchik and wewantmore - pictures are coming tonite, I promise!

Yarnlady - you’ll have to tell me how you liked the movie! I :heart: it!

MysteryGryl - yes, it’s the Storm Moon Knits pattern. It’s really cool - I may make the Dark Mark bag too! My niece will be a lucky gal this Christmas!

It’s looking MUCH better!! :woohoo: I’m on row 25 of chart 1!

as soon as i saw you had posted again, i thought “that’d better be a picture!” :teehee:

that’s looking really good!

I’m done with Chart 1!! :woot:

That’s cool! :thumbsup:

I’m on a roll … Chart 2 is complete!!! :woohoo:

i just noticed something. the way the mark shows up when you lay it down actually looks like the mark when it appears in the sky in GoF. very cool. :thumbsup:

hey, that looks awesome!

Nice job! Looks great! :thumbsup:

That looks great. You inspired me to get yarn to do this scarf :cheering:i went and got the yarn tonight but it might be a few days before i can cast on but i hope mine looks as good as yours.

ya know what’s funny? the big three (michaels, ac moore, and jo-ann) are all 30 minutes from my house across the street from each other. then there’s a michaels about 12 minutes away. i’ve checked all of them and the only one that carries that green (limelight) and the yellow (lemonade) for my house (hufflepuff) is the michaels 12 minutes away. i think it’s a sign that i’m supposed to do the dark mark. :roflhard: :roflhard:

i just l:heart:ve the way it floats on your scarf. it’s very engrossing.

Lookin’ very scoundrelly. x-(

Seriously cool job! What did the kids think of the movie? I am sure they went already! :lol:

My kids LOVED it! We went to the midnight premiere and my 6-year old actually stayed awake to watch the entire movie! She was scared at all - she was more scared in PoA with the dementors.