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Knitting is a great way to occupy time in a waiting room. Did you learn from videos or did someone teach you?
Pick out a pattern for something you’d like to knit and we’ll all be happy to help with any questions.

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I’m from South Africa, a small town, Stilbay.
Was taught by my mother-in-law of German descent - knit form graphs and adjusts patterns to suit me.
I’m also a crocheter and a quilter.

Usually I can figure a pattern out, but this one has me stumped.:slight_smile:


That happens to all of us at one time or another. Click the +New Topic button in the upper right of most pages and post your question with a pattern link if possible. It helps to see a photo even if the details aren’t available. You can quote a line or two of the pattern just not large portions due to copyrights.



I’m Toni from North Eastern Arizona. I’ve been knitting since 1955, former LYS owner, pet-parent to two rescued former racing greyhounds and Boogie…pedigree undeclared, but probably American Staffordshire mix…when asked what type of dog Boogie is I usually just say, “He’s a black dog” :smiley:


Welcome nonnna49! Happy to have you join us.


Welcome, Toni! You will have fun here! :smiley:


Hi. I’m new to this site but not to knitting. I’ve been knitting and crocheting off and on for years - my mother taught me to knit when i was pretty young, and a friend’s mom taught me to crochet. I picked up crocheting again a few years ago when I needed a project. Now I’m eagerly awaiting my first grandchild (!), and the sweater I picked out to make is knitted. Since it’s been a while I find I have some questions, and this looks like a good place to find answers!


Welcome to the KnittingHelp community! :smiley:

This is a great place to find answers to your questions about knitting, and also to find support and like-minded people who also knit. And we always welcome new members!

Happy to have you join us!


My name is Sherry and I am new to the forum. I have been knitting for a while but basic beginner items and am always looking to improve. I am grateful to have a community and look forward to browsing. I will be back with questions