SSN for Yarn?

I ordered some yarn from Yarn Forward, which is in Canada. I’ve ordered from them before, never a problem.

There was a call on my answering machine yesterday saying that in order for the yarn to be delivered by UPS, I must provide my Social Security Number or Tax ID number, since the US Govt. requires this for textiles.

HUH! :shock: Never needed this before, and I certainly won’t give it now.

Anyone else ever heard of this?

I’ve tried calling several times with no answer, so I’m going to fax them telling them that, no, they can’t have it.

That doesn’t really make sense… :?? if you send something to someone overseas, you don’t need to add THEIR ssn to the package…and, vice versa, if someone sends you something, say a friend, it’s not like they have to call you up and ask for you ssn.

I wouldn’t do it…then again, I’m all paranoid about having too much of my personal info out “there”, you know?


That just does not sound right at all. I think that now a days you just can not be too careful. If you hear anything back from them let us know.

Nope - I wouldnt. :fingerwag: Is it possible someone hacked into their computer and snatched their order files?? :shock:

absolutely not! and especially if you can’t get them on the phone…i would strongly consider contacting the postmaster general whatsy doozie too.

I did a reverse directory on their number and it wasn’t a number that I could get ID on. I did a trace on the package and at last check it was in Plattsburg awaiting information from Clearing Agency. I don’t care if this number is from a clearing agency, they’re still not getting my information. They can return the package and send it to me by mail, or not at all. There’s more yarn out there.

When I tried calling, there’s no way to leave a message, either. Just a lot of ringing and a machine telling me that the party I’m calling is not available, then a disconnect.

I’ll keep you posted. I didn’t think I was the only one who found this unusual.

She had left a fax no. so I did send a fax stating that I was not going to reveal sensitive, personal information for a few balls of yarn and that I thought the request was in error. We’ll see.

hey Ingrid i just sent you a PM on this. if you want me to see what i can find i will. :slight_smile:

I sent you one back. Thanks.

:?? The word SHADY comes to mind for sure!!! :thinking:

Does all sound a bit hinky. Please keep us posted

The package has been sitting in Plattsburgh since yesterday morning, so I emailed UPS to see what the situation was. I won’t under any circumstances give out my SSN–that’s ridiculous–I’m not receiving hazardous materials or firearms–so I should supposedly hear in 24 hours.

OOH! I LIKE that word!!! :cheering: Im gonna use it sometime!

mmhmmm…but that is the second time i have had to do a double take when i saw it… :rollseyes: :oops:

I heard from UPS. Apparently, according to them, US Customs has a new policy that every recipient of a shipment coming into the US must provide proof of residency via SSN or Tax ID # for a business. It is part of the terrorist prevention stuff. She told me that someone had to provide their info to receive a pair of socks worth 47 cents.

I went up the chain of command, and she sent me an email from UPS to verify that I was talking to UPS.

Some countries of origin and types of products require even more proof.

So, welcome to 2005!

So I gave it to her. What the heck. If someone wants my identity, they can have it. I’m certainly tired of it! :lol:

Well, there’s something to be said about homeland security. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s something. :rollseyes:

Yeah, you can never tell just how many people I can tie up with mauve superwash!

I went and checked on the tracking of the package and there was a change in status right after I spoke to the woman, so there’s one more reassurance that it’s legit.

hrmm…considering i have had two packages of pointy metal sticks with cords attached to them come in from Hong Kong recently, i would have thought i would have had to give up some info too…but then again it came in through USPS so maybe it is just other carriers… :thinking: in theory it makes sense but they should have a better means for judging that than the SSN.

OOH! I LIKE that word!!! :cheering: Im gonna use it sometime![/quote] Hey that word was in The Fugitive w/ Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. “Sam Gerard” didn’t like the word; he took the steps b/c he didn’t want his coworkers “usin’ words that got no meaning”. :roflhard: :roflhard:

Do you know if this company sells yarn wholesale? If it does, there might be a much simpler answer here. If you have a tax id number, you can use your SSN instead of giving the number…when you have a small business, it’s attached to your SSN.

I don’t have a tax id number. And according to this woman that I spoke to, it doesn’t matter who is selling it to you, it’s who’s receiving it that’s important under this policy.

If I order out of country again, I’m going to pick USPS every time, rather than deal with UPS. It’s not a UPS policy, it’s a Customs policy, but I imagine the USPS has more access to info so I don’t have to do this each time.

If anyone else runs into this, please share!