What is a gram stitch?

I am relatively new to knitting. I’ve done another project, but finished nothing. For my current project I am doing the Andes Cushion and Blanket pattern.

In reference to rows 1 and 2 it says, “These 2 rows form rib with 2 sts either end in g st.”

Logic would lead me to believe that they mean the garter stitch, but no. The pattern lists the abbreviation “g=gram.” I’ve poured over the internet and the forum for a “gram stitch.” I could not find anything. What is a gram stitch? Does it exist?

Also, what does this passage mean? I know that the beginning pattern is ribbed for the first 8 rows. I also know that those rows alternate K2, *K2, P2, rep from *. Etc.
That said, what does “with 2 sts either end in g st” mean?
(Is it a misprint? Is it garter after all? What does “either end” mean?)

This would help me so much. I really couldn’t find anything about g=gram.

Hi and welcome!
The ‘g st’ is garter st. The pattern writer is just confusing things by putting the weight g in the abbreviations. No clue why they did that.


Sounds like this has been mistranslated perhaps?

2 sts either end in garter stitch means that, although the rest of the fabric is in rib, there will be a narrow band either side of garter. This can be to give a detail to the design or to give an edge to seam up or to prevent some of the fabric rolling too much. Rib doesn’t roll really but if you are switching to stocking stitch for some of the project then the garter would help flatten it a little. Not much though with inking stitches.
So, first 2 stitches knit, rib along to last 2 stitches then knit last 2 stitches.
Next row k2, rib across, k2
This makes the little band on the edge.

For rib knit the knits and purl the purls to stay in pattern.

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Is this your pattern? Andes Cushion & Blanket It’s the only one I found. My guess is that the others are correct and you’re to have two stitches in garter on the sides. The k2 at the beginning of the rib rows will be garter stitch and I expect it would be continued as you knit the rest of the piece.

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Yes, that is my pattern. :slight_smile: Thank you so much everyone for helping me with this. This all helped a lot.