WAY OT: I am ADDICTED to Rice Krispy Treats~

I can’t stop eating THEM~!! I bought a multipack box last night with regualr, candycoated, double chocolate and the split stix (they break off like a Kit Kat bar) and I CANT STOP EATING THEM~

I’VE ALREADY EATEN HALF THE BOX~~ :wall: :wall: :wall:
I am gonna be seriously kicking my own butt when I weigh in at my WW meetings SATURDAY~~!! :pout:


I was gonna be all “You can buy them?” but now I have vague memories of eating them at lunch in school.

If you’re gonna cheat, at least make them yourself! Then the laziness factor kicks in, you don’t make 'em, and you don’t eat 'em!. :teehee:

:rofl: :roflhard:

At least you haven’t eaten 1/2 a bag of full-size snickers, that would be A LOT worse!!!

I love these treats too - my hubby loves them even more - I make him peanut butter ones :drool: I might have to make them tonight! :oo:

I :heart: when they had that in cereal! My mom would hardly buy it for my brother and I though…the box would be gone within a day! :teehee:

Now you’ve got me hungry, and I can’t do anything about it here at work! :verysad:

The trick I discovered… don’t buy them in the first place. :teehee:

I am TOTALLY addicted to Rice Krispie Treats. I make them at home myself, and I can seriously eat a 9" x 13" pan (and have already done so–yikes!). :oops: I just can’t stop eating them. Oddly enough, this is the only snack that I have absolutely no self control over…everything else, I can eat in moderation, but not these! When I make mine, I use extra butter and marshmallows so they’re extra gooey :drool: (hey, if you’re going to indulge, so it all the way, right???). I’m glad I’m not the only one that’s got this “addiction” problem! :rofl:

Now I don’t feel guilty about eating three packagaes of the crispy rice crackers I bought at Costco. :teehee:

I haven’t had rice krispie treats in ages. I love them. I think if I made some they would be gone in a heartbeat, I better stick to my rice crackers.

I can’t have them in the house for that very reason. :oops:

I love rice crispy treats!! I hadn’t had them in soo long and about 2 months ago my roommate had them in the pantry and I went out and bought them the next time I went shopping. I ate the box in 2 days…I seriously just couldn’t stop eating them they’re so good! I haven’t bought them since.

Thanks guys~ I am aleast not alone in my addcition~!! :happydance: :oops: :roflhard:

I’m a peep killer- 2 boxes of 5 peeps already destroyed, and Easter is still a week away… (sigh) i just love those things. but only at Easter. eating peeps for halloween is just wrong.

I can’t resist them either, so I’m glad DH is faster than I am. I swear, I’ll run out for an errand and the box will be gone! It bugs me…but then I figure at least he saved me from doing the same thing, lol. I did ask him to make sure to leave me the last one please.

Homemade are better because they don’t have that odd preservative flavor, but there is something very addictive about the store-bought kind.

me too MARY K

I LOVE PEEPS TOO~~ Did you notice that they have a new color this year… it’s a soft mint green… i think they call them the early chicks or something like that
YEP~ :heart: :heart: Peeps too, pink bunnies, yellow chicks, green chicks, purple bunnies, blue chicks

I LOVE EM ALLL :twisted:

I made this rice bar recipe once - they’re very good, too!

You’re torturing me here! :wink: I can’t have Rice Krispies treats because they aren’ vegetarian. Wahh! :pout:

Could you make Vegitarian Marshmallows then make homemade Rice Kripies squares? I have no idea if it would work, but it’s worth a shot!

My mom bought a 5 pound bag of jujubes at costco this morning and it’s half gone… with my dad home we’ll see if it lasts the night

There’s just something about them…when I make them they’re gone within a few hours.

I’m a rice krispie treat snob though…not storebought ones for me. :wink: Those I could let sit in the cupboard for months…if DH didn’t eat them all. For some reason they really skeeve me out. :shock:

I don’t care for the store bought ones. They have a funny aftertaste to me. Although many years ago my Mom bought the Wal-Mart brand they didn’t have any aftertaste. I don’t know if they still make them though.

I might just have to make some this weekend!

I “pretend” that I’m making the rice crispy treats for my kids, but I leave a large amount in the bowl - it doesn’t count as eating them if you are just licking out the bowl.
:teehee: Try putting a little bit of vanilla in the marshmellow mixture just before you add it to the cereal. It adds just a little extra touch. When I do that, people actually ask for the recipe (as if I didn’t just get it off the cereal box)!