VICSTORIA (Victoise returns)

Ha. I’M GOING CRAZY NOT HAVING A BLOG!!! I started one months ago, canceled it coz I thought I couldn’t keep up with it and have been miserably jealous ever since. :shock: Yesterday I was in a lys and a girl was going on and on about her blog and it hit home again: I WANT A BLOG! So I’m back what the heck. And also, my dad just called from Arizona with a MOUNTAIN of problems and I really really need this.

I have some great pix to post coz I finally got some good knittin’ in.

By the way, I visited the most incredible yarn store yesterday. It’s so beautiful I applied for a job. It’s Suss Design a/k/a Suss Cousins who has a store in Hollywood and now New York. She’s FABULOUS and her designs are just breathtaking. She did the costumes for the MATRIX. (pretty cool too don’t ya think) She’s having a 2 day sale which started yesterday but maybe it will be extended… um and she had skeins of yarn that normally cost $10 and over for ONE DOLLAR and THREE DOLLARS. I came home loaded! Two big bags full up… Spent $100.29 ahhhhhh and I need money not to spend it. Anyhoo, I’m going to post some pix of the yarn I got as soon as I find the camera. Also got Size 17 wooden needles for 5 five bucks! I stayed so long (almost 3 hours) some people were asking for MY advice on what to knit with a certain yarn, how I made my hat… it was great.

If you want to check out her site, her patterns are really incredible but I think they’re more unusual in the store than online, very ethereal ? and lacy and feminine. Sooooo soft.

This is her website: (starting with a pic of the yarns, ohhhhh lovely yarns)

SO! There is my first post of my return! Happy Cheers to you all!

:waving: :waving: :waving: :waving: :waving: :waving: :waving:

Hi Isamar! (here I is girl) Hi Kelly! Hi Ingrid! Hi Beldy!!! Hi dotmom! Hi Feminist mama! Hi Amy!
Hi Ekg, Hildie, beetle binky brendaj becca, andrea VickiIll humblestumble (love that name) foldedbird (love that name too) punkhippiemom oh geez… my wrist just got tired!

Back to the bully bulky vest that’s killing my fingers…

:waving: :waving: It’ll be good to hear from you on a regular basis.

That store sounds wonderful!! Great sale, I can’t wait to see pictures. Are they hiring, or were you applying ‘just in case?’

Welcome back! :rofling: :waving:

That’s so sweet of you Ingrid. Thanks. Hey Jenelle!

Suss (her first name) wasn’t hiring right now but said she might soon. She was one of the warmest yarn store owners I’ve yet to meet, actually extended her hand and said Nice to meet you. Not a lot of people do that anymore and I sure like it! :smiley: I’ve applied at 3 yarn stores so far, one was yarn store from hell ha… in another post.

Here’s the pix of my wonderful new yarn. The Fuzzy cost $11 per skein before and I got 7 at $3 each. Such beautiful colors… There’s a strange yellow combo of white cotton, yellow mohair & silver metallic. Some really neat thick cotton run through with more metallic, make some sexy summer tops ha, I’d like to go back and get more! Fun to buy a bunch of yarn you can’t normally afford!

:happydance: :happydance:

okey doke

That yarn… :drooling: :heart: :inlove:

OMG, such yarn!!! :heart:

Holy Mackarel!!! You hit the jackpot! All for $100. :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Hi. Welcome back and what great yarn!!! Can I say jealous!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

Victoise, where is the new store? My mother might be interested, and I’ll be in town for one quick day in March and then again in May, so maybe I’ll get a chance to go…

Oh those colors! How gorgeous! If I were you I would just lay it all on the bed and roll around in it! Heaven!


I’m so truly happy to see you back!!!

:heart: :heart: :heart:

Missed ya girl!

:waving: Welcome back!!! :slight_smile:
great to “see” you again :thumbsup:

Hey Victoise! Glad you’re back and have joined us in blogland! :waving:

I’m just going to sit here a bit and drool over your yarn. I’ll try not to make a mess… :drooling:

:waving: Hi Victoise!!
Niiiiiiiiiiice haul!!! :inlove: :inlove:

Ha ! that’s sounds like a nice idea… get my cats in there rollin’ with me!

I do feel good about the quantity. I went to another lys last night and picked up a similar ball of yarn to the Katia I bought for $5 and it was $25!
Pleeeeeese. $25 for a wee little ball of yarn.


Ha ! that’s sounds like a nice idea… get my cats in there rollin’ with me!

I do feel good about the quantity. I went to another lys last night and picked up a similar ball of yarn to the Katia I bought for $5 and it was $25! Pleeeeeese. $25 for a wee little ball of yarn.


Kirochka… that yarn store is definitely worth visiting, even if you don’t want to buy yarn, to get ideas from all the stuff she has hanging around.
Beautiful big pillows too, all kinds of stuff. The address is on her website if you forgot this post but it’s down in Soho at 281 Lafayette Street btw Houston and Prince. Suss Designs. Hope you can check it out!
Another place you might want to see that absolutely crazy is Seaport Yarns. She just has so much in packed in there. And The Yarn Company on the Upper West Side is kind of nice… my neighborhood.

okey doke            P.S. edit   I just remembered Kirochka,  this was                            
                                            YOUR neighborhood also wasn't it?

Wow, I just found this website while doing a search on the yarn I bought, Katia Gatsby. It’s kind of cool, if you need to compare yarns or whatever.
Maybe it’s been posted already but I’ll … anyhow…

Yeah, Victoise, my apartment, sniff, was at 73rd and Amsterdam, above the P&G Bar!

The Yarn Company is the only LYS I’ve been to so far in NYC - it’s now the one my mother goes to, but I’ll pass the word along to her about Suss (I must have missed the address on the website - couldn’t find it when I looked a few days back). I’ll try to get down there, maybe my one day there in March but more likely in May! (In March I’ll be in town for one day and then going up to Northampton for a two-day Sacred Harp Convention, our Web Goddess Amy’s home convention!)

Kirochka, I forgot to mention there’s a new yarn store in “our” neighborhood. Really nice place, not a huge selection but definitely worth a visit. It’s Knitty City on 79th Street btw Broadway & Amsterdam. check that out too!
Funny the Yarn Co gets a bad rap on their prices but I just saw Manos del Uruguay there for $12.50 and a lot of yarn stores sell it for $14.50 or so.

Wow! Thanks! I’ll tell my mother, too!