What Do You Want to Knit Now that the Holidays Are Over?

I don’t know about anyone else, but now that Christmas (or whatever winter holiday you celebrate, I don’t want to exclude anyone!!) is over, what do you want to knit? Are you knitting for yourself or for others? Did you get cool yarns/needles that you are dying to use???

As for me, to start the thread, I need to finish my son’s Harry Potter scarf long neglected due to the holidays and then make his hat while it’s still cold out and he’s still at the age where he would actually wear it. My other son wants a scarf, too. I also have a baby blanket to make for oldest son’s teacher who is due in March. I want to make a sweater for my dog and I have the yarn to make an OSU throw for my husband who is about the hugest Ohio State fan I’ve ever met and I graduated from there so I’ve met a few!!!

Happy New Year to All and Happy Knitting to You, too!!!:wink:

I’m going to finish the clapotis scarf I started for myself, and then do 2 baby blankets for a couple of classmates who are expecting their first babies in march and april.

I started a pair of fancy-cabled Scottish knee socks - intended for the County Fair next fall and [I hope!] destined for a blue ribbon - and will finish these up. They take a lot of attention, which is good because we had to put our little dachshund down yesterday and I need to hide in a difficult project for a while.

I also want to finish a pair of socks for my nephew’s birthday.


PS - I also need to prepare for my class of beginning knitters, starts on Jan. 2! And get my website expanded greatly. And make a dvd for teaching non-knitters how to knit Continental-style.

I still have some things to make - I made felt clogs as gifts this year. My parents saw a picture of them the other day and now they each want a pair! I wore my “pidge” scarf to work and one of my friends wants one. And another friend gave me this huge carton of vintage knitting, needlepoint and crochet books - when I asked him how much - he said he just wanted me to make him a scarf. Then I have 2 birthdays next month so I am making scarves for both of them…and I usually knit something for my assistants for Valentine’s Day!

I think by Jusy 4th I will be able to knit for me… oh no that is when I start Christmas knitting again!

It never ends and I do not even have a scarf for myself yet this year…

Well I am almost finished with another beanie for myself, and then I need to get back to work on the Palindrome scarf I am making for a friend.

After that, who knows?

Dot – so sorry to hear about your dachshund. I just got a dog last year after losing one we loved dearly in 2004, it took a while for me to be ready to have another one. I just wanted to offer my condolences, that’s so hard!!!:hug:

Thank you. Yes, it is hard. But she had had severe seizures for almost a year - and Christmas, she seized almost non-stop. Horrible to see - but it made the Decision a no-brainer.

Oh yeah, she was also incontinent. I created a set of Doggie Piddle-Pants to keep her diapers on… took her like 3 days to figure how to get that diaper off without losing her piddle-pants. So much for that!

I was lucky when our dog passed away that she just went naturally, in her sleep at home, but I understand about the medical issues – she was diabetic and had thryoid problems so I was doing insulin shots and thyroid medicine daily for the last couple of years of her life. Good luck – I hope your knitting can help your healing process!

I want to make socks and a pair of handwarmers I had an idea for. I’d also like to make a sweater, but I doubt that will happen this year.

I’ve got 2 pair of socks, each half done, that have been patiently waiting for Christmas knitting to be finished, so I need to get back to them. I received bamboo sock yarn as a gift, so I have to start at least one of them soon. And I got a pattern and linen to make a string bag so I need to start that soon. In fact, I need to search for some string bag pattersn as I want more of a solid bottom then the pattern that came with the yarn.

After all that, I’d like to make me a scarf. I need to test the cable pattern first, though, before I find some super-duper soft wool for the project. It will be summer before I get this started!!

Hugs to you DorothyDot. I hope the socks is just the fix to take your mind off of things.

I am working on a sweater for my niece’s birthday. I also have a dinosaur on the needles for ds…I made the older ds one and the 2 yr old ds “needs” one too. Then I am going to work on some crocheted food my for my ds’ kitchen he got for Christmas. I would then like to work on using up my yarn stash a bit.

