This is the most disgusting Walmart story I have ever read

i wonder is it because you can only claim one insurance and not both…so the trucker company paid out lump sum to her and she had to compensate the walmart insurance the money that they paid out for her when she was in the hospital after the accident…
i believe it against the law that you got compensation from 2 insurance company… unless in USA there is other laws…

i feel back for the victim and the family …

Here it’s not so much that it’s illegal but that insurance companies will try to collect back any money paid out on such a claim. They normally go after the other party’s insurance company directly, instead of waiting for their client to collect and then taking it from them.

Frankly, in an automobile accident case like this I am amazed that Wal Mart’s insurance paid annything at all as they would normally expect the other party’s insurance to pay which is how it’s normally done.

I do agree that this is a horrible case and I feel very bad for the family. As many people have said, it was not necessarily Walmart, but their insurance company.
I also agree with Mason - I am suprised that the womens health insurance was billed. After my car accident my auto policy paid all my medical bills and they in turn went after the other girls auto policy to pay damages as the accident was entirely her fault. I never saw any of that money and my medical insurance never paid a dime.
If the auto insurance had paid the medical bills, then it would seem the lawsuit the family had against the trucker would have been for money to be put in a trust to pay future medical expenses.


Insurance is the single biggest organized crime racket in the world.

I totally concur. The only reason that we have insurance is that “fear factor” that something will happen. Cancer, horrible accident (like my son thinking he can fly off the roof), or some other malady. Those all scare me. If I knew that all I would have to worry about was the regularly recurring medical charges we have now I wouldn’t carry insurance. Can you tell I’m all in favor of a universal health plan? Only industrialized nation in the world with out one.

Ughhh…fattie Walmart people!!! That’s all I have to say about the matter. LOL :teehee:

Oh, that is disgusting. That’s horrible that the insurance company would do that! Insurance is supposed to pay for medical bills, it shouldn’t matter if she got money in court or not.

My husband is retired Navy so we use Tricare Prime, which is primo, [COLOR=black][B]but[/B] good ole Congress in trying to take that away from us by trying to pass a law making us pay taxes on any medical costs we incur. My recent surgery cost $128,000 for the hospital alone. It is sad when you spend 20 years of your life defending this country then little by little what you were supposed to gain from staying in that long is taken away.[/COLOR]

As Mason said, basically, like anything else the insurance companies are a business and there to make money not hand it over. Using a Flexible Spending account for some of your health care needs could be a real asset to you if your company offers it.

My dad retired Navy back when it was just free medical for life. No Tricare or anything. If we got sick my parents would haul us to the military hospital that was closest and we would be taken care of. No questions asked. Just show our dependent ID. It was a great benefit through college. Taxing military dependents (active or retired) for their medical costs is ridiculous especially since the rest of the country can deduct their medical expenses from their itemized taxes including our premiums and prescription charges. Thanks for defending our country now here is a bill for your kid being sick last year.