What do you knit in the summer?

When it gets hot (especially in hot & HUMID S. TX), I just tend to want to put away the yarn. What do YOU knit in the summer?

In summer I like to use cotton a lot. Usualy tanks, smaller things for my DD ( she likes cotton knitted skirts) or pillows. I also crochet more during the summer

Am I the only one who realizes that if I don’t start knitting Christmas presents and sweaters in the summer that no one will get gifts and I will be cold in the fall? :??

Susan (who is always trying to be a season ahead. I knit my cotton sweaters at the end of winter so I have stuff to wear in the spring and summer too.)

Lol I agree with you Susan! If I don’t start soon I will be behind on the holiday knitting, etc.
Actually I am ALWAYS behind on that anyway lol… (I get sidetracked by pretty yarn and potention projects easily :teehee: )

If you want to knit something “cooler,” there’s always socks and perhaps lovely lacy projects.

I am knitting year round now because I seem to always have something going. Why not try something that is not yarn, like the ribbon stuff. It might be more comfortable. I just finished a ribbon top for summer and it was nice and slippery! lol

I crank the AC up and knit away on whatever I like. Who cares how high the electricity bill may get - I’m enjoying myself :teehee:

This past summer I did alot of knitting with cotton and cotton blend yarns. But this summer i bet i will be knitting shawls that I didn’t get to over the winter. Summer is like any other season as far as knitting goes with me…I knit whatever strikes my fancy :wink:

I knit alot of tanktops, and short sleeve tops.

i knit everything I bought yarn for over the winter and didn’t get time to actually knit. I have a scarf for DH, Booga bag for a friend, scarf for a friend, Shrug for me…

I like to knit tank tops, short sleaves, socks, benies, little animals, bags, headbdns and… anything that strikes my fancy. Even if you’re not going to use it, it’s still fun to knit an afgan durring summer :thumbsup:

I generally knit utility items such as bags and blankets, or just practice my techniques if I’m having a problem.

Oooh, I’d love to see that. Can you post a pic?

Our summers are pretty mild here on the coast. I will probably be knitting socks and some bags. It also a good time to do some Kool-Aid dying.

I wanted to do knitted gifts last year for Christmas gifts, that didn’t happen. So I might as well start earlier this year (like now).

Just in time for this post :slight_smile: Lion Brand has new Spring and Summer yarns. They are called Muse (100% cotton) and Jazz (100% linen), and were in today’s e-newsletter.

So can you make ANY pattern in these summery yarns???

That is always the real bummer for me when the weather gets hotter. I hate putting away the sticks, so I usually think of other projects I can knit during the summer months. I work on Christmas presents, dishcloths, table runners, lacy socks, cotton knit camisoles, etc. Right now I’m working on a light cardigan that I can throw on when the nights get a bit cooler, which they occasionally do around here until mid June. Nothing heavy. Just something to cover my arms.

Another thing I’m going to try my hand at this summer is hand dyeing and spinning of wool. I hope to buy up some plain roving that I can dye and then practice some spinning on a drop spindle. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it in time to make some lovely slub yarn for my fall and winter knitting projects. :happydance:

Same here. I may buy one of those drop spindles as my LYS.

I knit lace in the summer, or smaller projects- stocking up on baby items, for example.

Also, lots of socks! But I am always knitting those.

I plan on knitting mittens, mittens and more mittens. My son lost a total of five pairs this winter alone :grrr: …I figure if I make a million of the things, all in the same colour…I won’t have to worry if he only comes home with one. I’ll die of boredom but :shrug: What can ya do??

I knit all Summer. I have to, it’s the one thing that keeps me from smoking (I quit 2 years ago but I still get cravings but as long as I’ve got my needles and yarn I’m ok). I’ll knit just about anything until it gets really hot, then I cast on hats and scarves and just put them in the Christmas gift bag.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I knit what I would normally knit in winter. I knit sweaters, scarves, socks, and pretty much just stuff for the next winter.[/img]