Too late for something "knotty"? and need advice

I have been trying for a couple of weeks now to find a tank top pattern to knit. I kept looking and looking but never found what I was looking for…just something simple but fitted. Soooooooooo, I decided to put my designer hat on and figure something out. I think at this stage, this top could have qualified for the something “knotty” challenge…much more “knotty” than I meant it to be. :oops: That is ok though, because I think it will look fantastic with some kind of lacy edging around the neck line and the bottom of it. Still need to decide if it should be a halter, cross back or regular straps…I could still do any of those options at this point. Suggestions welcome!! :thumbsup:

Umm, I dunno - I let an experienced knitter answer :oops:

hey can I borrow your body I have a class reunion coming up. :thumbsup:

Edit - Ok and I didn’t mean that to sound like an icky freaky internet stalker comment.

I think crochet edging would be great. Looks like you can wear your straps anyway you want to. Damn! I am jealous. I think the way you are wearing them in the pic is good, I like the open back look myself.

I vote for the halter option. I think it displays one’s assets, if one has them, to the best advantage. I used to have assets, now they are liabilities. :lol:

Hey!!! :evil: … :arrow: I want one! :thumbsup: Care to share the pattern :oops: teehehe

ekgheiy batts her eyes :mrgreen:

By the by … Cross-Back or regular straps are my vote … :wink:

Thanks for the opinions. I am working on a crochet edge as we speak. As for the straps…still haven’t decided. If I do halter, then the top part is basically done except for the edging. I just put the straps and small balls of yarn attached on stitch holders until I decide. That way, if I do the tank or cross, I can join the straps using the 3 needle bind off since the back is still on waste yarn too. Had to do that so I could keep trying on as I developed the pattern.

ekgheiy: Any chance you would want to test this pattern for me when I am finished :inlove: ??? I have been writing it out as I go just in case it turned out ok… If so, lets talk measurements, etc so I can get the pattern to 3 or 4 sizes :slight_smile:

Wow! That looks great on you!

I think the halter style would look perfect on you. My next choice would be the cross back. Of course if it were for me, I’d choose the regular old tank top style. Halters make me look flatter than I actually am, if that’s even possible. (Can I have some of your boobs? :oops: )

Oooh, if you’re taking volunteers, I’d be willing to test the pattern for you!! :smiley: A girl can never have too many tank tops, right?

RIGHT!!! :happydance:

I have someone else that wants to do it to, but I think two tests would be great! Especially if they happen to be different sizes. As it is now, the sweater measures about 26 at the waist and about 34 at the fullest part of the bust. My bust is 38 1/2… (d cup) but I guess there is more room becuase of the V neck and the low back…a more exposure than I was thinking! I am working on a border for the V so it can be a little more modest depending on personal preference.

If you think this will work for you, I can go ahead and give you what I have so far after I clean up the wording a bit.

Otherwise, I would like to recalculate for a different size, so I would eventually test at least one other size as extrapolated from my current pattern. In that case, if you wouldn’t mind giving me your waist and fullest part of bust measurements I will get the pattern to an XS, S, L, or XL. I think I’m going to go with “medium” for the pattern as is now, with an option to not increase as much in the bust shaping.

I can’t really offer you anything but my undying gratitude and appreciation. Here are the details on the yarn: I used Berroco Pronto (discontinued) and is 13 st x19 rows on 10 /12 as listed on the package (bulky???) 14 st x 20 rows on 10 1/2 as I knitted. 50% cotton, 50% acrylic.

Let me know if you are still interested! Maybe you already have the perfect yarn waiting to be used???!!!

Yay! I’ll PM you with measurements and such. I don’t have any yarn that would work–perfect excuse to buy more!

That’s a great design, too. I keep chickening out on designing my own top! Of course with so many others that I already want to do, I guess I don’t need to yet!

Great! Always like an excuse to buy more yarn! :wink:

Be sure to give me the distance between the smallest part of waist and bottom of bra band as well…I am a little short waisted so I built that into my pattern.

Kemp, if that was my abs in that pic, i’d not only make it shorter, but make the neckline lower. Maybe you could add some tassels or something on the front, to draw attention away from the low neckline hahahaha.
Leave it how it is!!! Not too late for something knotty either… you can be an “official” submission!

I would just like to knit myself a pair of your…um…tanktop fillers! IMMMMM JEALOUSSSSS!!! :frowning:

I think, if ya GOT it, FLAUNT it, Kemp!! :wink:

Try this KellyK…

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You are too sweet! Nice to hear after all that pasta and wine I had while in Italy.

Late though…I’ve got the crochet border on the bottom complete and have the plan for the neckline border. My DH thought it should be finished too :inlove: but I know I’ll be way more comfortable/wear it more if I do it like this.

I have been makeing the pattern as I go along and I’m thinking of calling it something like the “choices tank”. Not only for the neckline and bottom, but for the halter, cross back and tank style too…I think I can make the straps to do all three.

Thanks! I like the halter look too, plus that way it is practically finished!

I think I can make the straps do all three though…that way choices for all “boob/bra situations” :slight_smile:

:roflhard: Tank top fillers…got to remember that one.

I think those knitted chenille boobies are so cute! Has anyone made them?

Project finished yet?

Cheryl, how do your boobs FEEL about having their own online fan club?? :rofling: