What kind of sweets are you making for Christmas?

Carey - they were really good. Unfortunately, it was one of those recipes that she never wrote down! And, at the time, I never paid enough attention to know how to re-create it!

Wow, everyone, everything sounds so good!!

Here’s where I got the Chocolate Maple cookies. They look like little pancakes when they are baking. You can’t really taste the maple, but it gives the cookie a very good flavor. I decided not to frost them but instead put the frosting in a baggie, snipped off a small portion of the corner, and made little squiggles on them.

Here’s where I got the Irish cream fudge, which is do die for! I made it a couple of days before my staff Christmas like someone suggested from the reviews so the Bailey’s has time to dissapate a little. I ran out of Bailey’s for the topping, but used Irish Cream coffee creamer and you wouldn’t know the difference.

I love to bake all year long and feed those I work with well - otherwise the hubby and I would be 400lbs : )
Typically come Christmas / New Years I make :
Molasses cookie cutter cookies
Molasses cookies
Buttermilk Spice Cake in a christmas tree pan with Betty Crockers double boiler icing
Bouche D Noel - french yule long (soooo yummy with a touch of Amaretto)
pecan pie (for the hubby)
mince pie (all from scratch with a touch of Brandy)
sprizt cookies
Believe it or not the hubby’s favorite treat this time of year is when I make chicken soup - boil down a little roaster and add some veggies and noodles
Suddenly feel the need to bakes something !!

I am determined to make my mocha crinkles today. As soon as I get off work (another 2 hours) They are SOOO yummy. Chocolate and coffee and pepper and powdered sugar. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Just spiced cookies for me this year - I love cinnamon and nutmeg and ginger, so here they are :

I made Almond Biscotti dipped in dark chocolate and sugar cookies with sprinkles. I divided them into cans and then filled the “hollow” spots with christmas candies. Each family in the family gets a can.

I made 2 kinds of sweets to give to friends and neighbors. Boxed it in candy boxes to gift.

Melomakarona - This is a greek christmas spice cookie soaked in honey.

Besan burfi - This is an Indian sweet made with chickpea flour and ghee.

Everything looks and sounds so good.:cheering:

In the past I have made cookie trays and given them as gifts, including to the local firestation and police stations {to thank them for their service}, but this year I wimped out. Last night, Hubby and I made oatmeal cookies to give to his parents and I made fudge for him to take to work. I try to give away as much as possible; I love to bake and its better to split a batch of whatever than to have it sitting around tempting me. :mrgreen:

My gosh you Americans can cook when the holidays come around. We don’t bother with anything much here in Australia as its way to hot.