Stash size....what do you think?!

I’ve been reading a good bit around on the net about the size of his or her yarn stashes. This person is down-sizing and the next person is upsizing. I’ve been curious for some time now…what constitutes a “large” or “small” stash?
Now, without actually going through my stash storage I can think of around 300 hanks/skeins/balls of yarn that I have…off of the top of my head. I always thought this to be maybe a medium size stash of yarn…what do you think?!
I know we’ve batted this topic about here on the forum, but I don’t know that we’ve ever said what we thought the “stash standards” were/are…I need to know…for some unknown reason…your thoughts?!

I have no idea whether it would be considered large or small…or whatever.

I think I have about that much yarn (if not more), but I always feel like it’s not enough. :rollseyes:

I have under 100 skeins/balls. I think it’s a small stash. I think “size” is a relative term. You can always use the movie theatre food stand /starbucks/supermarket egg system, small=large, medium=extra large, large=jumbo.

well, in my ears, this sounds huge, but then again, I don’t have any stash, so it’s really different for me. :wink:

My stash fits into three bins plus some so I figure I have a medium-small stash. However, a lot of it is cheapy yarn that I’d like to get rid of to make room for new yarns. I’ve been shuttling off the yarns I’ve gotten from garage sales and such, but I feel wrong giving away whole skeins of Red Heart (Which I actually like)

oooohhh rebecca color me jealous :stuck_out_tongue:

My stash fits in a wicker basket next to my chair right now. Way small. :wink:

Yes, I think it’s relative. To me, my stash is average, but DH thinks it’s HUGE, LOL. I don’t have an exact number of balls (stop it!), but my stash no longer fits in my average size cedar chest–I now have stray balls/skeins in a couple of bags. But I’ve seen pics of some stashes that make mine seem positively tiny!

Thank you…you all confirmed my beliefs…my stash isn’t considered large as others have thought :wink: I am very much like Sandy…I don’t have nearly enough :smiley:

I must have a really little stash, about 6 balls. Where do y’all get so much yarn? Please tell me you buy it on sale.
I told my husband about the 300 balls and he said :shock:
I looked at goodwill yesterday and they didn’t have anything. Is there a site online that tells you who has yarn for sale/garage sales maybe would be another place to look, just not sure how I’d know who has the yarn. Kinda like finding a needle in a haystack, right? :thinking:
Working on my sons sweater, he’s 2 and it’s the first thing I’ve attempted that’s not a scarf or hat…tried an afghan but got discouraged because its sooo big.

I have a rather small stash, by KH standards. Fifty or fewer skeins, I’d say. I have four sitting on my bed. :rofling: I’ve obtained at least half of it via some sort of free exchange, whether it be Freecycle or a donation from someone I know who doesn’t use yarn anymore. The rest of it I bought, some of it even on sale! :roflhard: :roflhard:

I like having a stash so I can find projects to do whenever I run out of something to have on the needles.

Oh, and Aidan, that Red Heart you don’t want to get rid of sounds perfect for an add-a-square afgan project. I’m still looking for a large acrylic stash to grab from somewhere so that I can make an afgan (I don’t want to use any of my nicer stuff).

I think my stash is pretty small. I probably have around 75 skeins, the majority of that is sock yarn. I usually don’t buy yarn unless I have a specific pattern in mind. With sock yarn, however, I just buy it whenever I feel like it, usually because it’s a new kind I want to try or it’s on sale.

My yarn habit is really bad. I have TONS of yarn in my craft room. I watch ebay for “lots” or “boxes” of yarn, usually vintage 100% wool. I love getting vintage wool, because I can dye it any color I want. Also, I can use it for felting.

When I first started knitting, I bought any yarn that was on sale. So now, I have lots of yarn. I use most of it for charity knitting. I like knowing that I always have the yarn I need for any small project.

Now, the only time I buy yarn is if I think the skein is “pretty”, or I am buying a lot of yarn for a specific project.

