What size needles? 1940s pattern

Hi everyone,

I am new to the forum and amm hoping you could help me!

This will be my second project (just finished my first which was some mittens for my 11 month old…perfect fit…!!!) and its for some women’s gloves. However the pattern I found was a 1940s pattern here:


The needle size it says Jaeger size 13 needles. I also found this page which has some reference about sizing being different back then it in seems to state that 12 = 2.25 mm …


.I was just hoping if someone could confirm that I have this right. I need 2.25 mm sized needles? Seems like an awfully hard thing to do with such tiny needles!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have been knitting lace with 1.5mm needles! I would check the tension well before starting the project, I see it is 8st and 15 rows to 1 inch over pattern. It may be that the 4ply of the pattern is not 4ply as we know it today. Oh, I’ve just noticed that the pattern is a Purl 3, knit 3 pattern, so those st and rows per inch sound much better! Do a test swatch on the suggested needles. Poss they are quite tightly knitted to keep out the wind and snow!

They look great don’t they!

Thank you for responding…

I shall do a test…soooo tiny!!


But I bet they will look amazing when you finish them! I have printed off the pattern, I might even start them this weekend just for fun. We have a long weekend this one, Monday is a holiday. It is Labour Day, a holiday to celebrate the 40 hour working week being brought in many many years ago. Although most people seem to work more than 40 hours a week now.

That sounds like the old UK sizes which are backwards to US - the larger the number the smaller the needle and vice versa. My needle gauge has those sizes - a 13 is 2.25 mm. But you may have to try out a couple to see which gives you the right gauge.

Aww you will have to tell me how you get on with them!! I am about to start them tomorrow…been working on a vest for my son.

Seriously knitting is really addictive - can’t seem to put the needles down.

you get used to the 2.25 and 2mm needles realy quickly dont worry. They are quite common for the finer yarns often associated with ladies gloves or socks.

It’s addictive alright! I have just nipped out from work and bought some black 4ply for the gloves. We do not have a yarn shop as such, one of the shops has a corner with a VERY limited range. I got some Shepherd 4 ply 100% wool. I will let you know on Tuesday (next time I am at a computer) how I am getting on.

What a fool I feel. I left the pattern for the gloves and the one for the Tigers eye scarf and the oil to mix with the petrol so I could mow the lawns over the long weekend at work on Friday evening. So no gloves, no Tigers eye scarf and lawns long and untidy! I did knit 2 simple scarves to add to the Christmas present stash, but I was so looking forward to the gloves and other scarf.
How are you getting on with the gloves?

Aww thats a shame.

Well I am half way through first glove and its been frustrating…I have messed up a lot of times…but I guess thats a result of lack of experience…seeing as this is my second project - should have picked something less frustrating!

I think though I am on my way and getting used to the small needles (although my son grabbed one and snapped it in half!).

Hopefully I will have them done in not too time now…I dont think I will be using small needles again for a long while though…!!

It’s a UK pattern so it’s the old UK imperial system. This is useful for needle conversions http://www.yarnforward.com/needleconv.html I have some really old UK size 13 in the house that are slightly bent I made bootees on once but gave up after one - but sure sock needles come that small - kinda like socks for the hands…

After a while thicker than 4mm needles feel too bulky to handle! You are doing well. I started a glove last night and did as far as the ribbing, but… the thumbs are knitted seperate and sewn on after and I dont think I want to do that so am going to sit down quietly some tome soon and work out adding the thumb in as part of the glove, but then the seam will have to be on the little finger side so maybe I will look for a new pattern…

I got a friend to help me put a couple of photos on Ravelry yesterday, but tried to put some more on today by myself and oh hopeless me, I can’t remember how to do it. There is one photo on my page of the knitting with 1.25mm wire needles. NZlulubell is my name there.

Umn I’ll just fiddle with mine to check how… you can either upload photos direct from your computer or another website such as flickr, photobucket or your homepage. You click on your project (or stash item), click on the tab for edit photos, then click on the tab for how you want to add your photo. Once it’s uploaded you can move it around a bit or change the order of your photos by dragging them around.

I can get them from the card reader to Flickr, but am lost as to what we did yesterday after that to get them to Ravelry! Not the brightest spark when it comes to computers. I see you are from Ireland, my maternal grandfather was from Ireland, McEldowney was his surname, and my Grandmother was from England. On my fathers side we are Danes and Norwegians.

Fraid I use photobucket not Flickr,but you can upload them direct from your computer.
Sorry, don’t know any McEldowneys, but I think it’s a Northern name - many Irish names have loads of corruptions or spelling versions!
I’m a mixture of Irish, Scottish, English and prob a wee bit of Welsh myself - the islands are pretty close for hopping across…

Irrevocable, how are you getting on with those gloves? I’ve been wondering.

I was going to wait until I finished them before posting but I am stuck.

I have done the first or should I say fourth finger as stated on the pattern but then after this it says knit 5 on the first stitch hold and then pick up 4 at the base of the fourth finger…

this doesnt make sense to me at all. Pick up 4 at base of four finger?!?! Why would you do that?

Is anyone able to explain this to me? I would really appreciate it.

I have been doing ok apart from this stuck point. My hands have hurt a few times but things are better than when i first started!!

Wouldn’t it make more sense to pick up 4 stitches from the base of the finger you have just done? Is that what you have done for the other fingers?

I havent done the other fingers.

It says start with fourth so I did that…then it says knit 5 and then pick up four at the base of the 4th finger which i just did. But i am not sure where i pick them up - across it doesnt make sense…and i dont know where from the side…im confused :???: :???: