Switching to wrong side

I read a couple posts about switching sides, but I’m still confused.
When I knit a “checkerboard pattern” (just making squares right now)
ROWS 1, 3, 5, 7: K5, P5 , K5
ROWS 2, 4, 6: Purl All
ROWS 8, 10, 12, +14: K5, P5, K5
ROWS 9, 11, 13: Knit all
. . . it says to start row 8 on the wrong side.

I did a long tail cast on to the right needle, then put my right needle in my left hand. I used the empty right needle to knit from the left to the right.

When the stitches were back on my right needle, I again put it in my left hand so all the stitches were then in my left hand and begin knitting the next row from left to right.

I did that all the way to row 7. Then it says to start Row 8, I’m supposed to knit on the WRONG SIDE.

How do I switch to the wrong side? Do I then put the needle with the stitching into the opposite hand? How do I turn over the square?? to knit on the other side?

I hope I explained that okay. I’m confused, so I may have confused everyone else.

Thank you.

It may help to put a safety pin or stitch marker or a loop of scrap yarn into the blanket on the right side (RS) row. For this pattern, the odd number rows can be called the RS and the even rows the wrong side (WS).

The pattern starts with the K5, P5, K5 checkerboard on the RS rows and then switches to the pattern on the WS rows on row 8.

You will continue following the pattern exactly as you have been doing. Keep on knitting, moving the stitches from the left needle onto the right needle.

Starting on the “wrong side” in this pattern just means that you will be starting the next group of squares on the opposite side of your work than where u started. No big deal.


Thank you so much for responding. So you’re saying that right side and wrong side isn’t turning the square over, but instead depends on the actual stitch? So the odd number rows are the RS and the even number rows are the WS???

Thank you, Knitcindy for responding. So I thought I understood, but then you said, “you will be starting the next group of squares on the opposite side of your work.” Is the “opposite side” turning the square (in this case) over? Or is it leaving the knitted square on the right hand side and then knitting from right to left? rather than left to right? I’m still confused. Opposite side to me means either turning the square over or knitting in the opposite direction from what I’ve been doing? Ugh Sorry

Yes, odd number are the RS and evens the WS. The marker will help you as will a row counter (either pencil and paper or a counter).

Okay, so when they say start on the wrong side, starting with Row 8, it is the same pattern K5, P5, K5, but because Row 7 is also K5, P5, K5, which stitch is then the odd or the even? They are the same, row 7 & 8 have the same stitches.

I hope I get a Eureka moment soon! SMILE. You’re hoping I will too, right! LOL

Ok. Will try again!!
When you are knitting, your finished project usually has 2 sides: the “right side” and the “wrong side”. The right side is usually the front or outside of a sweater, what people will see when u are wearing it. The wrong side is the side that is on the inside. Or the side no one will see.

When u are knitting this pattern you keep going on EXACTLY as you have been. You don’t have to change direction or anything. The pattern is telling you which side is the “inside” side of what you’re making. You start ALL the rows with the empty needle in your right hand and move the stitches from the left needle onto the right one. Then you switch and move the empty needle into your right hand. Do that EVERY row. Your stitches will change depending on what row you are doing but you do NOT change direction at all!!!


It’s won’t be the sts that are odd or even, it’s the rows. Work row 8 as given and you’ll see that the checkerboard pattern reverses.
Row 7 (a RS row) is k5p5k5. Row 8 (a WS row) is k5p5k5 but when seen from the RS, it’ll appear as p5k5p5. Give it a try on a small swatch, say 15sts and you’ll see the pattern.

You’re correct!!!

Start Row 8 and follow all the stitches and rows up to row 13 and you will see how the squares form.


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Thank you again. I understand the right side and wrong side, let’s say if I’m making a sweater, side you want to see and the side you don’t want to see. So this swatch of checkerboard squares I’m making is on the RS. As I’m knitting the pattern, and I switch it back and forth from left needle to right, then put the right needle with the swatch on it in my left hand and repeat, I am working on the RS all the time, correct? And the opposite side is the WS, the side you don’t want to see? (if it were a sweater) So when the pattern calls for starting Row 8 on the WS, then it would be saying start on the side you don’t want to see?

