Unwanted plastic needles?

Here is something to do with them. I am going to get some from ebay just for this… Knitting Needle Bracelets

oh my gosh that is super cool!!!
too bad the only plastics I have are double pointed =/
but if I can find them for a good price or something…I’m doing that!

The lady who made the tutorial said she got the plastic needles at an op-shop and that they are basically older, vintage needles. Would it work to just buy plastic needles at Michaels or somewhere? Or do you have to use the vintage kind? Anyways, they are soo cute! Gotta make one…

First of all, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t use DPNs as long as they were long enough.

And I think that the point of getting them at an op-shop (which i assume is a thrift store? :shrug:) is that they are cheaper and you are doing some recycling. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t use new ones though. There are loads of them on Ebay too. :thumbsup:

Cool! Time to go shopping for plastic needles!! :slight_smile:

Does it work with acrylic needles, or just plastic?

well in theory i would think it would because you are just softening the material but i am not sure if the fumes from melting acrylic is any worse than from melting plastic. seems like those at home acrylic nail kits have warning labels all over them about fumes? I could be wrong about that though. :shrug:

Ooh! What a fab idea! My MIL has a whole load of odd needles so I’ll have to see if she’s got any plastic ones. :mrgreen:

The main draw of using old or vintage needles over new ones is that the older ones often have unusual/cool ‘caps’ or tops on them.

So, if I were to make one I would have to worry about fumes? I never thought of that…

Yeah I think the main article mentioned that fumes are a factor, and it seems that melting any plastic or acrylic will produce some pretty terrible fumes. :frowning:

:cheering::inlove: that’s pretty cool! great find, lissalue!

super cute bracelets… I’m going to the thrift store NOW! :slight_smile:

It must be me, I know, but I found I just couldn’t stand to scroll down that page … it’s downright cruelty to good needles. Those little green ones, for a start, make brilliant stitch holders.

My God, watching the tools of their trade (hobby) being bent out of shape in a pan … as bad as watching a lobster boil … I don’t know what this place is coming to … witter, twitch, moan …

I’m goin’ to bed - seeing that lot has given me quite a turn, it’ll take me a month to get over this, call themselves knitters …

yours in a deep decline

:rofl: @ limey
also… that person says she doesn’t knit! ruining all those perfectly usable kneedles … so sad :wink:

I agree with this. I have been looking for some on ebay the last few days (and have some on the way! :happydance:) and found that more of the newer ones have an uglier top to them. not cool at all! :wink:

as far as “ruining” them… they are plastic… how fun could it have been to knit with them anyway? :teehee:

Brendajos wrote:

as far as “ruining” them… they are plastic… how fun could it have been to knit with them anyway? :teehee:[/quote]

Lots of kids start off using plastic needles. There are really some lovely colours.

I’d just hate to have them disappear - I got the same feeling seeing them in the pan as I did when I saw steam engines being dismantled and broken up.:verysad::verysad::verysad:

(Sigh) Nostalgia just ain’t what it used to be (Sigh)

Those bracelets are very cool. I did happen to notice that she mentioned that she doesn’t knit…I was thinking we should offer to teach her. Strongly, strongly encourage her to learn. She will thank us. It will enrich her life :slight_smile:

Ha ha… I have tons just like those! I prefer to put them in a biccie tin… especially the old brightly-coloured metal ones… but they are not good to knit with, I especially dislike plastic ones that are too flexible. I would not be too fussy about fumes etc, you are just softening them not vaporising or melting them… I wouldn’t drink the water and maybe wouldn’t use a food pot, but I don’t think they are going to create ‘fumes’, just that plasticky smell. Anyone tried this yet? I like the knotted ones.

Aaah, but what if they’re odd needles…surely that would be recycling? :?? :wink: