Way OT: College selection

Ugh. My son has about 2 weeks to make up his mind. When he left this weekend for his father’s, he was down to two choices - Ohio State and Michigan. His dad is pushing hard for UNC, which #1 son ruled out a few weeks ago (it was just in between OSU and UM) . I honestly don’t know what the kid should do. OSU is offering almost a full ride - so he would have all my money left over for law school. Michigan will be a huge stretch financially (daddy dearest is not participating in this) but its Michigan and the name brand recognition alone may be worth the freight (we live in Ohio, not Michigan). It truly is his choice. He is fortunate that he has choices. But I am about ready to rip my hair out!

Sorry you’re so frustrated! The school you go to undergrad for is not as important as the law school, I’ve found. :slight_smile: He could still got to Michigan for law school…

Well being an avid Hawkeye fan i find both of those choices horrible! :wink: but seriously…OSU has name recognition now too i think. Sure it doesn’t have the sports legacy that Michigan has yet but it is working pretty hard on it. I would say take the ride at OSU and then come to Iowa for the real education :wink: (i couldn’t resist!) …we have a great law school!

high fives Brenda

I agree w/ Brenda…he could stay home–be around friends and family and work hard. Then he should be able to get into any law school he wants and have help paying for it–trust me…from someone who has bundle of student loans…it ain’t easy!

sending good energy your way and good luck with everything!

I’m about to graduate. When I first went to college, I didn’t have a great financial aid package and it cost me a LOT of money to go to an expensive private school. In the middle of my sophomore year, I changed my mind about my career path (from musical theater to nursing) and I needed to go to a different school. However, we still have all those loans to pay off, and they equal the TOTAL of my education for nursing.

I’d advise your son to go to OSU. The money you have saved for college will serve him really well if he decides he hates it or when he wants to go to grad school, and meanwhile he can get a great education for almost no money. The only way I’d say differently is if he really has his heart set on Michigan, but it doesn’t sound like that.

And OSU has definite name recognition.

My daughter did her undergrad at UCSD (University of California San Diego) which was closer to home and cheaper and is now at UM for graduate school.

Name recognition is important, but so are finances. OSU is a good school as well and if he does want to go on law school staying in OSU is not a bad idea. Out of state tuition is NOT cheap at UM. My daughter has some huge loans just for her two years of grad school.

Ultimately though the decision has to be his, but offer him your opinions and let him choose.

My DD will be graduating from Oakland U in about 3 weeks. She started off at Michigan State and at the end of her first year decided to transfer. I was devastated inasmuch as I felt that the Big 10 school and the networking possibilities were so-o-o-o important. But we let her do what she wanted. She lived at home as opposed to the dorm which saved us almost half in tuition each year. She was able to follow her course of study (broadcast journalism) without any extras added to the curriculum. It seemed like every time she talked to an advisor at State they were adding another class. If she had continued at State, she probably wouldn’t be graduating for another 2 years. At Oakland she has finished up in 4 (summer school helped).

The big thing is that she’s graduating with virtually no student debt. We’ve been able to keep up with the payments and she isn’t saddled with a ton of loans. (My DH was really big on paying for the kids’ education bc his dad paid for him.) Also, when she was looking, she was interested in Northwestern in Illinois. I was flabbergasted at the difference between resident and non-resident tuition. I would imagine the same hold true between the OSU costs and the UM costs.

I also work for municipal lawyers. One graduated from Illinois, the other from Michigan State, they went to law schools locally (Wayne State and Detroit College of Law; not Harvard Law, but good honorable schools). They are very successful and have a great practice and it shows financially. But I believe their success is due to their ethics, hard work, personalities and frankly, their both damn smart. Nobody checks out the diplomas on the walls when they come in to see these guys. They are so good at what they do, they could have graduated from Grace L. Ferguson Storm Door and Law School. But as the commercial used to say, when they talk, people listen.

Although, if it were my kid, I’d keep throwing out the positives on OSU. The carrot at the end of the stick would be funds for law school, which isn’t cheap by any stretch. OSU isn’t exactly chopped liver.

And UofM just can’t win a Rose Bowl!! :rofling:

BTW–there will probably be another tuition increase (3%+) at all the State schools in Michigan again this year. Michigan State just announced an increase in student housing costs. UofM probably is not far behind.

Good Luck! It’s a tough time for both of you, but you’ll probably get through without too much additional gray hair.

Grace L. Ferguson Storm Door and Law School

:rofling: :rofling: :rofling:

My Son is also graduating from Oakland University on May 6th. He is a Police Officer in Clinton Township married with one child. I give both my son and daughter in law a lot of credit. Not only has my son worked his butt off attending college part time plus working a full time job and one part time job to pay for his education.

My daugher in law has spent many nights alone while my son has attended classes not to mention the nights he spent studying.

Yes, my son worked very hard to get this degree, however, my wonderful daughter in law stood beside him all the way. She deserves as much credit as my son does.

