This look funny to you? Frog or no?

So… you guys probably saw the stocking I made for hubby in this forum.

Well, I’m making one for myself now. I’m wondering if you saw this stocking, would you find it weird. I don’t want to say what I find so weird just so I can see if you guys notice it. It’s not that it’s smaller at the top (it’s just a trick of the camera, it really quite even in person). It’s more cosmetic than the actual knitting.

Opinions? Frog some of this or no?

Looks fine to me, I think it’s your perspective since it’s so close to you as you knit it. Hang it on something and back away about 5-10 feet; see how it looks then.

the stripe that’s messing with my head is the santa stripe. Does that look weird to you?

I can see the extra stitches in the middle Santa hat. I usually frog things that bother me even if it’s half or more of the project but in this case I wouldn’t. Over time it probably won’t bother you so much.

Beautiful work, by the way!


Oh , I didn’t even notice that. I was more worried about whether or not it was weird that santa was green.

Can’t see the picture…

Maybe you would be happier if Santas face was pink or tan or something other than green? Do you think he looks like he has a green mask on or something???
I looked and looked for what was ‘wrong’ and could not find anything. I think you are very clever.

Well, hubby’s stocking is all done in the same 4 colors. Since the hat on santa was red, the beard was white, that only left me with black and green.

I just didn’t want people to look at the stocking and immediately think how it’s so weird that santa is green. You guys didn’t seem too be weirded out by it, which is good because I sooooo don’t want to frog at this point

Do not frog it! It is great! I don’t see a thing wrong!

Frog if you are a perfectionist and if whatever is bugging you will continue to bug you forever!

Knitting is such a personal thing! I’ve frogged things “just cuz” I wanted to fix something small…not because I really needed to.

When I was looking at it the only thing I could think that was weird to you might be that Santa was green, but it really didn’t look weird at first glance to me. I only noticed it because I was looking really hard to find what you might be weirded out by:roflhard: I wouldn’t frog it if it were me. It looks great. But if you feel like it looks weird and you just can’t get over it then by all means frog that stripe and maybe see if there is another pattern you can make in its place using the same colors.

I was more worried about whether or not it was weird that santa was green.

It’s okay, he’s from another planet and they all look like that. The ones who don’t have makeup on…

If the green faces bother you, maybe you could duplicate stitch over them with a different color?

I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think it is really pretty. It inspires me to tackle a Christmas stocking. You do beautiful work. Nanna

Too funny!!! I didn’t at all mind Santa being green. If anyone comments on it tell them they are Kermit Santas…“It’s not easy being green…”

I have a niece who made similar stockings for her parents over 20 years ago and every year when I see them I still think the Santa faces are way too pink!!!

I think it makes for a great Christmas story. Mine is buying a tree ornament for my second daughter’s ex…named Paul, but due to my declining eyesight his ornament reads “Phil”. The Phil ornament hangs on his tree every year so you can imagine how many people have heard this story! :roflhard:


I think it’s gorgeous!! “Green” Santa doesn’t bother me at all. I wouldn’t frog. Great job!

It’s a good thing you told us what was bothering you, because I searched and searched and couldn’t find a thing! Beautiful work. To me, it just looks like the santas are on a green background. I never thought about their faces being green! I hope you don’t rip, but as everyone has said, if it will always bug you, it’s probably worth it. How would you change it, using those colors?

My sentiments exactly! But I think it looks fine as is!

Personally I think the green mask effect would bother me and I’d frog, but if it’s not that bothersome to you then let it go.

I so would NOT frog it! It’s beautiful work. Santa is green because he ate some bad cheese last night. :teehee: No really, if you hadn’t said what it was you thought was weird, I wouldn’t have guessed. It didn’t jump out at me or anything.

Looks just fine to me. :inlove: