Travelling Knitters

I am leaving on vacation in 2 days to Europe for the holidays and so I will have an extra long plane flight over. I was wondering if anyone has travelled with knitting needles and whether I should expect any problems going through security if I decide to take a knitting project along. Thanks for any suggestions or input. -Ve

I have flown with needles but it’s a good idea to check the TSA site within 24 hours of your departure and make a copy on the “needle” subject in case the attendants are not up to par. Here’s the link:

Happy and safe travels to you!! Mary

You might want to take resin or plastic needles with you just in case (these won’t set off the metal detectors). To my knowledge, no plane has ever been highjacked by a knitting needle toting terrorist before. Have a safe and happy holiday!

I flew in Oct and took my knitting. I did change over to resin needles just so there was no question from TSA. I had no problem.

From what I have understood you can fly with knitting needles out of the US. Of course there are some TSA agents that may not feel comfortable with them so it’s best to have the needles be bamboo, wood or plastic. I’ve also heard its best to have some work actually on the needles. I flew with Addi’s and had no problem, but then again this was a domestic flight.

I have also heard that returning to the US from Europe knitting needles are not permitted on board. This though, you would have to look into more. Either way have a great flight!

I have flown with metal knitting needles and had no problem. These were only for domestic flights though. I have also had needles without a project on them and had no problem but once again, domestic only.

Have a good vacation!

I had a friend who was flying back from Egypt via Britain and had her needles taken. Maybe it’s more of an issue when coming to the US or Britain?

Yeap, same here. I went to Puerto Rico last week and took my bambo and resin needles with me along with a vest I am knitting. No problems, no questions and no issues at all. Nothing happened to fly there nor to fly back here. Good luck!

I have flown Internationally many times. What I do is… have knitting already started on bamboo circs… [B][I]and I just don’t say a WORD about the knitting as I go through the security check point. They know that I have knitting w/ me… no need for me to point it out to them to draw attention to myself or my knitting. I’m not hiding anything- I already know that I can carry my knitting w/ me.[/I][/B]

I’ve had no problems. I usually just keep my knitting in a big zip log bag/etc. NO scissors… I just put a ‘dental floss’ container in there… you can gnaw the yarn across the blade to cut it … if you need to do so.

Some countries… might not want you to be knitting from their country to the STATES… *You can find that out on the sites or ask ‘after you arrive’ to your foreign country. IF they say ‘no’… then, simply put them in your checked bag for your return flight.

If it helps any: I have flown both to/from Korea to the states w/ no problem.

I’ve also flown to/from Italy (as late as less than 3 years ago) to the states w/ no problems. These are the countries in the past 3 years- I’ve flown to many more countries than that… but, rules have changed a lot lately.

This article is a bit old, but it may still provide some useful tips and information.

I flew home from Alaska and when I got home realized that I had forgotten to move my needles to my checked luggage, so I had about 10 pairs of aluminum straights in my carry on, and it didn’t cause any issues.
HOWEVER this is not something I recommend… I concur with the recs of non-metal needles, and I typically use circs on flights, I feel they are a) easier to not lose and b) less likely to look like something you could use as a weapon.
That being said, I almost never knit on anything but metal needles, so I plan to check the list of allowed items when I fly to Australia in a couple of months, and unless they state no knitting needles, I’m going to take a metal circ.

i was astounded when flying back to uk from usa that the woman accross from me took out her cross stitch and stated doing it including a pair of sissiors

Thank you for the all the great advice and links. I have printed a copy of the TSA requirements and I knit on bamboo needles, so I will be taking a pair of those with me. We’ll see how it goes. -Ve

To my knowledge, no plane has ever been highjacked by a knitting needle toting terrorist before. Have a safe and happy holiday!

I love this!

In the past few months, I’ve flown to Italy and Finland, through England and Belgium. No problem with my knitting, all of it on harmony needles. I did leave my metal cable needle home, though (I’d used a pen instead). Ditto what the other have said about metal needles. Strictly speaking, they are supposed to be allowed, but everything is up to the discretion of the security agent.
Have a great trip!

I’m just wondering if anyone knows about flying from Canada to Costa Rica and knitting (or even where a good place to look for the information would be)… sorry to “hijack” this thread, but I figured since it was about knitting and flying…
It’s about a 9 hour flight, and if I could spend some of that time knitting, I would be a much happier camper. Especially when my knitting time has been restricted lately because of exams and school.

Hi cds11,

Your best bet is to call the airline you are flying and then go to their website and print out a copy of the “rules” even if they say on the phone it is o.k. Keep the rules with you in case they say anything at the airport. Also, I would bring needles that are inexpensive, in case they decide you can’t have them…
I’ve been flying since 9/11 and haven’t had any problems, but I haven’t flown out of the country either…good luck and happy knitting!

Last summer we flew to Ireland. Leaving Ireland my needles were confiscated. I never thought the pleasant Irish would do that but they did. Luckily the needles were Options so i unscrewed the needles but was able to leave all the stitches on the cables. It was a long day flight back home and I missed the knitting time. Luckily I had a very good book. It seems funny as to what one can take on board and what one can’t. I think I could inflict as much damage with a sharp pencil or pen as I could with a knitting needle. But, oh well, i do prefer to be safe on board so am glad everything is really looked over.

I flew to Amsterdam in September and back to NYC from Rome 2 weeks later. I had no problem taking my knitting with me. But I did check the TSA site before I went and it said no metal needles, which was fine since I use bamboo or Bryspun needles anyway. Coming back from Rome was no problem either. In Rome you go through security twixe. Once to get to the gate area where you put your stuff through the x-ray machines, and then a second time before you board the plane in the jetway but this time they handsearched your bags. No problem… they did not question it.

Have a great trip!