Today's our Anniversary --we're celebrating with PRIZES!

I’m still jealous I didn’t search “free knitting videos” sooner so I could have been there from the beginning… but alas, I advertise every chance I get. Just yesterday when I was stopped in Joann’s whilel throwing myself onto a rolling knitting tote !mine!mine!mine!, a new knittergal asked me about circs, and we had a nice little chat (arent’ we all the best to talk to?) and I made sure to mention this site!! I really should make some cards with it listed to hand out [size=2]is that legal?[/size] :thinking: [size=3][/size]

I get such a kick out of this place and make sure to visit it every day! Even though my own computer is down, STILL, I let dh know I need to log on to check on what all is going on with folks. And I relay stories and jokes to the workmates that I read on “this knitting site I go to” [size=2]one time, in band camp…[/size]
Hugs and knittses so you all and a big way to go to Amy and all her peeps for making this site my home at and away from home!
:thumbsup: :inlove:
ps: I just finally stopped snickering about the “knitter in the next suite” story thankyouverymuch! :roflhard:

I’ll have to really look back thru to pick out my favorite threads, going to be a tough choice!

Rebecca, your announcement was one of my highlights for SURE! Oh, yes, and the on-going Weeenie Warmer saga was a great one. Hmm…Oh yes and the early, early days of KH Chat where we saw a DH’s bootie. Hmmmm… Ah yes, Beldie flashing us.

And… [size=7]Amy’s gonna be on TV![/size]

I didn’t flash anyone here…you’re thinking of my webcam :shock:

Yes, on your cam during the original off-site KH chats you flashed everyone! :roflhard:

:shock: Beldie!


Note to self: Never share any shocking secrets with Denise.

No kidding! :rofling:

Hey Rebecca, I’m just catching up on the thread… that is some way cool news!


I wish I had found this site when I began my knitting addiction on November 11th, 2004, but fortunately, I did find it and joined mid January and everyone here has been a blessing…in fact, I’ve been so busy :XX: that I haven’t had time to post lately…need to be doing laundry right now but have been trying to catch up on a few blogs, which isn’t too easy to do because we’ve grown in one year :roflhard:

Amy, you are being rewarded for your kindness and hard work and we all are very proud of you and grateful for your insight into the art of knitting among other talents :notworthy:

I came with the knowledge of how to do a knit stitch and almost everything else I’ve learned about knitting thus far, I’ve learned through the helpful members of KnittingHelp…thanks to all of you :heart: It’s nice to be a part of such a circle of friends from different walks of life with one inherent quality…the love of knitting and people!


Beldie :shock: and :roflhard: ! Don’t tell Denise anything…LOL :roflhard: :roflhard:
I love this place, it’s like family…there are no secrets!!
Thanks Joel :smiley: ! I’m still in awe about the entire thing and that was months ago!

Funny thing is that I don’t remember doing the flashing :?? I remember being flashed by someone…

Oh and for the record, if I did flash, I wouldn’t consider that a secret :twisted: so Deni is safe.

Beldie, you’re awesome. :wink:

It’s great to hear the thoughts and memories folks have of our first year. This really is our beginning still: All of you will be able to say “I joined KH in its first year online!”

OMG, I just remembered one of my favorite threads ever! Kelly and Hildie’s first Get Together! :cheering: :cheering:

SO much fun!!! :roflhard:

Woohoo! I’ll bring the cupcakes! I just love this site sooo much. I’ve learned so much and I can’t WAIT to learn more. The videos are so good that I don’t even need the sound with them and and and… tear I love you KH. :crying: :heart: :heart: :heart:

This is great!! I joined up today, and the info and such great people that answered my questions as quickly as they did, and the videos’ WOW! :thumbsup:
I’ve found that time does fly when ur havin fun lol…I’ve been on here for 4 + hours :shock: When I joined up earlier, I was sure this was it…if I couldn’t get it this time I was packin’ it in…I was sure knitting wasn’t my thing. But you all have inspired me, and I think…no I’m sure that’s what feeds this site and all who spend time here.
Nice Job :smiley:

Glad to have you here Dynasty! I felt the same way when I found this site, but I was so determined to learn after seeing a friends work on Live Journal. I’m so glad I did too. :slight_smile:

Ohhhh, I just thought of a super idea. I want a Knitting Help t-shirt!!! When are you going to start selling them Amy?? Hehehe. We should all submit different designs for a shirt. It would be so much fun. Oh oh oh. And we could even make a sweater pattern for KH, and shirts. Oooooo, how exciting. Can we? Can we? Can we? Pleeeaaaseee? :inlove:

Amy has had that in the works for a LOOOOONG time, Kome…she’s trying to find women’s organic T’s that come in ALL sizes, and also a sales option that wouldnt involve her having to rent out a warehouse for storage…but, I bet she’d LOVE to see any design you wanted to knock around!

I’m just hoping she plans guy’s shirts too…

Why? You would look way cute in a baby tee or a spaghetti strap tank top!


Awsome! Hold on one second. I know of a website that does all of that for you. All YOU do is make the design. Hold please… well crap! I can’t find it. I’m asking an old friend, though I haven’t spoken with him in like 4 months. I’ll post back once I get a hold of him. It could be a day or two. Bleh. But yeah… this site would do everything for you. They just take a percentage, and then she wouldn’t need a storage place. :slight_smile: