Too late for something "knotty"? and need advice

:roflhard: Not sure yet. We’re sitting down to have a talk about it right now. :shock:

I LOVE your tank!!!

I need to pick up a longer measuring tape this weekend…the one I have goes up to 26" and I still tried to measure and I believe I have a 30" bust size. Oh man, isn’t that pathetic? :roflhard:

Anyways, after I get a longer tape just to be sure…I’ll volunteer to be your “XS” and send you my measurements :smiley:

Thanks Jive…nice to hear. Let me know when you get a full size tape measure :slight_smile:

Maggie…it is coming along. I a basically finished, but I need to get two buttons that will fit the eyelet in the straps so I can wear it tank and cross backed too. I also need to decide about the edging for the neckline. It’s a little too bare for my taste right now although my DH loves it as is :devil:

Here it is so far, but I think it will look even better after blocking.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Looks great!!!

OOOOOO…NICE!!! Great Job Ms. Thang!! :thumbsup:

:hiding: :hiding: :hiding:
:pray: ekgheiy hopes she looks as good in her own … :pray:
:hiding: :hiding: :hiding:

Me too! I’ll feel terrible if it doen’t work right for some reason. I haven’t written out the crochet border yet, but I’ll get it to you soon…or with the options maybe you won’t want it.


Kemp, I would feel terrible if you don’t agree with us. It looks fantastic on you!!! :thumbsup: By the way, I like that pattern, and I’m sure my wife would love it. would like to get it from you if possible.


I am pretty happy with the way mine turned out, but ekgheiy and mer are being super sweet :heart:s and testing the pattern for me for nothing but my gratitude. I WILL feel terrible if it doesn’t work out right for them!

Well I don’t know what looks better… the tank or the person in it! Wouza!

PS I really do LOVE the tank! I can’t wait till you get the pattern out!

I agree, it has turned out great. Good job! :thumbsup: I will be looking forward to the pattern!

Wow Kemp, that is indeed gorgeous! And those pics look very professional, and you look great in it. You could sell the pattern, it’s fabulous! Right in time for the tank KAL. Love the crochet edging.

Kemp!!! Excellent job!!! One day I will be that good with my knitting…WOWZA!!