What yarn did you use for the felted mocs? I might venture into making some.

I haven’t knitted for myself since July of last year, and I’m looking forward to doing so now. :cheering: Let’s see…

  1. A calorimetry, cowl, and fingerless gloves out of a cashmere blend I’ve been holding onto for a year.
  2. Frog a vest I made from [I]Fitted Knits[/I] because I made a bad yarn choics.
  3. Use above yarn to make the [I]Drop Stitch Tank[/I], also from FK
  4. A nice cardi in an as-yet-to-be-detefrmined yarn or pattern. (Probably some sort of brown)
  5. A lacy sweater - not real lace, just thin yarn on big needles.
    I have 2 nephews coming in April so I will probably make something for each of them - I’m thinking a hat.

Dot - I’m so sorry you lost your dog. :grphug: That’s rough.

i picked up yarn today to make myself a caliormetry (i cheaped out given it’ll be my first time making it… RH SS in Bay Print… if i truly mess it up beyond repair then i’m not out any…). I’m putting all my other projects on hold until i get it done.

I’m with Mason, need to finish the palidrone, then who knows.:teehee: I havent had time to think about it yet!

Considering I still have a pair of fingerless gloves on the needles that are supposed to be a Christmas gift and since I wrapped yarn and a pattern for my sil (a promised gift)…I guess it’ll be a while before I get to work on anything else.

Here’s what I need to work on:
a baby blanket for someone I know
another baby blanket for a good friend
a sweater for ds
a hat for dd
something for me??

I still have 2 Cunning Hats I have to finish - and soon. One of them is already late. sigh

After that? I’m not sure yet. I don’t plan my knitting terribly far ahead. I like to be taken in by a project and to just go with it as the mood strikes me. ^^ I’m a knitting nomad! ^^

My goal this year is to bust my stash down to a reasonable size and to make sweaters for everyone in the family. I currently have the Laughing Carrots from Knitty cast on for my son. Of course the first sweater I choose to make has to be the one that I have to do alterations on the pattern so it will fit him. He’s only 9yo but is almost as tall as I am (5’) and is built like a rugby player, but he’s still a little boy at heart. so I bulked up the yarn and increased the needle size. Hopefully this will be the most boring sweater I make. It’s got a whole section of plain boring stockinette (between bands of waffle stitch and the cables.)

After that I have an Elisabeth Lavold pattern I want to make for myself as well as a pattern from Simply Knitting a few months ago. Then it is finding out what the girls and dh want. I’m quite sure they will be very Gothic Lolita. (For the girls, I doubt dh will want something like that LOL!)

Well, let’s see…I always have a mental queue that is much longer than the time available! LOL!

Here’s what I’ve got in mind:

  1. Finish baby sweater for my SIL’s shower on Jan 5


  1. Sweater I started for me from the cover of Jan. Creative Knitting
  2. Finish spinning the yarn for Silver’s scarf for me
  3. Calorimetry (from Knitty)
  4. DS9 wants me to knit him a ski mask. I finally found a pattern that will work…got to get the yarn…Woolease, I think.
  5. A couple of pairs of socks that I’ve had in the works.

After that, I want to spin enough yarn for a sweater. I’ve got some nice grey coopworth and I’m eyeing one of two cardigans from the last couple IK’s. I’ve also got the yarn for a lace shawl that I’ve had wound and ready to go since September. And then…and then…and then…:teehee:


Well…right now I’m still working on a pouch for my brothers Nintendo DS. After that’s done, I’m thinking about making more of them to sell on my Etsy shop, since finding good DS cases is hard and I figured it’d be a nice way to share my love of knitting with others.

But…what I’d really like to do is knit myself a nice shrug. Yeah, it’s still winter, but spring will be here soon and with it comes tanktops!

Unfortunately, I don’t know if I’ve got the skills to do it lol.