Today's our Anniversary --we're celebrating with PRIZES!

…is coming up November 4th!!! To prepare for such a momentous event, I thought I would share one of my favourite stories…the first knotty comment made on kh!!

Please feel free to add your favourite moments in this thread to share for our first anniversary!!!

WOW…so many things have happened in one year!!
KUDOS :cheering: to Amy for such dedication to knitting & knitters; so much so as to have gotten this site up & running & growing so fast!
And now she’s going to be on TV :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
I must say that I have enjoyed :happydance: :happydance: meeting & getting to know everyone of you crazy :XX: :XY: :x: friends!! And friends you are :cheering: :cheering:

:oops: :oops: :oops:
Well … at the high risk of sounding self serving …


… um … I kinda like OMG - A knitter in the next suite??. :blush: :shifty: :hiding:

:thumbsup: Great thread Beldie!
OMG, I totally forgot about Holly’s story. That was so funny.
And EKG, that thread was a riot!!!

For those of you who joined after March, I was just recalling how we got our fun knitting emoticons! It all started when I found this rare gem:
and then I asked if anyone knew how to edit it to make a boy knitter emoticon, and Happenin did it!

Then Sheldon showed me how to edit emoticons myself, and I made our original frogging emoticon:

:cheering: …I was just too proud. How many forums have such cool knitting emoticons? :mrgreen:

:heart: thank you Amy. thank you thank you thank you for such a wonderful site. :heart:

OMG Ek, that was so friggin HI-larious, I just about stopped breathing! :roflhard: I feel like I have those episodes at work sometimes…

Yes, thank you Amy for making such a great site, I feel as though my world has gotten a little smaller and for the better! Everyone out here is just so wonderful - and I just love the idea that no matter where I go, I could probably meet up with a KHer!

Ok, so if Ek can self promote… then I can shine the spotlight on one of doggies that is as well known if not more well known than its owner…Introducing Katie NoNo Bear and the post that started it all. The Bear is very tickled that she has become a sort of celebrity. It gives her an edge over her sister.

OMG…Thanks for starting this thread, Beld!! :heart:

I CANNOT even BEGIN to tell you how grateful I have been for all I have learned and the friends I have made here! KH feels like SO much more than “just a knitting website”! I’ve said at least eleventygoogolplex times…Amy, you have created QUITE the community here! LUV YOU ALL!

SOME of My favorite memories, I think, involve Hildie’s other talent…in MS Paint!

Well, I’m a little sad to say I didn’t find this forum earlier!! I can’t believe I am already addicted after, oh, one day. :inlove:

:thumbsup: Thank you for creating such an amazing website and forum!

No, THANK YOU ALL! How can I say this? I mean, yes, I created this site and all, but you all have given me SOOOOOOO much back. What’s that saying? You get back 10 times what you give? How about 100 times?! at LEAST!

Just the humor fix alone, was worth making this site! You all are constantly cracking me up, I swear I’ll probably live an extra 5 years from the healthy laughter I get here. :lol:

Seriously, and all the wonderful lovin’ vibes you send my way, just totally rock my world. I LOVE YOU GALS/GUYS! :inlove:

And of course, were it not for you, I wouldn’t be able to make this my full time work! I feel very very very blessed!! :heart: I love my life, and it’s all because of you beautiful people! xoxo :heart:

Kelly, those pictures of Hildie’s are priceless, those were indeed classic moments here! :roflhard:

I am TOTALLY ADDICTED to the constant LUV FEST here!!! :heart:

I can’t tell you how much I love this place. Thank you all for being here and for making me laugh more than I do anywhere else!!!

Omg, if only I’d found this forum earlier.

It has replaced the #1 spot in my “forums to be obsessed in”.


:XX: :x: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Well, we want to thank you Amy for making this site. Coming from the newbie point of view that so many of us had when we came here… So many of us wouldn’t be knitting if it weren’t for your site, your videos, and the fun group of “knuts” on here. We would have given up in silent frustration a long time ago.


You people rock :roflhard:

I was needing a place to go to hang out and gab and learn that wonderful thing called knitting. I found all of that and more with you all.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
Thanks for the wonderful site and may it enjoy many more years of joy :thumbsup: :smiley:

OMGoodness, I almost forgot! This is the only place that I announced THIS simply because I :heart: :heart: everyone here & wanted to share my excitement :cheering: :cheering:

I have to jump on this bandwagon for sure. Just look how far this place has come in one short year. Amy, did you ever dream this would happen? That it would culminate in your TV appearance?
I’ve learned so much here (even though I’ve been knitting for over 30 years) and I come here several times a day just to read posts, though I don’t post an awful lot myself.
Thank you Amy (and Sheldon) for all of it. Thankyou to all my fellow knitters here who inspire me on a daily basis. Gratitude abounds!
Long live KH!! :inlove:

Has it been a year? Ya know, I’m always referring in conversation IRL to my “knitsters” about this and that. I think folks are begining to think I have imaginary friends.

I have so many links, patterns, funny pictures, jokes, etc that I have collected and forwarded. I have learned so much from all of you (I hope some of you have learned a thing or two from me). What was my life before KH???

Thanks everyone for making this community so great. Happy bday to us :balloons:

femi…you’ve been here since the beginning, too…I just looked at your join date! I joined in April of this year. I started knitting last June & I didn’t use the computer for much before then, emailing family & friends, ebay…researching this & that. But NOW…I’ve made wonderful friends in the knitting community, most are right here!! I truly mean the word ‘friend’ as I type it, just bc we don’t see one another, but know each other from this site doesn’t mean we aren’t really friends, I consider u my friends…a friend is a friend and a wonderful gift from God to truly be cherished. Because of this site…look at the sheer # of friends we all have :smiley: !! Thanks to each one of you for your commitment to this site and to one another :wink:

wow… I’ve been here on the forums almost as long as Amy (2 days later)! I remember when there was only one post…then 3 and then 5…And now there’s too many to keep track of! It’s grown sooo fast…And I’ve become a better knitter because of this site. In fact, I joined this site when I had just learned to knit. I remember Amy actually emailed me a preview of what the videos might be like because I desperately needed help. :notworthy: …That was back when before the website got the revamps and the vids!

This site has helped me with my knitting after one of my dear friends passed away in early January (She’s the one who taught me how to knit) I learned how to knit Continental style…and I caught on right away - in seconds! :happydance: She was bug-eyed.

This site/forum helped me through 3 family deaths within the past year along with the friend’s passing…I just couldn’t be able to say thanks enough. I didn’t ever talk about it, but just being here helps me to cope.

Anyway, this isn’t about me…it’s about the site…and even though I don’t come here often, I always feel welcomed. Often times I feel a little out of the loop, but that’s okay. I always get help here which is great because before, I had no one to turn to…luckily I just got a new Knitting/Crocheting/Sewing friend. But I will still keep coming!

And no doubt, I will watch the DIY segment with Amy in it! :thumbsup:

Just wow…in a year lots of things have changed… :shock:

Congratulations Amy! I only wish that sometime in the future I have as much success in what I love to do as you :slight_smile:

Thanks Amy! And Everybody REALLY!