What Do You Hope To Get For Christmas?

some sleep…cloud9 :passedout: :sleepy: :thud:

The one thing I want is a BFP

I’m hoping to get a 10 lbs bag of 5 dollar bills. :slight_smile: seriously, not asking for much this year, Since I’ve got my wife and son, I really have all I need.

:teehee: I want to be on KP’s list that finally gets the Harmony Cable needles next time they come in stock…:wall:

brendajos :hug: I’d get ya the pink one if I could… or give me cute boys addy and I’ll drop a hint :oo:

lol you know you are not even allowed to make mention of cute boys in public places! :wink:

this is a hard question for me to answer… I haven’t really received Xmas presents since I was a child. I don’t remember receiving (or giving:teehee: ) presents as a grown up… wierd, I know :shrug: But if someone asks me, I would love to get gift cards to yarn stores, knitting books, or just useful things… nice make up, toys for my kitties, litter for their boxes :mrgreen: a newer and in better condition car :rofl:
dreaming costs nothing :wink:

I was just going on the cute boy xbox post and thinking I could help if I had his addy :happydance:

LOL, brendajos. I didn’t know your exact age, but I knew you were an adult!
And I think your choice of a gift is very cool. My mother bought my son his first Super Nintendo (years ago). Guess who stayed up playing it? Me!!! I think I was even playing Mario World in my dreams for a while! LOL Then there was Donkey Kong. Unfortunately, my kids never got into video games, so I’ve had to find other things to interest me.

“My parents” ordered me a set of KnitPicks Options…“they” are so sweet! Haha. I don’t think they plan on getting me anything else, because we had an agreement that if I stayed home for my freshman year of college they would buy me a car, because I go here for free. So they’ve sort of committed to finding me a junker after I get my license.
And my boyfriend and I aren’t spending more than $20 on each other, because we’re going to a music festival in January that’s going to cost us both a lot, so we decided to make that time together our Christmas gift, other than the things we make each other.

My son home from Iraq for Christmas.

:hug:I hope you get your Christmas wish.

:hug: :heart: :hug:

:heart: May your wish come true.:heart:

Loads of yarn and loop-d-loop knitting book.

I hope you get your wish :hug:

:pray: I really hope and pray you get that wish!

:grphug: We all wish that…for all the moms. :heart:

As for me, I got a trip to Mexico from mom, engaged to FH, and a massage from grandma for my birthday last month…so I’m not getting X-mas presents…but just to be greedy :teehee: options or harmony needles.

I did get a little birthday $, but I spent that on FH getting a wisdom tooth pulled, because it was so painful you could see his veins popping out of his head, and he couldn’t eat or sleep. Plus, now he’s a lot less grouchy, so $ well spent.

I would like some time to :knitting:. I got a little last nigh FH took a two hour nap (which he never does) so I got to knit, knit, knit!!!

I would like cash and/or gift certs for home goods stores as I am planning on getting my own apartment in April.

I want a BCD (bouyancy control device, for scuba diving), the dive shop has one in my size on clearance that is even better than the one I had been using, but I don’t think I’ll get it. For one thing, my mom has it written down on my list as “dive thing” and I can just see what would happen if she walked into the dive shop and said “my daughter wants a dive thing.” (Although my instructor is almost always around, and he knew what I wanted). Secondly, even on clearance its still a couple hundred dollars, and my dad thinks that since I won’t use it until at least June, obviously I don’t need it for Christmas. (Its a terrible thing to think ahead and ask for something you’ll need in six months)

I also want Lorna’s Laces yarn and a long circular needle, size 6…
Yay! I’m getting these! Although after everything was ordered, I realised that I think I ordered a nickle plated needle and I’m allergic to nickel. Oi.

I hope you get your wish. :hug: