Subversive knitting on Stephen Colbert

I was just watching tonights episode of The Colbert Report on the comedy channel. He had a segment on a woman stopped at the Canadian border who was prevented from reentering the US. She was questioned about drawings she had. She practices subversive crochet and knitting projects. I found it very interesting and funny too.:teehee:

Hmmm, I wonder what the drawings were supposed to be of… what she was making?

Pretty sure she was working on this:

I’ll have to check out the episode on We don’t get cable, but I love Colbert and Stewart.

I saw that also. She was knitting and crocheting things that tend to be considered Masculine American symbols and making them all lacey and frilly, for example, SUV and gun cozies. I’ll see if I can find a picture. Here is a link to an article and one of her works.

Love love LOVE The Daily show and the Colbert Report, consider them to b emy primary news source. Do you know what date it was? I must have missed it!!

hahahahaha, although I am not sure I consider a Hyundai Santa Fe a “oversize, macho gas guzzling vehicle”:shrug: a Hummer or Expedition perhaps but a Hyundai???

It was last night, Wednesday, Dec 3. It was hilarious.

While I think that her work is pretty ridiculous, it’s even more ridiculous that they heldher for an hour and a half because of a sketchbook.

Oh, is that the lady who knits machine guns and jackhammers? I saw her motorcycle cozy recently. She IS dangerous. LOL

It was truly great! She took… an old WW II tank - army green, tread tracking, gun turret, yep… and crocheted like a white flower-motif afghan to totally cover the tank and keep it warm. Fitted that sucker like a second skin!

But my favorite was… she again crocheted little squares of white lacy yarn with cute pink roses in the center of each and - believe it! - fitted it to a chain saw.

Uh-huh. A cut-down-that-oak tree, make a noise like an angry motorcycle, chain saw. Sure looked cute in its coat of lacy white with pink flowers spotted all over it! :roflhard:

Totally off the wall.


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That was great. Thanks for sharing.

Hilarious! :cheering:

hey, I’m into radical lace and subversive knitting. and I plan on traveling soon. Watch out, grandma with two sharp sticks onboard an airplane!

Extreme q vaporizer

I haven’t flown in awhile. Can you take knitting needles on the plane now? If so, then :woohoo:

No, no needles allowed on the airplane im afraid=(

If you’re flying inside the states, you shouldn’t have a problem. I have flown several times with dpns and circulars. I haven’t had a problem.

Loved it, thanks! :yay:

Seems this video doesn’t like canadians. I got a three second blurb telling me to that Comedy Central videos can be found at Comedy Network, for canadians, but didn’t find it.

That was awesome! :mrgreen:

I always take my knitting - just remember to not take your scissors. They will take those away. Buy never had a problem with my knitting in the States (just in London). I recently went from CA to FL and knitted the whole time.