We're Engaged! with a Knitted Ring Bag!

So this may be a little OT, but JumboNeedle and I would like to annouce our engagement! To tie it into knitting, he made me a knitted pouch (actually a very wide toe up sock toe) and presented the ring box in the pouch tied with a ribbon. What a keeper (if I do say so myself)! He even admitted that he had some help from the ladies at his LYS (Sit n Knit in West Hartford, CT). We’re both very excited but haven’t set a date yet, however I will be knitting our chuppah (which could set the date back a few years).


Ring picture and pouch pictures to come!

Congratulations to you both! :heart:


Congratulations! :cheering:

sweet! Congratulations to him! Much happiness to you both. :heart:

[COLOR=#9932cc]May your lives together be filled with joy and happiness!!![/COLOR]

Congratulations! Good luck to both of you! :aww:


That’s awesome! Congratulations! :cheering:

So, do you already know where you’ll be going on your KnittyMoon?:teehee:

Do you promise to love, honor, and knit to together?


Mazel tov!

That is such great news.

Oh my goodness, how sweet!! Congratulations :woot:

That was sooo sweet!! Congratulations! Don’t forget the pre-nup for the yarn and needles! :wink:

congrats~! Glad you have happy news …:cheering::cheering:
(now my own love life~:noway:)


:yay: CONGRATULATIONS! I hope that you both have a long happy (knitting :teehee:) life together. :yay:

Congrats! :heart:

Congrats! :heart:

I take it you are registered with Knit Picks? :happydance:

I wish you all the best!:muah:

you both have my condol…er congratulations. Definitely a big step.