The care and feeding of a cotton chenille facecloth

Okay, so I have made a couple totally yummy basic facecloths from Crystal Palace cotton chenille. Ideally, I’d like to start making these as gifts (eventually branching out to make the flower-shaped ones in Weekend Knitting), as well as convert to only these facecloths myself. Problem is they are supposed to be handwashed! (or drycleaned! yeah, right. :roflhard: )

I just handwashed them and they do not look clean to me. I will try again once they dry (which I’m sure will take a while). I’m kind of hesitant to give something like this as housewarming gifts and then tell the people they have to handwash them! I mean, who handwashes their washcloths?

Does anyone else make these? How do you care for them? Is it possible to put them in the washer on delicate cycle? I really, really love them and I don’t like working with non-natural fibers, so switching to nylon chenille (or whatever the non-natural option is) just doesn’t appeal.


I haven’t used that yarn…but it is 100% cotton…I would try to wash it. If you don’t want to throw one of your cloths in, just knit a little swatch and try it first. If it doesn’t wash well, I would try a different cotton for gift cloths…you’re right, no one wants to hand wash a face cloth!

Glad you brought this up! I was thinking of using this for gifts as well. :thinking:

I’ve made severa lof the flowers as gifts, but haven’t washed them yet. I guess I should bite the bullet and do a test wash. I’ll let you all know if/when I find anything out.

Carol, do let us know how it turns out! I think I’ll throw mine in the wash later today to test as well. They are already messed up anyway (somehow got bleached in places b/c of a face product I washed off my face that had peroxide in it :doh: ). Will let y’all know how it turns out…

Maybe stick 'em in one of those lingerie-washing bags??

Good idea, KellyK! :thumbsup: I always wash my “handwash only” bras that way, and have never had a problem. Thanks!

(am assuming I will still need to line dry - do y’all agree?)

I don’t know…since it’s messed up anyway, I’d dry it so you’ll know for sure on future ones.

Good idea, kemp. Will do! :thumbsup:

Let us know how it turns out! Maybe you should have a before and after pic in case something interesting happens (which hopefully will just be that you CAN indeed wash and dry this yarn)

Okay, so I’ve taken the “before” pic and they are in the washer now. I feel so scientific, doing this experiment. I took one pic of each cloth, and I’m going to line dry one and put the other in the dryer. I’ll post the comparison pics when I’m done.

The cloths look great! Both of 'em! I’m not going to post pics since there’s almost no discernible difference in before and after. The one that was put in the dryer might have shrunk a little. It could be compensated for by knitting just a bit bigger than called for. I think for gift-giving, I will probably wash and dry before giving just to make sure everything is a-ok. Then I will call them “pre-shrunk”!

Just to wrap up: I washed them both in cold water, cold rinse, gentle/delicate cycle. I hung one to dry on the drying rack and put the other in the dryer on low heat (I do think it would shrink more on high heat). I didn’t use the lingerie bag after all, and haven’t noticed any stretching or misshapen areas in the cloths.

Thanks for all the input! I’m so glad that these are not going to be high maintenance gifts! :thumbsup:

Great news!

Where do you get Cotton Chenille??

Good to know! Thanks for the experiment. Tia, this is the kind I was thinking of getting.

Yep, that’s the kind I use - I love it! (I buy mine at my LYS but they don’t have the wide selection of colors you can find online.)

Crystal Palace Chenille is great, but it can be pricey at retail. I’ve found it on eBay from time to time.

The yarn co-op I’m in is buying Henry’s Attic Yarn and one of the selections this time is coned undyed cotton chenille for $9/lb.

I’ve heard of this place, but have no experience with them - their prices are good tho -

I’m tempted to buy a huge cone, but I’m not sure I could use the whole thing. It is nice to knit with…hmmmm…

Oh yeah, I totally forgot that Numei sells cotton chenille! Those prices are great! (I pay $8 for a hank of the Crystal Palace). I bought some stained glass yarn from Numei a couple of months ago and was pleased - great prices, quick delivery, nice yarn.

I will definitely be purchasing my next cotton chenille from them. Thanks for reminding me! :thumbsup:

Bumping this up to give an update.

I ordered the cotton chenille from Numei and I have to say it was a disappointment. :frowning: I found it unpleasant to work with - stiff, kind of rough feeling, and somewhat slow on the needles. And the finished product wasn’t nearly as plush as the ones I’ve done in Crystal Palace. So I guess I’ll keep buying the expensive stuff…

I did want to also say that I am now washing and drying my facecloths before I give them away - it makes for a nice, fluffy, tight weave, and I’m very happy with the end results. :thumbsup: (I even saw this recommended in a washcloth pattern in the book “Mindful Knitting” - using Crystal Palace cotton chenille).

Thank you so much for the feedback on Numei’s chenille! That’s really good to know so no one else goes wasting money with theirs.

A lot of people like this ebay seller - she rotates types of yarns: mystical-creation-yarns

She also has a website:

I’m not affiliated and haven’t even ordered from her, but I think her quality is supposed to be good (I think she dyes Henry’s Attic yarns). A half pound is only $12 and that equals 4.6 skeins. Bargain!