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This sweater is one of my favorites.
If you purl 2 then wrap the next stitch and turn to the opposite side, you should be ready to knit the next 2sts. Here’s the video from PurlSoho. At 1:30 you can see the wrap from the purl side. At 2:12 the yarn is carried to the front again to complete the wrap. Once the turn is made, the yarn is at the back ready to knit the next 2 sts.
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Hi mod squad, Thanks for replying! Seems to be working now whew, could you tell me the tutorial again I couldn’t seem to find it. Thanks again!,


So sorry! Here’s the video:


Hi everyone I’m new to this post.


Thank you! So much better now.


Thank you so much. I’m a lefty intermediate knitter, and my local yarn shop closed, so I have been looking for a place for help and answers to questions.


Welcome to the forum!
It’s so sad when a local yarn shop closes. Good ones, or any ones for that matter aren’t easy to find. Happy to have you join us.


Hello, my name is Gerry and I have never knitted anything in my entire life. I’m actually a trader and I buy and sell bitcoin but I am here for my wife’s sake. She has gotten really into knitting recently especially with this freezing weather in England and she was getting at me for not taking part so I am here to learn! The aim is to learn about knitting so I figured this is the best place to start.


Thank you very much for allowing me to join it’s much appreciated


Hi, I am Marlene, i live in Alberta and am a senior, senior😋 I am a fairly new knitter and found a pattern on the internet that I thought would be interesting. I am going to send a picture of a practice piece and ask that maybe someone can tell me the pattern name. I wrote down the pattern info except the name. I will send the picture in another post. Thanks!


Hello Knitters — I live on a mesa in SW Colorado and don’t have a good yarn store nearby where I can go with questions so I signed up here! I knitted as a kid but never made anything to complicated … beyond slippers. I got back into it recently and was pleased to make a hat that actually came out quite nice. I have a question but I will search the forums for the answer before posting. Thanks in advance for the community help!


Hi Amy, this is Christina. I am new but I have been knitting for years. GOod to make acquaintance of everyone with the same interest and hobby.



my name is Blanca.

Im manager at ecommerce for babies. I have a little boy and a girlp!

Im a pleasure stay here.



Welcome all to the forum! It’s good to have you join us in this knitting and crochet adventure.


Hi my name is Annie and I live in the UK. I have bought a Brooklyn Tweed pattern with the corresponding wool but after several attempts I am really struggling with what I think should be a relatively straightforward pattern, but the terminology is very different from ours and I can’t seem to get it right. Is there any chance of some translation? It’s very frustrating!!!


It certainly can be frustrating. Post your questions and we’ll all try to help. Please give us the pattern name but don’t post a large portion of the pattern due to copyright.


Thanks the pattern is called Docklight and is a combination of ‘Fishermans Rib and Lace’

I am working on a circular needle so am following those instructions. There are two different panel patterns that are repeated all the way round, one of which is a chart part of which is repeated over 53 stitches and the other is over 13 stitches and is written. But the way I am interpreting them they seem to be almost identical except for the first row of the chart, so I am wondering if I am misinterpreting the stitch instructions. Every time I think I’ve got it I find I don’t have enough stitches on the next row…


XIt’s an unusual combinationx but the pattern works quite well. This Ravelry project and some others have clear photos of the stitch patterns.
Neither the charted lace nor the fisherman’s rib looks like it’s worked over 53 sts however. Maybe just the side panels are a large number of rib sts with fewer sts for the front and back panels (some in rib, some in lace).
It may help to put in markers before you work the rounds. Also, for the lace any yarn over increases should be balanced by decreases to maintain stitch count.


Im new to this group, what a wonderful find. Im always trying google when im stuck on a pattern and its often utube i get directed too. Its so nice to be able to ask other persons and get direct answers and maybe one day I will be able to help someone myself . Thankyou for creating a wonderful community


Hi! I’m gigirosie, and I’ve been knitting for 6 or 7 years. I started when I was spending a lot of time in a waiting room in a hospital. I still tend to shy away from knitting anything that isn’t square or rectangular. Am really looking forward to being part of this community. :slight_smile: