Taking knitting on BA flights?

I am making a quick trip to the UK, and am flying British Airways. Does anyone know if I can take knitting on a BA flight? I just tried calling but they didn’t seem to know.
It will be an awful long 14hrs if I can’t :ick:

You rang BA and they said they didn’t know? Ring again and ask for a supervisor. They must be able to tell you their policy and if a staff member doesn’t know they should ask.

This topic has been raised a lot here and there is no hard and fast rules. Different airlines deal differently but some people have found a decision made re them and their knitting needles with a carrier differed to someone else here. Only the airline can ultimately tell you but I would not take anything really expensive etc just in case at the last minute your knitting is removed and put in baggage.

It was an Indian call centre that I got through to, so I don’t think she really knew what I was on about.
I will phone the UK and ask when they open, I just wondered if anyone knew for certain on here.

I am in the UK, i will try and find out for you and post here when I know something.

I’m afraid it’s bad news. From what I can tell you would not be allowed them. I’d say take it in your hand luggage and before you hand over your big bags at the airport ask someone, if they say no then at least you stil have the chance to put them away inyour suitcase rather than have them confiscated.

Take a puzzle book, a really really thick one. :frowning:

Thanks for finding out for me :muah:

it’s going to be a long, long flight :pout:

That was nice of you Bug. I think everyone should just assume the answer will be no and do what you suggested.

As for as they see they knitting needles could be used as weapons. We all know you’re not going to do that, but security is tight. I’d still say take them in your hand luggage and ask when you get there so that if they said no then you’d still have time to put them in your suitcase.
Different airports might have different levels of security. I’d say chance your arm and give it a go, but don’t expect a yes.

I have just returned from Norway and flew on two BA flights. I was not allowed to take my needles on board.

[quote=Bug;912989]As for as they see they knitting needles could be used as weapons. We all know you’re not going to do that, ]

This is a general comment and so not related to the person that commenced this thread.

I think there is a presumption that if someone is carrying knitting needles they must be one of the good guys…sorry…why? Reverse it and consider if you wanted to cause harm what could you use that is a normal implement…? If you think in reverse then you see the potential of individuals being ‘bad’ guys even tho they may be carrying knitting needles. Sorry, don’t want to wander offtopic in this forum per se.

It really does depend on the airline from here… I usually fly Singapore Air and they are quite happy with you taking on plastic needles, and even allow cross-stitching.
Unfortunately I couldn’t get a return flight, so am having to use BA :ick: As they seem really strict with the only one piece of handluggage rule I am not really surprised. Just gonna be awful boring and a loooong flight - especially as I will be on my own!
Thanks again Bug :hug:

You’re welcome, sorry I couldn’t have brought better news.

British Airways are horrible for this. They do not allow knitting on ANY of their flights. The BAA (British Airports Authority) say that knitting needles are allowed in the cabins of flights, but individual airlines have individual rules and BA is one of the harshest.

You are now only allowed ONE piece of baggage, that is bagged in the hold. You are also allowed only ONE piece of hand baggage with discretion they will allow laptops to be taken as well as a hand bag. A purse and a piece of hand baggage is not allowed. It has to be one bag only.

If you want more than one bag in the hold, you have to pay extra for it and again it is at their discretion whether they allow it or not.

Personally, BA has been taken off my list of airlines that I am prepared to fly with. Coincidentally, American Airlines has the biggest amount of leg room in Economy class - a whopping 34"

Sorry that the news is bad, if you can change your flight to American Airlines, you’ll be able to take your knitting on board without issue.

Also I personally probably wouldn’t even bother to ask at the desk. The needles ARE allowed through security, (better to bring bamboo or resin or plastic) who is gonna know till you are in the air and whipping the needles out that you have em in your hand baggage?

If they get antsy at the air gate when re-xraying your bags (why do they need to do that?) after they were already x-rayed several times on the way, then kick up a fuss, say how expensive the yarn and needles were and ask the captain to hold them in the cockpit if they are really that scared they can be used as weapons. Tears possibly may help too =P

LOL nooooooooooooooooooooo don’t suggest a woman cries!! LOL we can’t ask for equality if we shimmy or whimper grin Of course… if she honestly feels like crying…then why not. I am pretty stoic but last year this store assistant gave me such a hard time on a day that was already a bad one, I burst into tears in the store and just stood there howling. I didn’t make any attempt at all to walk or hide it or anything. Gosh they were embarrassed.

Isn’t is sometimes that case that you’re not allowed to have some of the metal needles, but they’ll allow the bamboo ones as they’re much less dangerous? The plastic or acrylic needles that I own are actually much sharper than my nickel plates ones, so I don’t think those would work. I know a lot of people who have just brought bamboo or wooden ones for flights, which are considerably duller … That might could work :slight_smile:

Unfortunately with British airways its a flat out no. Doesn’t matter what the material is.

:teehee: Sorry I know I shouldn’t even suggest it. Myself I likely wouldn’t cry - I’d be all Ms Angry and there’s no way they would let me on with anything like knitting needles or even rolled up newspapers that are shaped like a pointy tube :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes I wish I COULD just do that weep thing and see if it works as I see other people do that and it always makes me wonder. The ONE time I did actually genuinely weep like a baby no bugger even so much as looked at me twice. Sigh. :stuck_out_tongue:

[B]I took mine on Delta. Should be O.K.[/B]

I’m not going to risk it as BA do seem to be extremely strict!! That one bag business that Mulene mentions does seem rediculous to me. It’s not as though they are cheap for tickets either, so only letting me have one bag of checked luggage is stupid too. I am not someone who travels lightly haha!!
Even though I come from the UK I never use BA if I can help it. Singapore Airlines is so much better… oh well, best get on with the throw as it has to be finished by the time I get on the plane tonight!!! arrrrrggghhh!!!

Mulene, Susan and Rachel

If it’s any consolation, British Airways are enough to make strong men weep! :hair::waah::waah:

I’ve avoided them for years (BA - not strong men).