What size needles? 1940s pattern

Yep, I think you are right, just pick them up from across the bottom of the finger you have just done, then prob some more from the other half of your knitting to make enough to make another finger. ( did you have to sew up the finger you have just done before trying to pick up stitches?)

no…which i think is what is confusing me…because if i was to pick up stitiches it wouldnt make sense.

Sounds to me like you should sew up the finger, then you would have something to pick up the stitches from! Hang on…I’ve just had a look at the pattern, and I know it says in the making up instructions to sew up the fingers later when the glove is finished, but I think I would sew up the fingers as I went along, and then you would have somewhere to pick up the stitches from.

I was wondering if I needed to do all that pressing stuff…but i guess not!! I think I will just sew up as I go along then.

Thanks for the guidance :slight_smile:

Have you done any more? Did sewing up the finger first and then pick up stitches from the bottom of that finger work out?


Been a bit busy…went to see mighty boosh last night so no havent.

I am however about to tackle it now…so I will let you know a bit later or tomorrow how it went :slight_smile:

god sorry havent been well.

update am a bit confused on it. started the second finger but the pattern is inside out compared to the first finger i did. i really dont think this is right but im following directions how they should be. sooo confused…not sure i should unpick it or continue and work it out later.

ill let you know how i get on and when im finished.

Ok well here are some pictures…

On the pattern it says to do stocken stitch which is knit row, purl row if i am correct. Anyway on the first finger i did the stitch came up so the nice side was facing outwards (a completely different pattern to the knit 3 purl 3 for the entire hand bit of the glove) Anyway when i followed the directions for the second finger it came out so the bumpy side (that actually looks more like the rest of ther glove) came out on front…but now im confused. My thinking is the nice smooth side to st st is the right bit to be exposed but this second one has come out backwards…is that the one i need to change. ?

This ultimately could be the stupidest question i have ever asked but can someone please help?