Super easy and fun baby blanket!

I got this pattern (in the oral tradition) from my SIL. It’s very easy, very fun (mindless) and turns out reallllly pretty.

Cast on in any multiple of 8 (I cast on 160).
Work in seed stitch (k1, p1/p1, k1) for 8 rows.
The first 8 stitches and the last 8 stitches of each row should be done in Seed Stitch (see above).
Row 9-16: (after 8 stitches of seed stitch) *K8, P8 - repeat from * to final 8 stitches which you will work in seed stitch. Continue in this pattern for 8 rows.
Row 17-24: (after 8 stitches of seed stitch) *P8, K8 - repeat from * to final 8 stitches which you will work in seed stitch. Continue this pattern for 8 rows.

Repeat patterns listed above until desired size. This creates a basketweave pattern. Finish the last 8 rows in seed stitch.


edited to correct the pattern to read the first 8 stitches should also be in seed stitch. Thank you Buddha_Mom for pointing out that error!

Got picture?

Here are some WIP pics:

:thinking: Wow :thinking: I gotta try that!

it looks complicated, doesnt it?? :lol: It’s really not, I promise.

That’s AWESOME! I haven’t found a blankie pattern that would keep me interested long enough, but THAT might do it!

And, how COOL that you are making a BRIGHT ORANGE baby blanket!!

There is also a very quick baby blanket that uses huge needles (an inch in diameter) and four strands of yarn. Similar pattern, fewer stitches. The blocks turn out to be about four inches square, using five stitch increments. Very quick!!

I like your’s better, but if you’re ever in a hurry. . .

oooooo… sounds fun Ingrid! I’ll have to check that out!

NICE!! :thumbsup:

I saw a pattern in a book at Michael’s that looked similar. Instead of a seed st border, the pattern had two repeats of a 4 st basketweave.

What size needles are you using? 10?? Worsted?? Chunky? Do tell …

The yarn I chose (Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton, which is a worsted weight) has a needle suggestion of 7 to 9 US… I decided I wanted a little more “give” to the blanket as my intended use is a nursing shawl, so I used size 10 needles. I think it still would have been fine with a size 9 though.

Love the blanket! :inlove: Thanks for sharing the pattern and for letting us know what needles and yarn you are using. I’m adding this to my to-do list of projects! :thumbsup:

p.s. Willow is a doll!

I’m so glad you guys like it! I can’t wait to see pics of everyone elses’!

I still haven’t done the baby afghan so I’m changing it to this one lol so can I have it done by Oct. 31rst??? :rollseyes:

Thank you for the pattern :happydance:

Well, that depends on how much time a day you spend knitting. I, unfortunately, only get about an hour to an hour 1/2 a day so it took me a couple of months. However, I wasn’t working on it consistently. I’d put it down and pick up other projects and then go back to working on the blanket. You may be able to have it done by 10/31… if you work exclusively on it for a couple hours a day.

I only have early mornings so that depends on how early I get up LOL and nap times but usually thats when I do my daily cleaning… and then at night when the tots are in bed… I usually stay up late knitting so I see alot of late nights in my future LOL… Sometimes during the day the kids will play together in the play room so I try to sneek in some knitting but usually my youngest hears the needles and comes a runnin’ LOL :lol:

Your knitting schedule sounds a whole lot like mine!!! Especially with the kids running up. :lol:

That is so pretty! I think maybe even “I” can do this one. :wink: I’ve only been knitting about a month. Thanks for the pics and instructions.

Oh its pretty and I love the orange!!!