This is the most disgusting Walmart story I have ever read

I feel so bad for this family. I thought the Walton’s were Christian? i don’t see any christian values there. maybe i was wrong. You know what makes me sick about this is they are running those ads regarding their $4 prescriptions like they are helping people. And i just read this other article how they are hiring “working” people as their new pr people to help their pr. I don’t think anything is going to help their pr after this article no matter how many “working” people they put in front when they don’t take care of their own.

Wow, that is sickening. Why is it not terribly surprising though? I mean I understand the contract and the legalities, but when you consider you have a family struggling to pay the health care bills and provide for themselves, against a retail GIANT who is definitely not in a financial crunch, it’s absolutely disgusting.

That is one of the most egregious things I’ve ever heard! What a bunch of egg-sucking snakes! :grrr: :grrr:

Hey, I have a snake and she would NEVER do that to a person
she is actually cuddly and nice


That’s just disgusting.

:noway: and :!!!:

That is just wrong.

In Walmart’s defense and believe me, I am no fan of Walmart, Sams or the Walton family, but believe me, they are not the first corporation to do this. I used to type dictation for a relative who worked for an insurance company and they subrogated all the time, especially big trucking companies. Also, though Walmart might have been behind it, it is the insurance company that is collecting the money owed.

Now as far as Walmart goes, let me say this, they are pretty scummy all the way around. As someone who worked for a large law firm that handled Walmart employee cases they had a “never settle” demand for our attorneys. Many a time I saw things where the employee was in the right, but ended up dropping after years of trying to get Walmart to pay. So they are a scummy, scummy corporation.

Just keep in mind though, that they like hundreds of other companies do this on a regular basis and it would behoove any of you who work to check your health insurance at work to see if you too could become a victim of this!!!

I think it’s thier lawyer’s fault for not getting enough money out of the settlement to start with. IMHO

Walmart isn’t the only company that does that, many others do too but it’s more sensational to bring up Walmart because it’s the store everybody loves hating. I’m no fan of Walmart and I don’t shop there but I think alot of the negative press that comes out of there does so just because of who they are and they know people will jump on the hate bandwagon.
I wonder if putting that money into a trust would have prevented that? Either way, a sad, sad story that I’m afraid you are only going to hear more of in the future.

Unfortunately, Wal-mart was in the right, and truthfully many many companies do this. NOW, what would be the ethical thing for Wal-mart (a very wealthy enterprise) to do? Give the money back. It’s very sad that this woman’s life has been ruined and she will live horribly for the rest of her life and they take away money that may have assisted her quality of living. :frowning: Yet another reason I haven’t shopped at Wal-mart in over 3 years.

They may well be within their rights, but it’s a matter of human decency. A broken leg is one thing, but this was a catastrophic accident that will affect them for the rest of their lives. It should be handled on a case by case basis IMO. I don’t know if they realize yet that this will come back to bite them in the butt.
[COLOR=Silver][SIZE=1][COLOR=Silver]I am biting my tongue on the “christian” comment…[/COLOR][/SIZE] :hmm:[/COLOR]

And yet another reason why I don’t shop at Wal-Mart.

that sad thing was, the original court put the hurt woman’s settlement money into a trust and Walmart still went after it. I showed this article to my co-workers. and we all were started thinking about our health insurance after that and if our company did the same.

what is so sad is that the law allows this. I don’t understand how you can pay premiums and the insurance company is allowed to still take the money. then what is premiums for? and what is the point over Walmart making a big deal over the yearly charitable contributions when they are not charitable to their own employees?

My complaint is that “settlement” money is supposed to provide for future medical costs, pain and suffering, etc. Now that Walmart has taken all of it away, there is none left for her future costs. Definitely the lawyers that handled her case originally screwed up,they should have known about the provision in the insurance policy that allowed Walmart to sue her for that money.
That said, I feel terrible for her. And Walmart should be ashamed.

This has less to do with Wal Mart and more to do with insurance policies themselves. This is actually a clause in pretty much every single health insurance and car insurance policy in the world.

If you closely read the details you’ll likely find this exact same clause in your own insurance policies.

And people wonder why I don’t pay for insurance. A personal medical savings account, which is tax deferred, is a much smarter way to go IMHO.

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Insurance companies are not in the business of paying out money, they are in the business of taking in money. The premiums you pay are intended solely to make a profit for the insurance company. They have no intention of paying out a single dime they don’t actually have to pay out.

Insurance is the single biggest organized crime racket in the world.

I agree completely Knitting_Guy. I cannot wait to just have the money in the bank to pay for what I need. I cannot complain, the Navy is paying for the health care right now.

i think $$$ is the root of all evil !!!

first the lawyer charge so much on the lawsuit …almost half of the compensation eaten by them …next walmart want to have a piece of pie too … in the end there is nothing left on the table for the victim…

how this world works …very hard to figure out… :shrug: it seem like they made $$ out of people misery …how sad is that

Knitting guy said what I was thinking…it seems to have to more with the insurance company than wal-mart… I didn’t know they could do that…need to look at our insurance more carefully…

very wrong… and sickening…