Whatcha' Knitting? December 2022

Here we are in the last month of the year. The holidays coming up with the need to find time to knit or crochet. What are you currently knitting and what are your plans? And of course, any finished projects?

Lots of planning but lots of treats in store too including the Drops Holiday Calendar.


Thanks for the calendar link! I missed a lot of them last year and totally forgot this is available!

I’m knitting socks, of course. Thought about getting back to a cardigan but it is so boring!

Any hand embroiderers here? My son and his girlfriend gave me four kits for Christmas (We had Christmas at Thanksgiving this year). I’m not sure where to start. It’s been decades since I embroidered. I think I had more specific instructions back then and the scenes weren’t solid. I don’t know whether to do the large or small areas first or perhaps work from the middle out. At least I think I should do small items like snowflakes after the larger sections they appear to lay on. I be probably just have to jump in but I’m reluctant.

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I just finished Teeny Tiny Bunny by Claire Garland My Bunny


Just finished this cowl. Very happy. I followed directions and weighed each section so I didn’t run out of yarn. I had to do some adjusting and stair stepped the diagonal sections so it looked planned and intentional.But had just enough yarn. Now I know what people mean when talking about yarn chicken.


Great looking cowl and you won at yarn chicken!

Lovely. You really did win at yarn chicken!
Speaking of yarn chicken… I have not knit a thing since the swatch
I posted a month ago. Couldn’t decide which pattern, which size, which chart… and thinking I have not bought enough yarn for what I’ll need (and discontinued) all I all an unproductive few weeks!
However, finally I decided to cast on for a colourful cardigan for my son - which had also had me hesitating as the pattern sizes seem crazy. I must have cast on 10 times before finally knitting past the rib!


The above taken before I blocked because pattern said not necessary. But I decided to and think it looks much better. Softer, the stitches are more delineated and opened up to see them better


Definitely worth it. The cowl looks even nicer.

The pattern is Santa Christmas Elf and it’s a free pattern on Ravelry.


Too cute

I made up another, simple and quick pattern, this time it’s for what I’m calling Little Purrmaids - cats with mermaid tails! I’m doing them as Christmas gifts (just moved onto a boat, and been making some new friends in the marina). This one was for a non-boaty friend. The little flags are from the semaphore alphabet and represent the person’s initial.


Wow that’s very nice! I love it. The personal touch with the flag is great :+1:

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Thank you, Snowball! :smiley:

I have cast off the main body of a nordic card for my son.
Yes it’s bright, clashing, garish, just what I was after - for those who don’t know about my son’s love of colour, this is his idea of pure joy!

Lots of ends to weave in, shoulders to seam, button band and neckband to add, and then the sleeves to knit and set in… so still a long way off being finished but I thought I’d share my progress. I am very pleased as it seems I have chosen the right size (not what was on the pattern) and I’ve made a stretchy bouncy fabric which is a really big step for me getting that colourwork to feel as good as plain knit.


It’s going to be a great success, Creations. Lovely colors and stranded work!

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Thank you

I love the colors! I love your knitting! Beautiful work.

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Wow! Your knitting and stranded work are impeccable!

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I love those colours!

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Hello folks,

Lots of interesting projects as usual!

I saw some red and green wool lying next to each other on my kitchen table and decided to cast on some Christmas socks on the spur of the moment. I won’t actually give these to the recipient until “Christmas in July” because it is too hot for wool socks here at Christmas.

After I had done half a sock, I started to wonder about dye from the red wool running, but I tested it and it was fine (Opal Uni). Phew.

The colours are heathered brown/grey, red, natural and dark green. There is Opal, Regia, and a bit of Lana Grossa, which are my favourite sock yarn brands. (I also like CoBaSi for non-wool socks.)

A bit more muted but I think my friend will like them.

My wreath is rather small so the sock looks big but it is a normal adult size.

Christmas sock

Hope you all have a nice holiday season if applicable, or a nice summer or winter season.

Sarah in Australia