I know I have to be making this more difficult than it is, and I so appreciate your help and PATIENCE! SMILE!

I have a marker and I have a counter. I know I need 14 rows in this case and am counting how many I have done and need to do. I am on row 8. What exactly would I be putting the “marker” on?

So if odd numbers are the RS and evens are the WS, that means that Rows 1, 3, 5, 7 are the RS, and 2, 4, 6 are the WS – IF I TURNED THE PATTERN OVER? right? But because I’m always working on the same side and I have never actually turned over the square swatch, then a RS and WS can be on the same side, not necessarily flipping the square swatch back and forth?

Salmonmac and Knitcindy, you both are wonderful and patient and so helpful. I truly DO appreciate your explaining all of this to me. TRULY!!! I’m so blessed I found you!!! SMILE!

I am very new to knitting – that’s obvious, heh? LOL. And to actually find a forum where I can ask for help is AMAZING! I’ve been doing this on my own for a few months and managed to make a pillow (2 squares stitched together) and a hat! SMILE! But I’ve been trying to learn different STITCHES and this checkerboard pattern is a square I want to use to make a patchwork pillow – I’m making 8 squares. This checkerboard will be one of the squares.

So thank you again for all the help you’re giving me. REALLY!!!

Do you switch the actual stitches which are on the right side of the left-hand needle over to be placed on the right side of the left-hand needle when stitching on the WS?

In other words, the project always has the actual stitches on the right-hand side of the needle that is being held in the left hand. [E. The [ representing the needle in my left hand and the E represents the direction of the stitches (on the right-hand side of the needle).That’s the RS.

And to be on the WS do you switch the direction of the stitches to look like this 9] 9 representing the stitches on the left-hand side of the needle and ] representing the needle.

Place the marker anywhere on the blanket so that when you look at the square with the marking facing you, you’ll know that that is the RS. When the marker is facing you and the yarn strand is at the tip of the left needle, you’re about to begin a RS row.

RS and WS won’t change every time you finish a row. When the marker side is facing you that is a RS row. When you have knit and purled across that row and turned to the back, that is a WS row. The WS row will now be facing you and you won’t see the marker.

You are always alternating from RS to WS in this pattern. The knitted square will turn over but the pattern itself is worked as written. I’m not sure what you mean by turning the pattern over.

See if this video helps:

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You are making things WAY too difficult. You do not have to switch the direction of stitches for anything. The right side/wrong side is there to tell u which side is the one u want to see at the end of the project.

If it makes things easier for you, IGNORE IT!!! Yup, just skip right by it and keep knitting or purling the way you have been.



Lol. Okay! Well, that does make things easier!!! SMILE!! ;).

Thank you!!

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Thank you. You answered my question about “turning the pattern over.” See, I thought I physically had to TURN OVER the square and work from the other side!!! But when you said, “the knitted squares will turn over, but the pattern itself is worked as written.”

The pattern itself confused me when I said starting with Row 8 on the WS. I figured I’d been working on the RS all this time and when I got to Row 8 I had to literally turn over the pattern to work on the WS!!!

I think I may understand it now! SMILE. Thank you for the video too.

LOL Okay, thank you!!! I’ll just ignore that it says start Row 8 on the WS! LOL. That is what REALLY confused me!!! I’ll just ignore it and keep right on knitting!!!

I’m so glad I found this forum, but after this thread I bet you two wish I didn’t! LOL
Thank you both again! You are SO helpful!!!

On the video she DOES turn the pattern over from the RS to the WS.
So maybe what you’re explaining to me is that my pattern is doing both RS and WS because it continually reverses. Sometimes I knit an entire row, other times I purl an entire row. And some of the rows are 5K and 5P, so the knits would be the RS and the purls would be the WS ?

So I have RS AND WS on BOTH sides of the pattern?