We're In A Blizzard...And It's Perfect Knitting Weather!

Yea, not too far…Hey do you ever shop at “Love To Knit” in Vermilion??? She has a really cute “old” house converted into a knit shop…Also, I donate (everything) to a really great charity that “she” has a big part in…Warm Hands Warm Hearts…Is there any "nice? LYS in your neck of the woods???..:hug:

We were actually in central Louisiana on a fishing trip and it snowed Friday evening and Saturday morning. Didn’t stick because it was 70 degrees last weekend. Just made it miserably cold and windy.

Thank goodness it’s gone!

Yes I am frequently at “love to knit” in Vermilion. No, there are not any LYS any closer to me. There are 2 in Marblehead, but that is about the same distance from me as Vermilion.

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