The adventure has started

In my journey through the world of knitting, I have come to a crossroad. I am on the corner of basics and socks. I have the yarn, Wool Ease Chunky in charcoal, and quite a few sets of dpns, and several sizes of circs, so I do have the supplies. Now I just need a map. Does anyone have a link to a free online pattern(map) that a beginner could follow, and allow me to learn a few more techniques? So far I can knit and purl and make a rib. I would like to learn to increase and decrease and use my dpns. These will be a Christmas present for DH.

I am a member of Ravelry so patterns from there are OK

This is the tutorial many of us learned to knit socks with.

Socks are an ambitious project for a newbie, but not impossible. Learning to use DPNs will probably be the most challenging, but you can do it.

I second Silver’s Sock Class.

Not too sure how well a chunky yarn is going to do for socks though. Gonna be some mighty thick socks :mrgreen:

I am a bit confused by your question. If you want to learn to make socks, Silver’s Sock Tutorial is very popular as Jan suggested. You might also want to visit these sights: (I don’t think this pattern would work well with chunky yarn; however, it does give a nice explanation of construction of a basic sock and how to plan to make a basic sock) (this link is a pattern for basic socks using chunky yarn) (another chunky yarn sock pattern)

If you are at an intermediate position between basics and wanting to make socks and or use dpns or circulars this pattern might be useful. (it is a Word document file).


DH loves really thick socks. I have worsted weight but its in a baby blue color. I suppose it would work but I doubt he would ever actually wear them more than once.

Now as for a question. Will the chunky yarn make it really hard to keep the stitch count correct to keep a specific size?

I don’t believe using chunky yarn will make it anymore difficult than usual to keep your socks within a certain size range. Since hubby knows you are making the socks you can test them out on him to make sure he likes the length/size.

Lionbrand actually has a chunky sock pattern on their website, using their thick and quick WoolEase. You have to make an account and log in to access their patterns, but it’s here:

With the pattern, you shouldn’t have trouble keeping the count correct, once you understand basic sock construction, and you don’t cast on a lot of stitches, so it might actually be a good one to start with. One thing I can tell you from my experience is–get bamboo needles for your socks! I got so frustrated when I was starting to learn to knit with DPNs and my yarn kept sliding off the metal needles. Bamboo has a bit of friction so your yarn stays put.

Also, I got two sets of needles and did one portion of each sock at a time: Ribbing the cuff on one, ribbing he cuff on the other, knitting down to the heel on one, knitting down to the heel on the other, etc…this makes it easier to compare them as you’re going and prevents mistakes.

One warning I can give, though, is that I made my mom a pair of socks with worsted weight Wool-ease and they wore out really quickly, but then she wore them a lot without shoes. I couldn’t darn them because the heel of the sock that wore through had felted up so much. So you might want to think about making a slipper-sock and attaching those leather sole thingies to the bottom, or maybe getting something a bit more durable.

Good luck! If I can learn to knit a sock, you certainly can! :wink:

Hmmm,I don’t have any bamboo DPNs

Hey wait a minute. I have bamboo skewers and a pencil sharpener.

I now have bamboo DPNs. And they look to be really close in size to the DPNs called for. We shall see how they work out.

You must learn to improvise on an adventurous journey.

Andi, you might want to be careful there. They could snap/break (I’ve had dpns break) and you also do not want them to long since they will be crossing at 3 or 4 intersections fairly quickly.

OK for this project I will just use the regular DPNs for safety’s sake. The skewers are not flimsy at all but you are right, they could break. I will put stoppers on the ends if I need to to keep the work on. Thanks for the heads up on the breakage.

I really do like the looks of these socks although I will not be making them at this time. I don’t have a set of size 13 DPNs. In fact I looked online and could not find any one who sold them, including KP. Is this a typo?

OK I got the circle joined and the first row of K2P2, it looks correct. Its hard to see since the yarn is bulky and dark but I think Its correct. Somehow I did manage to get the working yarn in through the middle of the circle. Will This cause a problem later and if so how do I fix it other than frogging it now?

For size 13 DPNS, it can be hard to find double points that large, but try looking here.

As far as getting the working yarn through the middle of the circle, I am not sure what you mean…Is it wrapped around you work somehow? You might have twisted a stitch, but I doubt it. Can you give a few more details?

Well as I got to the end it started coming un-knitted. I had been hearing the frog in the background and it was moving closer. The frog got so close and it actually overtook my hands. It just started pulling my work out. The knit fairy said I should go and find the video for joining in the round and watch it again. Obviously I missed something.

Yes when the frog gets that close, what can you do?

I am assuming you put a marker at the beginning of the round–if not I would definitely do that! Good luck!

I would think small skewers or regular needles would be too tiny for knitting with chunky yarn. You might try regular yarn first just to try out the patterns or the tutorial and see how that works for you, then give it a go with the thicker yarn.

The skewers are actually pretty large, about size 8 equivalent.

I have these rings that I think are some sort or markers but if placed within a stitch they would have to be cut to be removed. Are these the markers I am supposed to be using?

I watched the video again and the only thing I saw I didn’t do was knit in the tail. Off it try it again.

You put the markers on your needle and slip them from one to another when you come to them.

OH OK. See I told you this was an adventure in the journey of knittig. You learn new things all along the way.

As long as you see it as an adventure and not a stumbling block, you’ll learn a lot!