Whatcha' Knitting? December 2022

He looks very nice with your Portmeirion dishes in the background!

Ooh, I do like the granny square stars. I might make a few in the hot weather when I don’t feel like picking up a big piece or any wool and put them away for next year.

That looks incredible :heart_eyes: well done

This sweater is simply gorgeous! Your son will LOVE it!


Great socks - I’m in 2 pairs of thermal socks and still have cold toes! It’s so shivery where I am. Your socks look so professional.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments everyone.

I just finished my first stranded amd steeked colorwork priject. A cardigan for my 3 yr old. The pattern is off but I’m pleased with the finished project. Just need to put a zipper in it yet

I’m also knitting another stranded colorwork cardigan for my 10 yr old daughter. Working on the first sleeve now.

Aannddd I’m knitting a hat for my husband. I’m using lettilopi and plotulopi. I’m really enjoying the process on this one!


Beautifully worked! Steeking seems like walking off a cliff but it works so nicely. You’ve done well.
Thanks for posting the photos.

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Well done. This is beautiful knitting. Your stranding tension looks great. I see nothing that looks like the pattern is off. Hint: never tell anyone there is any sort of mistake and no one will ever know. Anyone who would get picky enough to look and find a mistake is very critical and quite likely not knit-worthy. What counts is that you made it with love and it will keep your child warm and looking amazing. Steeking is scary before doing it the first time. Kudos to you for taking it on.

I spent years dreading even the thought of steeking. I wish I’d done it sooner! All those years of thinking how horrible it is only to find out it’s not.

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Wow, your needles have been on fire!
Great stuff. I’ve never tried steeking - it does seem scary!
Beautiful cardigan.


Thank you, @Creations. I must admit that I have a lot of ends to weave in still!


For one reason or another I am still in December knitting my Kaffe Fassett project

I love knitting this. It’s definitely not one I can whizz up, sitting in front of telly. Every stitch, every row, etc is different. But I am getting there. This is what it could look like

Only hope it fits when finished. image

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And this is how far I have got… yep… it will take me forever to finish. Xxxx


Your knitting is beautiful. Stunning.
I always get stuck in between projects so a project that goes a bit slower helps to avoid the dilemma of what to make next, which size to do, which size, what sort of cast on… too many things stop me casting on. Maybe I need a Kaffe Fassett project?

I made this Lalu Scarf Actually made 2 of them with mitts to match one


Well I got the throw finished so I could give as a Xmas gift. I think it turned out well. I had finished a different one couple months ago which I gave to my granddaughter and she was so excited. But done with those for a while. They take a lot of time.


That is just beautiful - if you do knit another throw, hopefully it will be for you!

I love this pattern and your work is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! What pattern did you use?

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Thank you @GrumpyGramma and @Claudia1
The pattern is Cora Cable Throw by Premier Yarn. But you know after looking at the picture, I think I missed a cable. Don’t know what happened and there isn’t anything I can do about it now since it’s already gifted. Really irritates me, but I don’t really think the recipient will even notice. At least that’s what I’m telling myself!


This is a lovely piece of knitting made with love and I expect that’s what the recipient will see. The love something is made with outweighs any mistakes. People I give things don’t mind if there is a mistake or twelve or more. We do our best, hope we didn’t miss something too obvious, and that’s all we can expect of ourselves. Thanks for the pattern name.