What is your favorite yarn, and why?

MMMMMMMMMmmalabrigo? mmmmmmmmmanos?

What is your favorite yarn, and why?

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Lorna’s Laces shepherd Sport- As I love Socks and it has been the best wearing and prettiest colored so far in my quest. (not to mention low care maintenance :).

you know that people are going to have a hard time answering that one…lol.

If you put a gun to my head I would probably go with Malabrigo. I love the colors, the cost is pretty good for the yardage, and it is delightfully soft (even better knit up!) and i found it felts great!

I love koigu because it has an outstanding color palette!

BUT! If Misti Alpaca had more colors or more vibrant colors that i absolutely loved, it would be that yarn every single time. It seriously makes me hate my malabrigo for a bit after I use it because it is soooooo soft. it is more expensive than i will usually spend but i do love splurging on this stuff…they just need more bright colors! :teehee:

Schaefer Elaine, I love the feel and the colors and the way it knits!!

Although I have never used malabrigo, all the talk is tempting me to try it.

I’m really new to all this, but just wanted to say that all of the yarn porn makes me drooooool :slight_smile: I can’t wait to try out some of the yarns I hear ya’ll talk about!


I’m thinking of trying Cat Bordhi’s mobius scarft from Knitty Gritty using Malabrigo chunky – is that as soft as the Malabrigo everyone talks about?

I know this is ridiculous, but one thing stopping me is that it comes in a hank, and I don’t have a ball winder (yet!)

This is a seriously difficult question!!!

I find how I feel about the yarn is dependant on what I am working on.
But…my favorites include:

Wool: Malabrigo (by farrrrrr)
Sock: Cherry Blossom Fibers (Cindy H) or Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock
Cotton: Island Cotton
Alpaca:Misti Alpaca and Blue Sky Alpaca

I also LOVE to work with linen and my favorite is Euroflax Originals Wet Spun Linen.

i think it feels just like the worsted …it is basically the same yarn just thicker. but the thing that would stop me would be the cost. the chunky is only like 65 (or 85?) yards for the same cost (or is it more?.. it bothers me enough that i have blocked it out! :rofl: ) as the worsted. I almost feel like i could get better bang for the buck getting two hanks of worsted and doubling it!


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Since I’m in a sock kick lately, I’d have to say that Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock is my favorite. But it’s so hard for me to limit it to just one. I have an appreciation for any handpainted yarn. For other projects, I’m in love with Malabrigo. It’s the one merino that I think shows off cabling really well. But I know there are more out there that I just haven’t discovered yet!

The yarn I am knitting with at the time.

I have to say it’s MMMMMmmmmalabrigo hands down. I love the Manos colorways but Malabrigo is like knitting with a cloud.

If I had to choose a close second it would be Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande or Lobsterpot Cashmere.

The Malabrigo is so much more affordable though.


That’s a hard one. I don’t think I can pick a favorite. But of the yarns I’ve worked with, I’ve really enjoyed Malabrigo like others, also Frog Tree Alpaca’s Merino, Blue Heron’s Rayon Metallic (this has got to be the prettiest looking yarn I’ve worked with), Karabella Aurora 8, Blue Sky Alpaca’s Cotton, Berroco’s Softwist, Art Yarns Silk Rhapsody Glitter, Alchemy Yarns Sanctuary, Fleece Artist’s Peter Rabbit . . . Hmmm, I like a lot. But lots more didn’t make it in, so I guess it’s still a small group.

Generally speaking, all of SWTC yarns that i have used, malabrigo, of course…Debbie Bliss yarns, etc, etc, etc…oh, i LOVE Schaefer Anne sock yarn…I’m a Yarn Ho hands down, so I really can’t pick a fave :wink:

Noro Kureyon for the colors
KPPPM for the colors, texture, and overall neat shinyness

I just clicked on the Schaefer link… soo pretty… :inlove:

I’m not sure what my favorite is lol malabrigo… misti alpaca… I even really enjoyed working with Patons SWS… there are so many yarns out there though that I still haven’t got to touch… :pout:

Mmmalabrigo is my favorite favorite. I’ve considered switching out my whole stash for skeins of Mmmm.
I’m also a fan of Rowan Yarns Cashsoft and Silk Wool. I feel all luxurious when I knit with them.
I love the colors for the varigated Manos Del Uruguay. The only downside to Manos is that it isn’t very soft.

Lamb’s Pride Bulky, SWS, the alpaca that I salvaged from a thrift store sweater…

Right now, Caron Simply Soft.
Can’t afford much more, plus there isn’t much variety around here. It’s acrylic, yes, but it’s also very yummy.
I’d love to try some cotton blends later on.

If I am being frugal: I like bernat softee chunky from walmart or bernat softee chunky baby at Joanns/Hobby Lobby
If i am spending more: I :heart: :heart: Debbie Bliss alpaca -silk blend… it just feel wonderful to the touch~!! :notworthy: