So I read a few blogs out there and I really want to try the 100 things about me. I don’t know how I will do or if this will go on but I really like the idea so here it goes:

  1. I love my name. Ara. Thats it.
  2. You would be surprised how many people don’t understand it. (you can say it like Era and you will be as close as it gets)
  3. I’m getting ready to start my last year of college.
  4. I’m excited that in a year and a half I’ll be teaching high school english.
  5. I’m scared that I’ll be allowed to teach in less than two years.
  6. I’m 5’ even. Go ahead, bring out the short jokes. You won’t find one I haven’t heard.
  7. I’m happily in a monogamous relationship of five years as of July 27!
  8. We have lived together over three of those five years.
  9. I have done everything major in my life with him. Prom, Graduation for me, Graduation for him, college, wisdom teeth for me, wisdom teeth for him, soon Graduation all over again. :inlove:
  10. I am not close to my mom.
  11. People think my Grandma is my mom. We are very alike and get along like best friends or sisters.
  12. I love to Read.
  13. I read mostly Sci/Fi and fantasy. I would list some books here but the list could finish my 100 things. lol ask me if you are curious.
  14. I have very few friends. In highschool I had several but they all went no where and i went to college. I don’t approve of the things they do with their lives now. I’m working on making new friends but it is surprisingly hard.
  15. I have never been considered “hot” but I have always thought I have a great face.
  16. Growing up I was, and still am now, a “fat girl”.
  17. My favorite color is Purple but I love most colors. I’m not a huge fan of brown or yellow but some days the colors just strike me right and I love them.
  18. I’m 22.
  19. I never got my license.
  20. I’m taking a class to do it now. It’s a long story. If you want to know, ask!
  21. I have terrible teeth. They are so bad that I loose small pieces every now and again and have to chew certain things on certain sides. I’m hoping they don’t get too bad in the next year and a half so I can get a job that has insurance.
  22. I don’t work.
  23. My bf pays for everything. He works in a hospital pharmacy as a technician and the money is good but things get rough.
  24. I just started knitting and love it. It takes my mind off of everything! :knitting:
  25. I only recently found a love of salads. ceasar salad is my favorite!
  26. I cook nearly everyday at least once. I like it but I’m not very good at it. lol
  27. I’m better at baking. I love to make desserts but then I eat them all lol
  28. I’m not into organized religion. I’m not involved in politics (hence I don’t vote. and uninformed vote is worse than a non vote)
  29. If there was one place i could go right now I’d take my boyfriend to california to see his aunt.
  30. If there was one wish I would make right now it would be to find a way to bridge the gap with my parents.
  31. If I could give one gift, no strings attached, no money considered, I would pay off my boyfriends college debt. It would free him up and make him feel so much better. He stresses way too much over it.
  32. If I could go out and buy one thing for myself it would be a tie between yarn and a moving crew to pack my stuff up!
  33. I never learned to play an instrument and I regret it all the time.
  34. I HATE sea food.
  35. I HATE things in the ocean.
  36. My biggest fear is a tie between drowning, being eaten by a sea creature, and being left alone.

Thats all for tonight!


Hi Duessa,

I was just writing a lovely reply to you, which suddenly disappeared.
Hope I can remember what I wrote.:teehee:

I’ve been looking at a few of these blogs lately, but haven’t replied to any entries yet.
Thought I’d jump in on yours.:waving:

Enjoy your blogging journey.

I agree that it’s hard to make new friends, and I wonder if expect too much of people before I accept them. Also I’m at a time where I’m not prepared to sacrifice much family time to devote to friends.

It was lovely to read about your beautiful love story.:slight_smile:

And I hope things improve with your parents. Unfortunately we can’t change them.

Have fun.
:hug: :hug:

Looking forward to seeing more of your 100 (if you can come up with any more)


Welcome to the blogs, Ara! That is a lovely name. :thumbsup:

