True guilty confession time

Everyone, I have a confession to make: I absolutely love Lily Sugar 'n Cream.

I know, I know. And I really have been getting into loving really nice, cool yarns lately. I’ve grown to learn the difference and appreciate quality products and quality craftsmanship. And I’ve been shelling out a bit more for nice sock yarn and the like.

But I’m using Sugar 'n Cream for the first time, and I LOVE it! Maybe it’s just the first time I’ve used 100% cotton, but I feel like I’m making something so durable and useful. I’m not even a fan of dishcloths/washcloths, but I want to make them because I’d love to do it with this yarn. It’s just great. I’m just using a their super simple teapot cozy with size 7 needles, but I really just LOVE it! I can seriously see myself making EVERYONE some a couple washcloths. I think with some nice soap or something, that’d be a GREAT gift :slight_smile: What do you guys think?

I love Sugar 'n Cream. There. I said it. :pray:

It’s so funny you should post this. I just bought Sugar 'n Cream but haven’t tried it out yet. I used to think people talking about making washclothes or dishclothes was kind of boring (and I’m afraid to admit, a waste of time). There were so many other things I wanted to knit.
But I ran into an older, wiser, knitter a couple of weeks ago who was making some really pretty cotton washclothes to give with a nice soap as gifts. They looked so sweet and finally the light bulb went off for me. Quick, portable projects, try out new patterns and ready supply of nice little gifts. What took me so long to get on this bus:shrug:

So I’m excited to hear of your pleasure with the Sugar 'n Cream and I’m looking forward to trying it out later this week. But first I’ve got to get my first sock of my first pair done!!

Post a pic when you get a chance.

I think that would be a perfect gift. I am doing washcloths and soap for a couple of people who have birthdays close to Christmas. I saw a really cool cable and lace washcloth that is 10x10 in a magazine today (can’t remember which) that I need to go back to Barnes and Noble to get. It will be perfect with some sort of nice handmade soap.

I love it, too! I’ve never knitted with it until this week. I delivered my SO to the airport on Thursday morning and started a grandmother’s favorite dishcloth while he drove. I finished it that night after work and can’t believe how much I love it. I’ve been wondering whether it was the yarn or the addi turbos that made it so easy.

I felt like such a dork for loving it so much. :rofl: But I want to make twelve more.

haha We’re like newly converted Sugar 'n Cream loving dishcloth knitters, coming out of the closet. :roflhard: Glad to see I’m not the only one! :woot:

I love it too… i buy the BIG balls at HL ( they come in a 3 pack) 2 solids and 1 varigate… and I can mix and match til my hearts content… I have made crocheted/knitted squares out of them and a few washcloths… I just love em too~!:heart:

Seems like there is a dishcloth thing going on that’s catching. :happydance: I just caught the bug myself. I got hooked on them because they’re quick, they’re small, you can design your own, you don’t have a lot of wool/wool blend sitting in your lap when it’s 90+ degrees out with 100% humidity, and it’s a good way to use up the cotton I bought to knit a tank top (which didn’t turn out). So far I’ve done two garterlac dishcloths, one based off a stitch pattern in the Reader’s Digest Ultimate Source Book of Knitting and Crochet Stitches, and now I’m working on a ballband dishcloth

Mine are all going to my mom for Christmas as part of a goody basket of new kitchen towels and things like that. She just remodeled her kitchen and they will look nice in her bright new kitchen.

I’ve been hooked on dish cloths all summer. I bought a boat load of S N’ C before summer in a variety of different colors and I’ve whipped out a bunch of dishcloths. I need more though. :teehee:

Hmm, what about those little modular knitting squares? I think those would make the dishcloths look especially interesting! I’ve only done them with sock yarn and size 2 needles though… anyone know how many to cast-on for a regular sized washcloth?

Sugar and cream is great. So many colors. So inexpensive. I’ve made a bazillion dishcloths out of it. And a dish towel. I once made a little patchwork mitered square purse for my daughter out of it. Triple it up and you can make a bath mat. And cute little washable baby hats, bibs. Whole baby outifts. Check out Mason Dixon Knitting, they use a fair bit of cotton in their book- only Peaches and Cream.

Hint: The colors do fade with washing to prevent this soak finished item in 50/50 vinigar and water for about 15 minutes then wash. It sets the color and helps it last a bit longer- though a dish cloth will still fade eventually with use.

my mom, when I first bought a bunch of cotton to knit a shirt and it was evilly thwarting me, told me how much she hates cotton.
will never knit with cotton again.
doesn’t even like to be in the same room with cotton yarn.

then she gave me a couple of dish towels from sugar and cream and offered to knit me a bunch of swiffer covers with it too.

so I asked her what about the cotton.
and she said, oh well that’s different.

(& also, silver recommended it separately. but I didn’t know it was the same yarn.)

so I think I will try some too. when I recover from this other cotton.

I, too, adore Sugar 'n Cream!! :inlove: I’ve made potholders with it by doubling it up on size 10 or 10.5 needles with a reversible stitch (seed stitch is my favorite, but I’ve also done a diagonal garter stitch (which my mommy loves!). I can get 2 8" square potholders out of one skein of variegated “super size” yarn.

P.S. They have a new stripes line of yarn. I couldn’t find it on the Lily website, but I saw it at Jo-Ann and again at this website. It seems really cool and gives a different effect than the variegated ombre yarn. I haven’t tried it yet, but I might try it for some baby hats.

Me to I love it it’s so easy to knit with & I use it for every thing!. washcloths, tank tops, sweaters, every thing!.

Me too! I have it in like 10 different colors. I like it for market bags.

My confession is that I love Caron SS. It’s one of my favorite yarns and I don’t care what anyone says about acrylic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can i really make a sweater with that or should i get more expensive cotton? I saw this really cute pattern on Knitty for DH and i can get Peaches and Creme. Will it be soft enough against the skin?

I just picked up some Peaches & Cream - I think I got it at Walmart. It’s even softer then the Sugar & Cream.

I love Caron SS too! It comes in so many colors, is soft, and affordable. It may be acrylic, but you can make so much out of it.

I haven’t used Sugar 'n Cream too much, but I think it is very useful.

I decided to learn to knit about 7 months ago because I moved to Florida and couldn’t find my favorite Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth there. I’ve used this cloth for dishes for ages and hate to use anything else. Since then I’ve knit many dishcloths and gave them as presents. Result…I’m hooked on knitting now and have several other projects on the needles. Yeah for Sugar 'N Cream.

I make stuffed critters out of it for kids- incredibly durable and washable :slight_smile: Wool you would have to worry about felting, but not with the cotton. I also make purses out of it- again, cute and durable!

I use it for dish rags… I need to make a dishrag for myself but seems someone is always waiting for more :teehee:… I although I have to admit lately I’ve been using Plymouth’s Fantasy Naturale the colors got me… but still love the sugar n’ creme too…

I love Caron Simply Soft… I have a ton in my stash and I make slipper socks, sweaters for my kids, and now handbags out of it… great stuff :thumbsup: