We're In A Blizzard...And It's Perfect Knitting Weather!

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We are in a Blizzard warning in Ohio…we can’t open our doors out back…the drifts are up to the windows! It’s sooooooo beautiful!

So…guess what I’ve been doing? KNITTING! The perfect weather to knit in…who would have thought that we would have snow in March? It will be snowing all day today…it’s snowed over 24 hours and we will get 2 more inches tomorrow afternoon…the guess is that we will have around 15 inches! YIPPEE! Can you tell that I LOVE snow?

I started the cutest Feather and Fan Baby Bonnet yesterday and just finished it this morning…just need the ribbon to finish it…it’s a free pattern found here:

Have a great day…I’ll be knitting all weekend![/I][/SIZE][/FONT]

Lucky you! Have fun!!:yay:

I live in New England and March snowstorms are common. It’s those April snowstorms that really make me crazy.

I’m just hoping that your blizzard isn’t headed my way. Here in Connecticut we tend to get Ohio weather a few days later. I’m becoming kinda spoiled with the relatively mild weather we have had this winter. While my best friend in South Florida complains when the temp lowers to 49 degrees, I look forward to those upper 40 degree days!

I keep thinking “If I can just make it through April, if I can just make it through April!” Man, would I move to Florida if my dh didn’t hate it so much (he spent 17 years in the Orlando area and wouldn’t move back there if you paid him.)

Enjoy your knitting holiday!


[COLOR=Black][SIZE=4][FONT=Comic Sans MS][I]Why, that feather and fan bonnet is by our very own Shandeh…here on knittinghelp.com! LOL!

You are lucky!!! I’m stuck doing homework all weekend because I just got over 4 days of the flu.
Blizzards are the best to knit during though. I love it!

Western New York is under a winter storm warning too. The weather people haven’t been right about one of the storms yet this winter, but they just might redeem themselves this weekend. So far everything they’ve predicted has been right. It started snowing yesterday around two pm, (two hours earlier than when they thought it would) and snowed steadily all through the night. They said that this morning and afternoon would be calm (it has) and tonight the winds and snow would pick up. When it’s all done, we should have about a foot of snow.

Oh yeah, it’s crazy here too. The snow has been coming down non-stop all day. I have been knitting a bit, but I wanted to go to the store for some needles I need and I can’t leave the house! I’m also busy writing a marketing communications plan, but I’ll take a knitting break soon.

I’m in Ohio too!! Wayne County! Can you believe this weather? We already have 10 inches on the ground and should get another 4-5 by tomorrow morning! I to am sitting with the needles by the fireplace!!! :woot:

I’m in Ohio too. It is crazy snowy and I am stuck inside remodeling the kitchen with my husband and trying to entertain a 3 year old. No fun an no knitting for me. And we really need to go to Lowe’s.


I am sooo jealous. I’m a winter lover. I love to snowshoe, x-country ski and just watch the snow fall. We’ve had very boring weather since mid Jan. All our snow has just about melted off.
Enjoy your quiet time with the needles.

I’m another Ohioan - near Canton. This snow is unbelievable!!! My DH can’t even get the snowblower through some parts of the driveway b/c it’s too deep and stalls the blower. I’m not knitting, either. I’m deep cleaning the kitchen and scrubbing all the hard floors. What am I thinking?!?

We’re in Ohio too, but down here near Wheeling. We’re not snowed under here, but it’s been snowing big beautiful flakes all day, like a huge Christmas card.

yep, i’m in lucas county in ohio and it just stopped snowing like less than an hour ago. its still blowing all over, and i love it! i dont think we’re expecting anymore snow after today, which a lot of people are greatful for. i think we’ve gotten like 12 inchs so far? :cheering:

Yep in Ohio too (25 mi west of Cleveland) boy did we get “dumped” on…I think around 17-20"s…tryin to knit today, but the pattern is cooperating:hmm: So, I think I’ll do this :clink: Instead!!! Oh, Hot Toddy, of course:flirt: :hug:

OOOH-I am SO jealous!!!

We NEVER get snow here, in south Texas, and I can’t get anyone to move me to a snowin’ state :teehee: I grew up in the Springfield area-do you mind if I ask what part of Ohio you live in?

Yep! Here in Ohio too, but I can’t say that I love the snow! It was a great knitting day though! I have been knitting so much, I hope I don’t burn myself out! The day the storm started my husband and I drove about an hour so I could go to a yarn shop that I love…made it home before it got bad, but I got my yarn!


Me? I’m in Elyria…:inlove: Trade ya anytime:woot:

lol-I would if I could :mrgreen:

It’s 54 here today at the moment (9:24am) and cloudy. No snow-sigh.

enjoy your lovely knitting weather!

Oh how I miss the big storms, last night I had a dream it was snowing big flakes. My husband kept calling me to come in. No I said not until the flakes stop. :roflhard:
I come from Massachusetts and I do miss the snow. :pout:
So enjoy your beautiful snow and enjoy your snow.


cheley…I am in Sandusky! Not too far from you