The 100 things will have to wait. I’m having a big problem and have to talk to someone. I don’t know where to begin. My bf is 1000.00 in debt to our college. It has to be paid asap. we are going to try to work out a payment plan. I just got a letter that says i’m 3k short of being able to afford MY LAST YEAR OF COLLEGE. I’ve have that much in overages every year until now. We are moving on the 2nd. We have to pay first months rent 540.00 plus a damage deposit 200.00. Bf needs a new cell because his just broke. Their are holes in my walls that need fixed within the week or we won’t get the damage deposit back from this house that we are going to need to pay first months rent at the apartment. I just checked our bank account. we went from 1115.00 at the end of last month to a little over 400.00 dollars as of right now and we don’t even know how. to top it all off, the car is broke, over half of the house still needs packed, I got into a fight tonight with my Bf about the holes in the walls, and the apartment complex STILL hasn’t sent me the paperwork despite the 5 calls I have put in. My parents are dirt poor. no, I know you’ve heard that before but they are where the expression originated from. My BF’s parents are practically millionairs compared to my parents and they out and out refuse to help with anything. they say it doesn’t mean as much to you if someone helps you. they won’t even help their own flesh and blood through college when it is because of their income he can’t get loans or federal aid. He had to drop out and that is why we owe them 1000.00 now. I’m just going to cry or vomit or both at once. even knitting isn’t helping because I can’t figure out how I keep messing up this simple k2p2 pattern. :wall: I can’t get too stressed out because if I do my bf won’t be able to handle it. he just goes to pieces when I cry or start really stressing. He can’t handle seeing me so upset and not being able to do anything about it. I’m sorry. None of you can do anything about it either but I had to let it out. Money is so hard. I hate it. if we go back to bartering I’ll just raise sheep, spin my own yarn, dye it with plants from my own garden, and knit clothes and other things to barter with. If I could do any of that or had any of that. at least it wouldn’t be money. but it would end up the same. I’m just so freaked out. When I was young we worried about money all the time. I never knew where food was comming from or what utility would be shut off when I got home. I’ve spent 4 years not worryinng about it much and now it’s like I walked into a brick :wall: wall. And what will all this stress do to our relationship? I don’t know. we are already fighting. And the icing on the cake…pms. that could account for the loopy but still. I just realized i’m talking to anyone who reads this but I commited to trying to feel better so I’m posting as is. I feel a little better already. I still want to go stuff my face, or vomit, or cry, or scream or something but I won’t now. I have to pack something tonight.

Have you tried going to the financial officer or whoever it is at the school? Tell them about the finance part and the parents not willing to help. Your bf might be able to get loans on his own. Same for you.

Yes and thank goodness I did. They sent me an outdated, pre-state input, finaid letter. I am good for the year now. Everything else stands the same. There is nothing you can do about parents not wanting/not able to help. the federal government says they are responsible and so they expect the parents to pick up quite a bit. the size of the bit depends on their income, not their ability. We also can take a certain amount of loans on our own. Once again the Feds step in. Each year you sucessfully complete you are allowed a bit more money. No more. and you can only get the one loan from them. And they decide whether you will have to pay intrest while you are in school or not. LOL, sounds like loan sharks or something, don’t they. They are cutting all sorts of things too. Pel grants (free money for single mothers and other hardships on people who want to go to college) are getting huge cuts. It’s scary. I’m glad I only have one year left!

As promised…a continuation…

  1. I have a little brother. Little only in years. You can see a picture of him on the “What do you look like” thread. I love him to death. He’s so sweet. I mean, well, he really isn’t sweet, he’s, well, he’s special. And not in the bad way. lol I just connect with him and it’s a great feeling because I have it with so few people. My Bf and My Grandma and My Bro.

  2. I love music. Lately my favorites are Rush, Iron Maiden, Maroon5, Buckcherry, and Black Sabbath. Interesting, I know.

  3. I love movies also. I am dieing to see The happening, kungfu panda, Prince Caspian, and many others.

  4. some of my favorite movies are: The Princess Diarys (both of them), Dodgeball, Knocked up, Harold and Kumar (both), Grandma’s Boy, My Best Friends Wedding, Mean Girls, Dawn of the Dead, Resident Evil (all three)…etc, etc…I could go on forever.

  5. I’m packing my house right now. Or supposed to be. :roflhard: :knitting: :frog: :knitting: :wall: :roflhard:

  6. My Bf and I are moving to our first place where we will be completely alone! Yay!

  7. I’m kind of worried about being alone so much when we move though. Here at least one of our roomates is in and out. We can’t even have a pet because it costs 25 bucks a month!

  8. I love to give people things. If I could I would give things away all the time. My BF thinks I’m crazy. When people are over I always offer food and such as though we had more than we could ever eat. LOL

More later!

Hello- I very much inderstand your money situation- it can be very difficult. I don’t know where you live, but I know when I applied for my student loan I was able to apply separately from my parents as I hadn’t lived with them for years. Depending on how long you have been independent from then you can claim to have no financial support from them and you don’t have to claim their income. My parents didn’t help me in the last years of university and so this is what I had to do. It meant that I got more money and they knew that I was managing on my own. Also, I know that my school, and I’m sure a lot of others, have emergency loans or grants that you can apply for in times of extreme financial need. I think that this would count for one of those times. I don’t know if that helps or not, but it’s possibly something to look into!

