Subversive knitting on Stephen Colbert

I am a 27 year old male knitter and was kind of worried that security would question what I was doing with knitting needles last month when I flew from Florida to Colorado. They had no questions just scanned the bag and went about there business. Instead of my favorite scissors I took one of those plastic bussiness card sized wrapping paper cutters, you know the “you can’t hurt yourself ones” that just slide down the paper. I just looped the yarn and pulled it through and it worked surprisingly well to include the bulky yarn I was working with.

I had the same problem but was able to find this on the Comedy Networks website.

That’s funny.
You’re searched going into Canada if you own guns (even if they’re left at home, yes, the question was asked of my sister’s family and the honest answer got them searched) or have NRA stickers on your car.
You’re searched coming back if you have gun and car cozies.

I’ve thought about making gun cozies. I hate dusting and dust on the guns can cause rust.

You can take short-bladed scissors on airplanes now, though I like thecanfield’s idea of using one of those letter opener things. You can also take knitting needles on US flights (my last trip, I brought my 7" bamboo straights).

I used nail clippers as a substitute for scissors on the plane. As long as there is no nail file on them they seem not to care.