What Do You Hope To Get For Christmas?

Most people have something that they hope to receive for Christmas. Something they may or may not have mentioned to a potential gift giver, but would really like to get.

So, what are you hoping to get for Christmas?

For me, it’s some nice yarn and the book Viking Patterns For Knitting.

That’s about it for me. I don’t need much. How about you?

I want a swift and ball winder.
And some Malabrigo or Manos del Uraguay… cloud9

any gift cards to yarn stores would be awesome. one of my lys’ has a file for gift ideas and i left a note for my husband to get a swift that says “if you are reading this matt, you have not made one for me like you said you wanted to” :teehee:
a harmony set is on my list too!

oh, and Hugh Jackman to come sing holiday classics to me would be super duper!

That sounds nice!

I just want us to be able to get moved into the house we’re working on… still so much to do but maybe… a friend has “loaned” us his summer home but it just isn’t the same… so PULEEEEESE, SANTA!

My mother in law died last year before Christmas and left me a beautiful diamond necklace that was her mom’s but the chain is broke. I’d like to have the necklace part replaced with a suitable chain so that I can wear it. Right now it’s sitting in our safe, useful to no one.

I want a sheep! :cool: No seriously, follow the link at the bottom of my sig (the one with the pic of the boy hugging a sheep) and see what I mean. We’ve opted not to do presents this year for Christmas (we are for Yule, but they are totally different presents - all hand made or supplies to make stuff) so I’ll probably get more yarn, linen and pewter (to cast buttons) this year.

a pink nintendo ds lite… because i am 12…lol. I haven’t told anybody because nobody has asked for my list so i guess i am probably not getting it…lol.

As far as attainable gifts, I’d like a weekend alone.

As far as unattainable gifts for this Christmas, no Student Loans!

I want… NOTHING! :teehee: We live in a tiny appartment and every Christmas, we have to throw stuff away and find a place for the new things we got as gifts. :doh: Christmas gifts are more trouble for us than anything, and it’s very hard to convince our families that all we want is to be with them!

Of course if they want, they can give us a new, bigger appartment, but we’re still waiting for that one. :teehee:

You should have told me! There were 2 of them at Target last week. My DD (who wants one as well) was with me, so I couldn’t buy it! I figured I’d go back in the morning and get it. DUH! No more pink ones. I did get her a black one though.
I didn’t realize you were soooooooooo young! :slight_smile:
As for me, I can’t really say there is anything I want for Christmas except yarn. No one is getting me yarn though…

A new digital camera to photograph my yarn and projects with clarity and no blur.
My set of KP Options. I just got the email to notify me they’d been shipped! dances
A new computer (but that’ll never happen)

lol i am not… i am 37… but when i say things like i want a video game system that is in pink it makes me feel like a 12 year old! :wink: I knew target had them on sale last week but i couldn’t convince anybody who would buy me that kind of thing for christmas that they wanted my list…lol.

and it isn’t generally the type of thing that i would buy for myself except maybe with gift money.

I am determined to prove the old saying “youth is wasted on the young” wrong. I want an Ipod Touch and a Wii. If there was such thing as a PINK Wii, I’d be all over that sucka!!

Oh… and for the pseudo-grown-up in me, a VW New Beetle (but I’m so not holding my breath).:teehee:


You had me going :?? for a second there!

Mason, I can’t believe YOU started this thread…after the way you answered the “Getting to know you” thread! :wink:

I don’t have much stuff on my list this year. I would love a good supply of nice candles. The animals in my house don’t exactly exude that warm homey smell.

I would love a different car – we had a Durango until we traded it in for a non-gas guzzler. I can’t stand the car we replaced it with.

But really, I would just love the gift of time. I spend so much time working on my classes that I just don’t get to knit like I’d like.

Ok…what I want is to win the lottery! :teehee:

Mason, I can’t believe YOU started this thread…after the way you answered the “Getting to know you” thread! :wink:

Who? Me? I posted my answers to the list of questions. :mrgreen:

I would like 1) a new, bigger house so I can bring my family under one roof and be sure everyone is safe and secure, and 2) for each person on this list to receive at least 5 skeins of their very favorite yarn. So, if you’re listening Santa, YARN FOR EVERYONE! :cheering: :hug:

Weddin ring resized/reset (my knuckles grew during this last pregnacy…yeah, my KUCKLES, not swollen, just hard boney knuckles won’t let me wear my wedding ring. I’m tired of lugging three kids around and getting those looks when people see my ring finger naked!)
Lots of books and CDs that I doubt people will get- they aren’t popular so they’d have to actually look for them


I’m 32 and I have an Xbox 360 (and my husband has one too), a Wii, a DS lite, PS2…and every Nintendo console ever made. Gaming is definitely not just for kids, and neither are pink handhelds, lol! My hubby and I play Halo 3 (and other games) online together via Xbox Live…he plays downstairs, and I play upstairs! It’s awesome!

Back to the topic…for Christmas, I mostly want a jewelry box. A good one! :smiley:

dream gift? all 3 boys to have their bedrooms cleaned and 1 day without bickering or fighting amongst them.

I pointed out a salad bowl set to my dh that goes with my platter (i love anchor brand stuff) as well as the other viking knitting patterns book and a gift card to joann’s.

lol the cute boy wants to get me an xbox so we can play halo together. Not because I have much interest in playing halo but because I embarrass him fairly regularly in Scrabble and he wants the opportunity to do the same to me in a game that I know about as well as he knows scrabble…lol

for the record y’all… i am VERY comfortable in my level of love of all things girly… that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still embarrass me sometimes…lol