You know more about this than I do, but there are many students who’s parents won’t help and they still go to school. That’s why I suggested he go and have a heart to heart with the financial aid counselor. Is he under 18? If not it seems like he [I]should[/I] be able to apply for loans w/o their input. :shrug:

Nope. New Federal Laws say you can’t be declared Independent unless you are 25, married, have a child, in the military, or a ward of the state. FAFSA is the means for federal funding and you MUST put you parents or guardians info on it (tax return) unless you are legally independent. You would think they would have a case by case scenario to follow. I’m only continuing on this thread for those of you who have young children or children nearing the age of college. PUT SOME MONEY BACK. Every little bit will help. Of course, on FAFSA, you have to report how much money you have in the bank and in what kind of accounts but it will still help, even if it only buys books. College prices go higher every year. Do them and yourselves a favor and plan way ahead.

That’s just wrong. :-x I can fully understand parents with means wanting their children to be independent, but to offer no help to the point they have to drop out of school with no other options is a unconscionable. Any chance he can at least go to a community college for awhile and get his undergrad classes?

Well, the thing about that is, it would be a waste. He went to our college because I was there and because his parents kept saying “just get a degree, any degree, and you will be better off.” Now we find out it was a waste for him to go two years because he wasn’t to be a pharmacist. To be a pharmacist you go to two years of pre-pharm (not your typical bachelor’s degree, more like two years of intense prep to get into a school). Then you apply to a pharmacy school and hope you get in. the demand is always higher than the numbers the school can take in. Then you get in and you do Pharmacy for 4 years. The is equivalent to a Doctorate only you only have 2 years before it instead of 4-5. Our college doesn’t have a prepharm. There are also only two colleges that have pharmacy in our state. One is private and one public but even that one is twice as much as the state school I go to. We will have to wait until this year is over and I get a good job teaching. then we will have to see if we can afford his debt in loans from the first two years, my college debt, and his tuition. Basically the pressure his parents exerted on him caused him to make a mistake. He wasn’t working in a pharmacy yet and so didn’t know that was what he wanted to do. Now he is as sure as most anyone is who is looking into 6 years of schooling. If they hadn’t forced him he would be able to get federal aid and everything but he can’t now because you only get one shot at federal aid. If you go to school once and drop out you can’t get it again. Not without very specific circumstances. Once again, I hope more people read some of this. I don’t want anyone’s children to have to go through their parents not understanding how this all works. And don’t think for a moment any federal aid agent will understand or see your position. they have a job to do and they do it. Federal regulations direct them. We need to vote people into office that will make higher education a little easier to attain. Hillary was going to work on that. Too bad.

I think Obama will work on it as well.

It’s shame it’s come to this. The regulations are there for a reason, but they need to be somewhat flexible on a case by case basis I think. I don’t think any education is wasted, but I can see if he wants to be a Pharmacist he may need a special school Good luck to you both! If you want it bad enough you can do it even if it takes awhile. :thumbsup:

Until I move! :woot: We get the apartment on the 1st and we will begin moving for real on the second. I will have not one, two , or even three but 5 CLOSETS! :flirt: :blooby:

On another not though:
* You signed up on June 28, 2008
* You are #181648 on the list.
* 462 people are ahead of you in line.
* 878 people are behind you in line.
* 98% of the list has been invited so far

Wow, that is a lot of people. Do you always get an invite?

I’m currently trying to work out a pair of gauntlets for my bro for his bday. I think I will just try to find a pattern because the stuff I have done I don’t really like. Any illusion knit gauntlets out there?

and continued…

  1. I don’t know that I will ever complete a large project. I have to feel like i’m getting somewhere.

  2. However, I have just noticed that I do get a great relaxing effect from knitting. That is new. I’ve only been knitting for about 2 months!

  3. I love video games. Mostly I play WOW.

  4. I have a lvl 70 troll mage. FOR THE HORDE!

  5. I could hate alliance so much that I could hate a person that plays alliance in real life. How bad is that?

  6. I love plays. I was in drama in highschool but I have always loved them. And musicals. I would love to go to NY to see Broadway, off broadway, and off off broadway shows.

