What is the best way to store your yarn


How do you store your knitting yarn until you need it? Is there a special way/place? Does it depend on the type of yarn (cotton/acrylic, etc). Of course I will eventually use it, but just asking!!

Thank you

I keep mine in plastic bags in plastic totes. Many many totes. And in boxes and more boxes…

LOL…so just like mine, although you probably have much more!! I have mine in plastic inside a box. Thanks so much for the info.

I have a solid and glassed front cabinet that I keep acrylic and cotton in. My wool is in one of those giant Ziplocs. Well, that’s most of it… I have a bunch in the LYS bags sitting on my sewing machine in the closet. If you don’t look in there it’s all nice and neat. :roflhard:

I have mine in about a billion boxes. Most of my stuff is just acrylic, so I don’t really bother with storing it too special.

LOL…too funny

Zippered plastic (acrylic?) project bags.

I don’t have that much room, but if you do Dollyce’s method is awesome! You can actually see your stash! :thumbsup:

Mine’s all stored in the basement in plastic bags inside plastic bins. There’s also some of those plastic drawer things and a few cardboard boxes.


My wool is in giant ziplocs with the air squeezed out, in labeled cardboard boxes. My acrylic is loose in sealed giant plastic bins. Makes it all a bit hard to fondle, but it works for me… :wink:

Ooooh, Art Lady, I like, I like it a lot! :inlove:
Wish I had room for that…

[I]Most[/I] of my yarn is stored in several of those hanging shoe/sweater containers (like this: http://www.containerstore.com/reviews/closet/hangingBags/naturalMaterials?productId=10005136) and is hung in a closet. This makes for easy accessibility–but it also allows the hubby to gauge exactly how much yarn I have (uh oh).

If you decide to go this route, there are expensive containers out there that are specifically made to hold yarn. However, why you need a specialty one is beyond me. The sweater (and shoe) containers work perfectly and can be found for very cheap! In fact, I “came up” with this storage idea long before I saw the expensive yarn-specific ones. (But you know how marketing people are: they try to sell you, say, a specialty quesadilla maker when a skillet works perfectly fine!)

My “other” yarn is stashed in plastic bags, paper sacks, and totes and is probably knitted or crocheted into UFOs.

Oh yes, I have lots of it stored ‘on the needles’ too, and they’re stuffed into the plastic bags and totes along with the unworked yarn.

I have bags similar to these, but much, much smaller because mine are all packaging from curtains and bedsheets. :teehee:

I purchased 2 sizes. The smallest size holds 10-12 skeins/balls/hanks of dk yarn. The medium size would hold 20-25 dk yarn. More or less for fingering or worsted or bulky yarns, of course.

I originally purchased two of the small size at my LYS, but the cost of about $4 each prohibited the purchase of more bags.

But one day, as I was looking around in their Accessories tab at WoodlandWoolworks.com (they are no longer in business) I spotted the very same “project bag” for $1.25. HOLY HANDBAGS! They also carried med and lrg sizes. So I also purchased the med size. I’m a sweater knitter, so these bags keep a “sweater’s worth” of yarn fresh and safe from dust and bugs until I get around to knitting the garment!


Where can I buy those zipper bags?? I know that quilts/blankets and sheet sets are sold in them, but I just want the bags. Any ideas on what I would call them to do a search on google??

THANKS, knitcindy

I’ve been surfing around on the web, looking for them…but so far haven’t found them in my yarn bag sizes. There is a company called ULine.com…I’ve purchased these same zipped vinyl bags from them [U]in larger sizes[/U]. The bags I got from them hold a sweater, with room to spare…or a sweater coat. The smallest [B]zipped vinyl bag[/B] ULine carries is 15 x 18 x 3". Click here.

The two sizes I purchased from WoodlandWoolworks are:

11 x 9 x 3" (with 14 balls Berroco Pure Merino,worsted wt)

15 x 12 x 4" (with 22 balls Plymouth Tweed, aran wt)

So keep surfing the web…type clear zippered vinyl bags into Google Search. I hope you find them. I’ll keep looking, too. It sorta bugs me that my size bags have seemingly disappeared when WoodlandWoolworks went out of business. BTW, I went to their website to see if they were still offering anything, and they do have a page filled with referring links. So try that, too.

Edited to add: I messaged the Elkins at yarn.com (WEBS) and inquired about the bags. Will let you know what WEBS says.

You got me curious so I had to search, too. :teehee: Dollyce, you’ll have to weigh in here as whether these are similar or would work.

These have a tightly meshed end for breathablity.

Not meshed

The ‘tightly meshed’ bags are waaayyyy too big, IMO.

The ‘not meshed’ bags…one of them is about the same size as [U]my medium-sized bag [/U]
(15 x 12 x 4": 720 cubic inches) $2.75

[B]Here’s a photo of the ‘not meshed’ medium-sized bag that you found:

(14 x 6.5 x 9"[/B]: 819 cubic inches) $3.99

I kinda like the handle on top!

Another idea I had: visit all the yarn websites you can think of…and click onto their Accessories tab,
or Storage, or Tools. Those tabs are where they’d put the vinyl zipped bags for sale.