Steeked Sweater 101


What always amazed me is that there are many people who don’t sew their steeks when they knit with wool. They trust the wool to hold itself together. Not THAT takes faith and nerve!


Ingrid, I copied all your instructions into a Word document for “some day.” You did a great tutorial!


Only certain kinds of wool. Actually, only one kind that I’ve heard of where that is even possible. Shetland wool, because it literally felts as you knit it up. I think that’s probably why Shetland sweaters last for-freaking-everrr.


Mine is made of Shetland wool, but I still wouldn’t dare cut it without sewing. I like being double sure. :wink:


Ingrid, very very very beautiful work!!!


Thank you! :smiley:


wow Ingrid. just, um, wow!!! :heart: VERY beautiful work :inlove:!!! and so confident about cutting!!! :shock:


The FIRST time was hard!


:notworthy: and :cheering: :cheering: Thank you for the steek photo tutorial!! I’m with you on knitting sweaters in the round!! I have the book and my personal “Knitting Yoda” that is going to tutor me with sweaters when I get through with several projects (target date, 1st of the year) and the steeks don’t scare me…the sewing MACHINE scares me…lol!! I’m good with the hands, the machinery…that’s where is gets scary ;)!!..But, I can do it…I have my “knitting Yoda” on standby…and you, our very own Steek Guru :cheering: :cheering:


The secret of the sewing machine is to swear at it viciously and often. It’s the only way I can use mine, apparently. I think I’ve heard it growl at me as I’ve walked by. I do know that no matter how long I leave the thread, it manages to spit it out of the needle eye when my back is turned!


Ok, here’s what I remember about me and the sewing machine…I was making a pair of shorts…well, one pocket was longer than the shorts on one side & hung far below the pants…the other pocket I couldn’t even get my hand in… :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Although, it wasn’t last week, I was a kid…but it askeered me and I will have to have someone with me to touch one again…it was :evil: evil, very evil…
But, when I get to steeks, I will get a machine with no bells & whistles, simply sew & go, bc that’s all I would ever use it for…unless u want a pair of shorts?! :roflhard: :roflhard:


When I was young and foolish, I thought I could sew some clothes, too. I sewed a zipper in a dress back. Backwards. Twice. I made a two-piece bathing suit–I thought I could actually get one that would fit top AND bottom. The top was ok–kind of like a halter. The bottoms, however, had a crotch that was an inch wide. That machine sat in the basement for years except for the occasionally poorly made Halloween costume. :rollseyes:

I bought a new one. For steeks. Only. Period.


The sweater is coming along. I picked up the neck and finished that, and I started the sleeve–picked up the stitches all around and I will knit down to the cuff. I reiterate–no, no, no seaming. :cheering:

I just spotted a mistake. Oh well!


Ingrid, the sweater looks beautiful. Great job!

My sewing saga------many years ago I was sewing a summer dress and having great difficulty putting in the zipper. I broke two needles. The second time I just put in a new needle and kept sewing. The phone rang–I ran to answer it----stepped on the broken needle—the rest is history. I had to have surgery to remove the ##*#ing needle. I spent 3 days in the hospital and 3 weeks on crutches. Now, many years later, I still break out in a cold sweat and my foot throbs whenever I walk past a sewing machine. :oops: :oops: You try telling people that you had a sewing machine needle in your foot!!! :oops:


:help: OUCH!

note to self–always wear shoes around evil machine


Mary, yep, I’d skip the sewing machine if I were you…OUCH!!! Poor thing… :crying:


OMG, this picture makes me shake all over! I will never, EVER, EVER, do this!!! I would pass out cold and likely stab myself with the scissors. Ingrid, Silver and all you others that are brave enough to steek, you are BRAVE!!!

NO WAY after all that work would I ever do that to my sweater. No way, no how, ever. Oh, and did I mention how skeered I am of steeks? <gg>

Lovely work, Ingrid. I love the colors you choose for this project and the pattern as well!

[size=1]ETA: Sorry, Ingy. Your lovely tutorial didn’t help make me feel better about cutting into my knitting!![/size]


Elizabeth Zimmerman said that after you cut your first steek, you should go lie down in a darkened room for 15 minutes. :lol:

And SoapDoc–I had to do it. Otherwise I’d have no sleeve holes!! It’s very secure, and won’t unravel. That’s the point. Take a deeeeep breath, now, and calm down. :wink:


I think that is great advise, and I would add a valium to that too :wink: And since it’s not MY work, I can look in awe and admire your courage. I am ok now, but I was really dizzzy and I can’t imagine doing it myself.

Maybe you will come and help me if I ever get up enough nerve to try it myself? We don’t live that far apart after all. :angelgrin: :notworthy: Oh please, pretty please?!?! What can I bribe you with??


:thinking: Sure! You get ready to cut that steek, and I’ll be there with smelling salts and compresses!!