In my stash, I have LOTS of acrylic, some cotton, a good supply of sock yarn (some vintage), mohair, nylon, blends, wool, novelty, and alpaca. I have all thicknesses and styles: worsted, fingering, sport, DK, baby, chunky, bulky, boucle, ribbon. You name it, I probably have it.

I’m also learning to spin, so I have bags of fiber of every sort as well. I’m just a fiber junkie, I guess! :rollseyes:

I really don’t need any yarn right now, but sometimes I just can’t resist. I allow myself 20 dollars a month for knitting supplies, yarn and patterns.

:thinking: I don’t know how many skeins I have, but I have one of those 60 gallon rubbermaid bins. It’s full of yarn and there’s extra yarn in other boxes already packed.

My stash is fairly small… only abotu 30 or so… But… my supply of knitting books is huge… Is there some kind of ratio I’m supposed to follow? I find great projects, buy the yarn plus 1 skein…or ball… whatever…a nd make it… then, keep the extra… I’ve been knitting baout 2 yrs… and with all my projects I always overbuy… that is the excuse anyway… so in case I need to repair anything… I have extra…lol But let’s not count the yarn I ahve waiting for projects… I never seem to have enough time to do all the knitting…lol but I’m trying…


Oh, I normally buy one additional ball of yarn, too…I don’t want to run out when knitting a project :wink:
LOL, if I could only knit as fast as I can buy yarn I would be set :wink: 90% of my yarn is for certain projects, I just can’t knit that fast :rollseyes:
Oh, I LOVE knitting books…I have several and would buy everyone that came out, I think, if i had the room…I just love them :smiley: What can I say…I’ve got a problem :rofling: :roflhard: I’ve gotta have my weekly knitting fix whether it’s yarn or books or needles, magazines…u know :wink:

I have a fairly small stash of yarn… under 50 balls of it. I tend to pick a lot of ‘novelty’ yarns as opposed to just plain colored stuff. I don’t know why. I just love it!

I was remarkably restrained today when I went to the craft store about 30 minutes from me. I saw a LOT of different things I wanted, but didn’t buy a single thing (DH must’ve thought I was ill) LOL. I saw this amazing sock yarn that I was absolutely itching to get, but I’ll put it off until I’m actually able to knit socks well. There’s no point in spending $50 on yarn I can’t knit with. LOL

OMG, my stash is positively tiny by these standards. Somewhere between 30 & 50 balls/skeins. I have bought a good bit of it on ebay, and Webb’s online store, the rest was bought at Walmart and Tuesday Morning. I have not visited any LYS’s yet, I’m hoping to do that shortly after the 1st of the month. Right now I only know how to get to one in this area, but that’s a beginning anyhow. I’m going to have to figure out a better way to store the stash I’ve already got be fore I buy much more, and storage space it tight as it is here.(Of course if I get ride of the clothes I haven’t worn for years, :thinking: , yup that would do the trick) I seriously thinking about using those “space bags” for my yarn stash storage. Has anyone tried the jumbo zip-lock storage bags, the ones with the carrying handles, not the 2 gallon kitchen size?

Maybe we should institute a stash “sizing” system?

Tiny: Anything under 100 skeins…I mean, we all need at least that much, right?

Small: Entire stash fits in no more than 5 storage bins.

Medium: Your house comfortably holds your yarn.

Large: If you need to store your yarn in the sleeves of coats, empty mixing bowls in the cabinet or in the refrigerator your stash is large.

Huge: You buy a new house so you can store your yarn.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Nice system, Kemp! :thumbsup:

I find that my stash is tiny according to this system. Therefore, I must buy more yarn so that I don’t feel inadequate! :shock:

GOing by the KEMP system–I have a medium stash–but alot of it is arylic, which, except for baby knitting and sometimes afghan knitting–I don’t really consider!! So I have a TINY stash of good (my consideration of good) yarn!