I will be one proud Mom when he walks down the isle in his cap and gown.

I must buy my daughter in law a nice gift to show my appreciation.

Cheesiesmom, congratulations on your DD’s graduation. :thumbsup: :cheering:

OSU IS a good school, and is gaining in name recognition. A friend of mine’s brother actually did law school there, I believe, and is doing rather well for himself. If it ends up saving you money to go that route, I say go for it. :thumbsup:

Being the beancounter I am, OSU is clearly the right financial choice. He would be going into their honors program, and would be a strong candidate for the cohort programs that they offer in the business school. Their overall ranking and their ranking for both business and law are very respectable. He definitely would not be making a mistake to go there, IMO. We know people who went Ivy League for undergrad and went to OSU for law, not because they couldn’t get into the Ivy’s, but because they felt that OSU’s law school was better for what they wanted.

On the flip side, he would also go into Michigan’s LSA honors program and he has early acceptance into their undergrad business department for sophomore year. Unfortunately LSA is the feeder program for Pre-law, Pre-med, and Pre-engineering so the scholarships are not exactly plentiful. I have told him that if Michigan is his choice, he will need to be very careful about minimizing his time there – that there are not funds available to drag it out.

He is fighting an uphill battle with this whole thing with his dad. Dad wants to make the choice for him, does NOT want him to go to a mid-west school, and is not paying anyway, but has plenty to say about “earnings deltas” based upon the school he chooses. (yes I am ashamed to say I was married to the most pompous moneyloving fool ever- the stories I could tell about this man, and he has only gotten worse) . I have told him he will not make his dad happy no matter what, he didn’t get into his dad’s “choices” (Harvard or Stanford) and refused to apply to several other schools his dad was pushing (SMU, um pretty much any place south of the Mason Dixon line that would cost a lot), so to make HIS decision.

He understands the ramifications of his choice. I have been very straightforward with him as to what my financial resources are, and how much I believe I can dedicate to their educations. He knows I have enough for undergrad or law but not both, and that in order to prevent coming out of school with debt that he will need to come up with some scratch and/or grant money. I think he really LIKES Michigan better – only he can decide if he likes it that much better though!

Thanks all for your advice – I am sure the next week we will be talking extensively about this!!!

I would also like to say that there often options IN college to help out with money as well. My daughter got a job related to her major that was only 10 hours a week, but it helped to pay for food. Next fall she was accepted as a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI aka TA) for economics. This means she gets free tuition, free health care and a stipend that covers her rent for the first semester. Granted these are HARD to get as there are few positions and lots of applicants, but with your son being an honor student that would surely be in his favor.

I realize it’s way too early to be talking about this, but I wanted to point it out. It might help out in the end wherever he goes.

No, its never too early. I have told him that even though he may not qualify for college based “work-study”, that I would like him to find some kind of employment on campus - even 5 hours a week will give him spending money. Even if he ends up at OSU, I think that there is alot to be said for having your own money that you made, to spend.

I agree with what’s already been said - if he were planning for his undergraduate degree to be his highest degree, a more prestigious school would be something to consider seriously. But since he plans to attend law school, pretty much any undergrad degree that will lead him there is great, and minimizing debt should definitely be a concern. OSU is no slouch on academics, he’ll certainly be able to get a good foundation for whatever further study he wants to do.

Also worth thinking about - OSU will be a fun school to attend! There are awesome sports teams, lots of ways to get involved, and Columbus is such a great city. Mark me down as another vote for the Buckeyes!

GO BUCKS!!! My husband is an OSU graduate. I cannot condone anything that has to do with Michigan, therefore!! :wink:

Good luck- I hope he is happy with his choice, wherever it may be.

We all have things we want to do, i.e., go to UofM; but we have to realize what we are able to do. Granted your son’s an Honor’s student, but he has to realize that we all have limitations (financial) and he has to make the best of the situation. (This is not a bad position to be in: OSU vs UofM). OSU, I’m sure, is a great school and he should look at what you can realistically afford. This too is part of the maturation process.

Yo, Anne. Congrats on your son’s graduation. Your DIL certainly deserves a pat on the back (I did the same for my DH while he attended grad school and worked FT.) I work for the Clinton Townshp attorney and also worked pt for the Township as recording secy for the Trustees and the Police and Fire Civil Service. Hopefully they will be able to come up with the additional millage to keep the force at its present if not increased compliment. CT is a great place to work. Unfortunately, all communities in Michigan are having to reevaluate their financial situation right now.

We’re so proud of our daughter. I just wish we could have motivated our son to finish college.


My son is working so hard to get the millage passed. He has a great website regarding it.

I realize a lot of people have lost their jobs and have fallen on hard times but we NEED Police and Fire in our communities.

Lets hope and pray for a nice weather on graduation day.

Yea!! Let’s hear it for the Clinton Township Police Department! Lot’s of hardworking guys doing valuable jobs.!