This look funny to you? Frog or no?

Another vote for not frogging! I love your work, and the stocking is beautiful.

If someone comments on the green Santa faces (which I hadn’t noticed at all until someone else mentioned it)…I would say that he ate too many cookies, delivering all those presents, and it usually takes him until New Years to recover, poor Santa. However, he still thinks it’s worth it, to bring joy to all the children. End of story.

Thank you guys. Since nobody else thought it was weird, I finished it! I’m going to make a new thread to show it off.


I hope I can see the pics on that thread, but I was thinking…wouldn’t it be inappropriate to “frog” a “green” santa? (sorry, couldn’t resist)

If the green Santa face weirds you out too much, maybe you could duplicate stitch that small area in a flesh colored yarn. I’ve never done the duplicate stitch, but I don’t think it’s too hard to do.

Didn’t think it was weird at all and when you mentioned green santas, i just imagined he was wearing green snow goggles!!! linknit41

I think it looks GREAT!