  7. I’ve never been out of the country.

  8. The farthest I have been is florida. twice

  9. I would love to go to paris and see The Louvre. and then buy yarn somewhere! lol

  10. I love to read. I don’t know if I said that already but it is very important so it won’t hurt you to read it again : P I don’t think I could live without being able to pick up a book anytime. Maybe knitting would get me through but there is no substitute for a good book.

I think I’ve decided to do this 10 at a time. I bet thats cheating. lol

We are planning a trip to the verizon store on monday or tuesday. ugh. I’m not looking forward to that. the waiting in line, begging for questions to be answered, and then the PRICE! but, my bf must have a new phone. It’s only fair. one year ago he bought me a green lg chocolate so now I owe him. lol

Well, back to the packing. I’ll check back in by the time we are in the apartment!

Yes, everyone gets invited to Ravelry. I believe they’re moving pretty quickly now, so you’ll get an invite soon. It’s great for finding patterns and yarn info- I’m a total Rav addict.

Wow! A lot’s happened since I last checked in here.
If my calculations are correct, you should be getting your apartment today. :yay: Congratulations!

Hope your money woes are easing.
When I try to explain taxation to my 13yo DD, she says, "That’s mad! You have to pay to live! Why do you have to pay to live?"
I can see what she’s saying, but I’m a bit of a socialist myself.
We’re not all as fortunate as each other, and if everybody chips in a bit, we’ll all be better off.

Good luck for the moving.!!!

LOL, I STILL don’t understand taxation sometimes so I totally understand your DD. I’m a bit of a socialist too, when it come to education. lol

YES! We did get the apartment today! We signed a million papers, gave over a check we didn’t have the money for, did a walk through, and then raced to the bank to put the rest of the money in. lol, we have 1 dollar more than we needed.

Fortunately i have some cash in the bank, but I lost my ATM car.

We got that out and now we will be fine until the end of the week. Hopefully then we will be right back where we started because we should get the rather large damage deposit back on the house (we fixed all the minor things ourselves) and we are selling our shed to my cousin and our AC to my parents. Over all we will make about 25.00 :clink:

I love the apartment so much. Closets everywhere, a dishwasher, a patio in back that leads to grass and bushed that separate us from another apartment complex, and new fridge and hot water heater. :blooby:

You all have been such great help through this. I’m not used to handling money much yet, at least in a way that matters.

Tomorrow I have to transfer all of our utilities, pick up a uhaul, move all our stuff, and then come back and clean up the house. We are staying in the new place tomorrow night! I’m so ready to. At the same time it doesn’t really seem real yet. I’ve been procrastinating all night. I’ve finished one gauntlet and am about 1/3 of the way done with the second, which I started tonight. lol Oh well. It’s not like the guys that are helping us move with ACTUALLY be here at 10am. Well, it’s very unlikely. That’s what I’m telling myself. lol

the next time I check in it will be from my apartment, happily knitting away. My BF promised a trip to the LYS after we get settled in and get finances in order so I’ll be doing quite a bit of knitting! Can’t wait to update you again!

Oh, anyone know how to remove skids on linoleum? I think they are skids. We aren’t going to be charged for them because they are from the last people and the lady wrote them down but I don’t want them in my kitchen. Also the linoleum is yellowed. I figure it’s age but I was wondering if anyone here knows how to take care of it. It’s dissappointing that it looks the way it does. It wouldn’t bother me anywhere other than the kitchen but I like my kitchen to look and feel clean. Oh well.

Thanks again everyone! I’ll see you in my new apartment!

Oh, anyone know how to remove skids on linoleum? I think they are skids.
Try Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. I use them on my laminate wood floors to remove scuffs and marks and I’ve used them in the bathtub. My DD2 used to use them on the tables in a preschool to remove felt pen. They may not remove everything, but they are handy to have around!
Here’s a whole list of uses I found.

Have fun in your apartment! My daughter is enjoying hers even though move in costs can be insane.

Hope the new apartment is going well!

There’s so much to do when you move. Ordinary life goes completely on hold.
We’ve accumulated quite a bit of stuff since we last moved, so I wouldn’t like to think about doing it now.

All the best for settling in and making it feel like yours!

Well, we finally got the internet in our new apartment. it is officially Thursday the 11th. lol I had to call at&t several times and then ended up finding out there was never an order to change my service so I switched to comcast. lol so we finally got internet 9 days after we moved in. I posted some things I have knitted since then in the what’ya knitting thread.

Right now I’m moved in and it is a great apartment. I love it so much. I have a dishwasher and garbage disposer, and a great living room. lol

I still have unpacking to do but it’s going well. Thanks for all the support!