What kind of sweets are you making for Christmas?

I thought it might be fun to see what people make in the way of cookies and such for Christmas. You know, different than other times of the year. Maybe a favorite family recipe or something. Who knows, you might find one you would like to try and pry the recipe out of someone.

So here goes. This year because of the dang surgery I only did rice krispie squares, chocolate chip cookies and milk chocolate fudge. Basically, they are just to munch on as we travel north on Friday and to share on Christmas Eve with family.

Usually I make the fudge, Mexican wedding cakes, kieflies, chocolate chip cookies, coffee hermits, toffee and sometimes buckeyes.

My mom and I usually do the baking together, but this year she’s making the molasses cookies and the… oh, crud, I can’t think what they’re called now, but they’re made with that fruitcake fruit and pecans, and they’re so yummy… and my kids and I are making chocolate chip cookies and candycane cookies.

we are a regular cookie factory here, all recipes are old family favorites, can share on request.

Sweet spiced pecans (made 6 lbs so far)

sugar cookies (special heirloom recipe, crunchy and flat, not soft and chewy) (about 300 cookies there, with sprinkles, no icing)

3 types cookie press cookies (all double batches):
butterfly spritz (like shortbread)
snowflakes (with cream cheese)
Christmas Trees (almond flavored)

Butter Nut snowballs with Walnuts or pecans (large batch of about 100, all rolled in powdered sugar)

soft sugar cookies with eggnog glaze (small batch)

gingerbread cookies (small batch)

Usually we make a few more varieties of cookies, bar cookies, and chocolate candies, but I am too tired this year.

can you tell making cookies is our main tradition? lol…

Wow, I feel kinda lazy. I’m only making a couple of pecan pies. My sister is bringing most of the deserts.

We’ve already made our sugar cookies and as soon as the kids get home we’ll be making peanutbutter fudge. Over the week-end we’ll probably make some strawberry divinity, chocolate logs, and some regular chocolate fudge.

Everyone in my family usually gets a box of assorted baked things from me but this year I just have not had the time. I [I]am[/I] making fudge and chocolate dipped ritz craker sandwhiches with peanut butter in the middle for us to nosh on. Oh and a wish bread for Yule

I love the holidays and baking so we become a bit of a cookie/ sweets making factory here too.

we make:
nut crescents- like mexican wedding cookies
pecan puffs - mini pecan pies
sugar cookies with sprinkles
spritz cookies
brownie bites
english toffee
peppermint bark
caramel dipped pretzels rolled in various nuts& chocolate

Carey - do they have vanilla wafers too? My mom used to make what we called pecan rolls. I know they had pecans, crushed vanilla wafers, the fruit and I don’t know what else. It was sticky and we would roll them up in wax paper and put them in the fridge. Then when they were chilled, we would slice them. They were so good. Oh, and she made the very best divinity and carrot cake. Man. I miss that stuff!
This year, I only made some Chocolate, Cream Cheese Cupcakes, and Oreo Balls. I didn’t make any of my regulars, Date Nut Balls, Hard Cinnamon Candy, or Buckeye Balls.

I was thinking I should get cracking on some of this. We don’t make a ton (because we’d eat it) but so far we did do white chocolate dipped pretzel rods (with sprinkles of course), and Hershey kiss angels. Later this week we’ll do the gingerbread house, and there’s wreath cookies (with corn flakes), melting moments and maybe those thumb print jam cookies…and sugar cookies too!

Also, if anyone needs inspiration, http://www.northpole.com/Kitchen/Cookbook/cat0001.html

Sharly, that sounds fabulous! Ours don’t have vanilla wafers, though. It’s a traditional family (I think German) recipe.

I have to tell everyone that MaryZ’s spiced nuts are the best… she sent me some in the last swap package. I told myself that I would just have a couple but I wound eating the whole bag by myself…(I hid them from my DH!!!) I would love her recipe (hint)

I made a huge batch of snickerdoodles - I love them and they are really easy and yummy. For Christmas Eve I am making Rachael Ray’s 5 minute fudge wreath to bring with me. I may also make Giada’s Panettone Bread Pudding with Cinnamon Syrup. My DH is Italian and they do the tradition Italian Christmas Eve and I thought that this would be a big hit with his family.

Here is the link:


I love Giada, and oh my goodness that sounds good!! I’m the cook for our traditional Italian christmas eve, and I am definitely going to make that!

Mary: Can I get the eggnog glaze recipe? My husband loves sugar cookies and drinks eggnog by the container full so he would love those. Thanks!

Who else has some cool stuff to share???

Pumpkin cheese cake for one thing. It’s the favorite in our house.

Of course my friends!!

the spiced pecan recipe is from (the magazine) Southern living:
it has the recipe for the spice blend, then how to use it in the nuts (and other things) in this PDF:

I use a little more salt on the nuts when they cook, and I used ground candied ginger this year for a little more kick.

[SIZE=4] The Eggnog Glaze[/SIZE] is mind bendingly easy:

3 C powdered sugar
Dash white rum, or rum extract (tablespoon of the real stuff, teaspoon of the extract)
3-4 Tbsp eggnog
Whisk until smooth
Add more powdered sugar, or eggnog until you get the consistency you like. It will dry and set up fairly hard (but not as hard as royal icing)

Drip over cookies, add sprinkles on top if desired.

I love this glaze, and use it on cookies, or pound cake or even cupcakes.


I love baking and I go to town at Christmas!
I made:
Raspberry Almond Thumbprints
Macaroons, with raspberry jam in the middle
Gingerbread men and drop ginger cookies
Chocolate Maple Cookies
Andes candies cookies
Eggnog thumbprints
Chocolate raspberry spritz
Irish Cream Fudge
oh and strawberry jam bars
This weekend I’ll be making a couple of pies for Christmas dessert.

oooh chocolate maple cookies? that sounds fabulous- can you share the source or recipe?

and Sanibelle- THANKS for the panettone link- yum, and the Rachael Ray fudge ring is a fabulous idea for this party we have to go to!

My hubby is jonesin for some divinity and maybe some peanut brittle n stuff. O yeah and truffles, definitely truffles. Yep, Yep, Yep…truffles fer sure!!!:drool: :drool: :drool:

MKS…Irish Cream Fudge??? What could be better… please share that recipe.
Thanks Mary for the recipe for the nuts… they are so good.
Wow - I think I just gained 5 pounds reading this thread…

I usually do sugar cookies, but I’m sick of them! (I make them for about every other holiday it seems!) For my son’s preschool teachers and church AWANA leaders & some friends, I’m making candy arrays. I made peppermint brittle, caramels, Oreo Truffles and fudge. I’m also making some mint cookies tomorrow for a Christmas “party” type thing.